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9 companies including HKUST Xunfei and 51 Credit Card have not reached the standard in timeliness of complaint handling

9 companies including HKUST Xunfei and 51 Credit Card have not reached the standard in timeliness of complaint handling

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the quality of telecommunications services in the second quarter of 2023. According to the announcement, half of the complaints from telecom users across the country in the second quarter were service disputes; among Internet service complaints, companies such as HKUST Xunfei failed to meet the standards in terms of timely handling, complaints from platforms such as Sina increased rapidly, and 101 bad mobile phone applications were removed from the shelves.

From the perspective of telecom user complaints, in the second quarter, among the national telecom user complaints, those involving service disputes accounted for 50.0%; those involving marketing, charging, and tariff disputes accounted for 38.3%; those involving network quality, information Safe telecom user complaints accounted for 11.7%. Complaint handling agencies at all levels of telecommunications users have handled and mediated user complaints in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Measures for Handling Telecom User Complaints”.

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Judging from the Internet information service complaints during the same period, the Internet information service complaint platform received a total of 279,000 complaints from Internet users. Among them, service function complaints accounted for 53.9%, customer service channel complaints accounted for 18.4%, personal information protection complaints accounted for 13.0%, and other complaints accounted for 14.7%. Among the 155 Internet companies connected to the platform, 9 companies including iFLYTEK and 51 Credit Card failed to meet the relevant requirements in terms of timely complaint handling. The number of complaints from Sina, Weicai Technology, and Blue City Brothers increased rapidly. Enterprises improve services and solve problems reported by users.

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In terms of complaints about bad mobile phone applications and spam, in the second quarter, the 12321 Internet Bad and Spam Report Acceptance Center (hereinafter referred to as the 12321 Acceptance Center) received a total of 59,000 valid complaints about bad mobile phone applications. Among them, complaints involving network security issues accounted for 52.9%, complaints involving personal information and authority issues accounted for 25.8%, and complaints involving information security issues accounted for 21.3%. Through industry self-discipline, the Internet Society of China, together with app stores and security testing vendors, removed 101 bad mobile apps with problems.





  Data picture of complaints about bad mobile phone applications

The 12321 Reception Center accepted a total of 91,000 complaints from platform spam users. Among them, complaints related to loans and financial management accounted for 60.9%, complaints related to retail sales accounted for 12.5%, complaints related to insurance sales accounted for 8.0%, complaints related to education and training accounted for 7.3%, and other types of complaints accounted for 11.3%. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urges relevant telecommunications companies to check and deal with the above-mentioned clues, and transfer clues related to source marketing to relevant industry authorities for handling.

The “Notice” requires all basic telecommunications companies to use APP authentication signature technology to verify the identity of APP developers and distributors, so as to improve the ability to prevent counterfeit and bad APPs. At the same time, users are reminded to choose the official website or regular app store when downloading apps, and give priority to downloading apps that have been authenticated and signed.

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