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Five Reasons Not to Buy iPhone 15

Five Reasons Not to Buy iPhone 15

Apple will hold an autumn new product launch event from September 12th to September 13th, that is to say, there is still one month before the new iPhone 15 series will meet with you. According to past practice, the iPhone 15 series will be officially launched at the end of September. As the date of the press conference approaches, the news about the iPhone 15 series is becoming more and more abundant. Friends who are waiting for a new mobile phone can refer to this article first. I have summed up the five reasons for not buying the iPhone 15 for you. After reading it, I gave up the idea of ​​spending money.

  1 The appearance design has basically remained the same, and the models must be distinguished by color

In recent years, the discussion on the appearance design of the new iPhone has gradually decreased, because almost every generation of iPhone looks the same. However, last year Apple changed the notch that had been in use for many years, and changed it to Smart Island. Although the reputation of Smart Island is very good, Apple’s knife is accurate, and only high-end models are equipped with it. The regular version is still Notch.

This time, the brand new iPhone 15 will be upgraded to Smart Island. However, according to reports, the regular version of the iPhone 15, including the iPhone 15 Plus, will still use a 60Hz screen refresh rate. High swiping is too critical for mobile phones, and the overall fluency has been directly improved to a higher level. I personally use an iPad mini 6 without a high refresh rate mixed with an iPhone 14 Pro with a high refresh rate, and I can clearly feel the stuttering of the mini 6, even if it is equipped with an A15 processor, it still feels very laggy.

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy mobile phones without high flash rate in 2023. If you want to buy the iPhone 15 Pro, then its design is the same as the previous generation iPhone 14 Pro. Not only does the smart island on the front look the same, but the design on the back has not changed much. If you want to distinguish the models of two mobile phones at a glance, you can only use the color to judge.

  2 Normal version castration chip with excess performance

Although the exterior design has not changed much, the progress of the iPhone 15 on the chip is quite obvious. It is reported that the A17 processor will use a 3nm process technology, which can reduce power consumption by about 25-30% and improve performance by 10-15%. According to reports, TSMC has begun mass production of 3nm chips, and it is believed that the purpose is to supply the iPhone 15 series.

When it comes to chip performance, it is inevitable to say that there is excess performance. Not to mention the A16 processor equipped with the iPhone 14 Pro, even the A14 processor equipped with the iPhone 12 series will not freeze now. How many people can use the peak performance of the processor? Even if you play Yuanshin God with 120 frames of extreme picture quality, the phone can’t handle the heat and eventually drops frames. If you use iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 or something, you have to put a cooling back clip.

Besides, the ordinary version of the iPhone 15 is still a castrated version of the chip like the previous generation, and the ordinary version does not even have the door to use a 3nm chip. The iPhone 16 is definitely enough, but buying a new phone without a new processor is quite annoying to use.

  3 Charging is too slow, new charging head will cost a lot of money

This time the iPhone 15 series is replaced with a Type-C interface, which is called the biggest upgrade by fruit fans. It stands to reason that the Type-C interface should be able to upgrade to a faster charging speed, but so far there is no news that the iPhone 15 will upgrade the fast charging and battery capacity. Nowadays, the usage rate of mobile phones is very high, and there is still some anxiety about battery life. The charging speed of 22.5W is really not enough.

Fortunately, Apple’s hardware and software have a very high compatibility rate. With the cooperation of A-series chips and iOS, the iPhone can have a good battery life even without a large-capacity battery. However, once your mobile phone is used for a long time, the battery health is down, and you need to charge it twice or three times a day, this advantage will disappear, and you will only be left with complaints about why the phone charges so slowly.

Finally, let’s talk about the cost you will increase when Apple updates to Type-C. We all know that Apple does not provide chargers, and the Lightning cables you have accumulated at home are all invalid after buying the iPhone 15. Apple’s Type-C has its own protocol, and it costs hundreds of dollars to buy its charging head and cable, which is a bit worthless.

  4 The ability to take pictures is out of touch with mainstream flagships

It has to be said that the Android camp is far ahead of the iPhone on the camera track. Domestic hardware includes IMX989 one-inch outsole sensor, periscope telephoto lens, software adjustments in the style of Hasselblad, Leica, and Zeiss, and a variety of rich video gameplay, each with its own characteristics. What are the characteristics of the iPhone? The hardware level has been out of touch, and maybe only the color reproduction is more realistic.

Not to mention that the regular version of the iPhone 15 only has two cameras. If you like taking pictures very much, then it is definitely not the best solution for you to spend a lot of money to buy an iPhone. Just pull out a domestic flagship mobile phone, and it will be more comfortable and attractive than the iPhone. Especially in the telephoto focal length, the disadvantage of the iPhone is already very obvious.

10X telephoto: iPhone on the left, Huawei P60 Pro on the right

Smartphones have become popular, and mobile imaging will definitely be a development trend in the future. The threshold for photography has been lowered, and more and more people have picked up devices and started creating. Therefore, if you want to shoot happily and comfortably, the domestic flagship is the real one.

  5 The price is too expensive, it is better to buy the old model or Android

Finally, let’s talk about the price issue that everyone is most concerned about. It is very difficult to get the original price of the new iPhone, and it is very difficult to get it at the original price. Generally, it will not be rolled out on a large scale until November. It is reported that the price of the iPhone 15 series will increase by US$100 for the entire series, which is equivalent to nearly 700 yuan, and the starting price of the regular version will exceed 6,000 yuan.

The starting prices of the more representative Android flagship models this year, Mi 13 Ultra and OPPO Find X6 Pro, are both 5,999 yuan. With mobile phones in the same price range of 6000, how does the ordinary version of the iPhone compare with these two domestic flagship mobile phones? I believe that pragmatic people know which one to buy.

There is a high probability that fruit fans will not choose the regular version of the iPhone 15. They already have the old high-end version in their hands, and they will choose the new high-end version if they change it. The price of the 256GB iPhone 15 Pro will definitely exceed 8,000 yuan, and how much is the experience upgrade worth? Friends who don’t have an iPhone in their hands can still use the old iPhone 14 Pro, so no one will show off the new iPhone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is now 1,500 yuan cheaper on, which is worth more than buying a new model.

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