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From targeted poverty alleviation to assisting farmers and midwifery, Sunshine Life helps explore the road of rural revitalization in Chayouhou Banner, Inner Mongolia

From targeted poverty alleviation to assisting farmers and midwifery, Sunshine Life helps explore the road of rural revitalization in Chayouhou Banner, Inner Mongolia

In July, it is the midsummer season, and the grass and trees on both sides of the country road in Chayouhou Banner are lush and green. Rows of houses with red bricks and green tiles, clean and tidy streets, this peaceful and beautiful town in front of you reveals a breath of vitality everywhere. However, five years ago, there were no street lights here, and the dusty sandy roads were even more muddy and difficult to walk on rainy days.

On July 21, relevant persons in charge of Sunshine Life once again came to Benhong Town, Chayouhouqi, Inner Mongolia. Looking at the dramatic urban and rural changes in front of them, joyful smiles appeared on their faces. Since September 2018, Sunshine Life has established a pairing assistance relationship with Benhong Town, Chayouhou Banner, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia, and has carried out pairing assistance in insurance, education, medical care, beautiful countryside construction, industrial construction, and consumption assistance. Assistance and rural revitalization work. In July, Sunshine Life once again donated a total of 350,000 yuan in aid funds and equipment to Benhong Town, adding another financial boost to the rural revitalization of Chayouhouqi.

Riding the east wind of rural reform, Sunshine Life is riding the waves. It not only breaks the boundaries of traditional insurance policy services, but also continuously extends its tentacles of assistance through the “insurance + N” targeted assistance measures, from targeted poverty alleviation to helping farmers and midwifery Combined, a new path for rural revitalization has been blazed.

Plant a seed of hope, bloom sunshine flowers

In August 2018, Sunshine Life actively participated in the “10,000 Poor Students Assistance Plan” of the group company, subsidized 1,200 yuan per person per year for the local poor students for three consecutive years, and provided a total of 140 yuan to impoverished students who registered in Chayouhou Banner. million in student aid. In December 2019, Sunshine Life once again donated 100 sets of love school uniform gift bags with a unit price of 228 yuan to Chayouhouqi, Ulanqab City.

“No matter how hard it is, we can’t suffer children, and no matter how poor we are, we can’t have poor education. Children are our hope and the future of rural development.” The employee of Sunshine Life who participated in the donation said with a smile: “I also came from the countryside, and I can deeply feel the Children’s desire for knowledge and longing for the future. With the development of science and technology, the era of facing the loess and the sky is gone forever. Only by allowing more children to receive a good education can the development of the countryside be driven into the fast lane. , this is also a future ‘investment’ for building a beautiful countryside.”

Send a warm insurance policy and add a guarantee

“In 2019, we signed the poverty alleviation insurance form here.” The relevant person in charge of Sunshine Life pointed to a building not far away and introduced the accompanying staff.

Since 2019, Sunshine Life Insurance has signed the “Poverty Alleviation Insurance Project Agreement” with Benhong Town to provide supplementary medical insurance for Class A, B, and C diseases with an insured amount of 100,000 yuan for all 6,216 permanent residents of Benhong Town. Up to now, 123 people have been paid, and the amount of claims is 1.4618 million yuan, which has effectively prevented villagers from “returning to poverty” due to illness and injury, and provided comprehensive insurance protection for consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoting the effective connection of rural revitalization. Not an easy achievement in poverty alleviation.

Medical experts go to the countryside for free consultations, sending technology and health

“Not only we have been here, but also experts from Sunshine Harmony Hospital have come here with equipment and technology.”

In 2019, Sunshine Life and Sunshine Ronghe Hospital launched a village doctor skills training project in Chayouhou Banner. 89 rural doctors from various villages and towns in Chayouhou Banner participated in the on-site village doctor skills training. At the same time, medical equipment such as meridian and acupoint therapy devices, digital multifunctional therapy devices, and cervical traction devices were donated to Chayouhouqi with a total price of 20,000 yuan. At the end of June 2023, Sunshine Life Insurance once again joined forces with Sunshine Harmony Hospital to provide medical and health service ability training for more than 100 village doctors at the village level in Chayouhouqi. Through “teaching people how to fish”, the grassroots medical and health service capabilities and medical level will be improved, and the villages and towns will be helped to solve the problem of uneven regional distribution of medical resources.

Improve the village living environment and enhance the happiness of residents

“The environment here has become more beautiful, the living environment has improved, and the village is booming every day. We are very happy in our hearts.” Uncle Li, who was enjoying the cool air at the entrance of the village, chatted with the staff of Sunshine Life. “In 2018, I remember that you came here. At that time, there were no street lights in the village, and the roads were not easy to walk. I didn’t leave the house when it was dark. When you came, there were lights and the road was bright. This small square is very lively every day. .”

It is understood that in the process of helping rural revitalization, Sunshine Life focuses on improving the living environment of villagers and enhancing residents’ sense of happiness. At the end of 2018, Sunshine Life donated 300,000 yuan to Benhong Town after a field inspection, which was used to improve rural infrastructure and “village appearance”, purchase rural street lamps, garbage removal vehicles, and build garbage stations. In order to enrich the recreational activities of villagers during their slack time and strengthen the construction of the rural party and the masses, in 2022, Sunshine Life donated 200,000 yuan to Shimenkou Village to build a party-mass activity center; in 2023, it will continue to support 247,900 yuan to help the construction of Shikou The multi-functional comprehensive service platform and cultural and sports activity platform enrich the spiritual and cultural life of rural residents and help create a beautiful rural “model room” that is livable and suitable for business.

  From “blood transfusion” to “blood production”,Help the prosperity and development of characteristic industries

To revitalize the countryside, industry is the foundation. Standing in front of the vibrant 10,000-acre chrysanthemum tea garden, the person in charge of the tea garden introduced: “In 2018, Sunshine Life invited experts from the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences to conduct field surveys, collect soil samples, and help Benhong Town build a snow chrysanthemum planting project. The snow chrysanthemum in our town has a good harvest of more than 3,000 catties.”

From 2018 to 2023, in the process of developing characteristic industries, Sunshine Life invested capital and technology to support Chayouhou Banner in organically combining the fight against poverty with the rural revitalization strategy, and adopted the “enterprise + cooperative + farmer” approach to promote a The integration of the secondary and tertiary industries has formed a new model for the revitalization of characteristic industries integrating the supply, processing, and sales of agricultural products, and has taken a new step in the development of the village collective economy. At the same time, under the initiative of the local insurance industry association, Sunshine Life actively participated in consumption assistance. Since 2018, it has purchased 659,300 yuan of special agricultural products such as potatoes, miscellaneous grains, beef and mutton, and milk tea powder from Chayouzhong Banner and Chayouhouhou Banner; Since then, a total of more than 2,660 catties of snow chrysanthemum tea have been purchased, with an amount of 2.203 million yuan. Sunshine Life effectively connects targeted poverty alleviation with rural revitalization, realizing the transition from “blood transfusion” to “blood-making” assistance.

This is a microcosm of Sunshine Life’s contribution to rural revitalization. It empowers rural revitalization with its “hard core” strength, and paints a beautiful picture of a vibrant “harmonious village” on the land of Chayouhou Banner in Inner Mongolia. In the future, Sunshine Life will, as always, respond to the call for rural revitalization, and continue to help the countryside embark on the road to prosperity and revitalization.

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