Exponential growth in size! The daily order volume of the “Yundi Tui” inspection tasks of the Youth League exceeded 10,000!

Exponential growth in size! The daily order volume of the “Yundi Tui” inspection tasks of the Youth League exceeded 10,000!

Jinsan Xiaoyangchun, Yunditui, a brand of the Youth League, ushered in the first business peak after the new year, and the daily order volume of the key business module[offline inspection tasks]exceeded 10,000!

Founded in 2015, Yunditui is a vertical business line brand launched by the Youth League for corporate promotion and business inspection needs. Different from traditional service providers, Yunditui integrates the 60 million+ part-time talent pool resources of “Youth League Part-time Jobs” and the full-process employment management Saas resources of “Linggong Butler”, innovatively providing brands with controllable and traceable full-process data The promotion & inspection service provides 4A-level high-quality full-process promotion services for the industry, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Since its establishment, Yunditui has served a total of 326 merchants, of which 23% are China’s top 500 companies. It has established a professional reputation in high-frequency demand fields such as Internet e-commerce, catering, retail, finance, fashion and FMCG, and home building materials. In 2021, based on the growing industry demand, Yunditui will polish offline inspection tasks as a separate module, which has become the industry benchmark;

Middle-Taiwan system + high-efficiency MVP: start running without turning back

“We have a project to replace materials in chain shopping malls across the country. After consulting with 3 service providers, most of the service providers suggested that we find 10 people in each shopping mall and promote them according to the 8-hour daily salary system. , their classmates from China and Taiwan helped us analyze the stuck points of the project in detail, recommended that we implement it in the form of task system, and made a very detailed progress estimation plan. After trial running in two cities, we found that the project ran smoothly. The cost of the test run was 23% lower than our expected cost, and the overall feeling is very professional.” —— Said the marketing director of a leading Internet company. Different from the project manager turnkey system of traditional service providers, all projects that are inquired to Yunditui will be connected in the first round by the middle-stage team with more than 5 years of promotion experience. In addition to completing the professional project evaluation, the project middle station will assign project managers with matching experience according to the difficulty level for later implementation, and set up special supervisors, training specialists, recruiting specialists, and auditing specialists to provide services. Beginning in 2021, adhering to the principle of being responsible for customers and not turning back after the start, Yunditui has insisted on the project trial run MVP service (minimum prototype test) so far. After the regular 2-day project trial run, the YundiTui project middle station will output a comprehensive and professional project comprehensive evaluation report, predict the possible obstacles of the project, sort out the project SOP, and make an optimal price for the promotion city and promotion crowd The plan ensures that the price is reasonable and the project can be implemented with high quality.

“For items such as shopping mall store inspection and offline material laying, the task cycle is easy to be delayed due to the unpredictable degree of store cooperation, which will increase Party A’s cost and affect Party A’s business progress; and the implementation of the task system is an incentive for part-time job inspections. It is even more powerful.” According to the person in charge of Yunditui, this project finally completed 700+ shopping malls across the country in 7 days, and the inspection of 140,000 stores was implemented, and the final cost of customers was reduced by 31%.

60 million part-time users: backed by manpower reservoir

Local promotion projects have the characteristics of involving large cities, urgent needs, and large tasks. Whether ground push personnel can be quickly recruited and completed on-the-job training is the top priority that affects the progress of the project.

Relying on its own recruitment platform, Youth League Club Part-time Job, Yunditui provides a complete recruitment solution. The platform has accumulatively registered 60 million part-timers, with 850,000+ applicants in a single day, providing Yunditui with the largest recruitment pool in the part-time industry.

At present, Yunditui’s online recruitment channels have covered 675 cities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in 34 provinces/autonomous regions/municipalities across the country, and offline recruitment channels have also covered 90%+ provinces across the country.

It is worth mentioning that YundiTui implements a daily salary settlement system with clear working hours and high employee satisfaction. It eliminates disputes and staff turnover caused by salary issues from the root cause, and at the same time creates an invisible talent pool for the company and establishes a good reputation among employers.

The strongest promotion of SaaS: building a cooperative “chain of trust”

In emergencies, information is blocked, and the efficiency of uploading and distributing is low?

The number of people working is large and the scale cannot be monitored for false attendance?

The project risk discovery lags behind, and the progress delay is difficult to save?

The actual operation is mixed with water, and the promotion quality is greatly reduced?

In response to these “persistent and difficult” problems in the local promotion industry, Yunditui has been cooperating with Linggong Butler since 2021, and the project has achieved 100% coverage of digital local promotion Saas.

So far, the product has covered the mainstream scene of local promotion, and supports personalized module configuration. While improving the promotion efficiency and reducing the promotion risk, it ensures that the whole process can be monitored and traced, making the promotion more efficient and more at ease;

At present, Yunditui has its own Tuitui Sass, which is equipped with four guarantees in terms of quality assurance and anti-cheating:

Complex task monitoring and management: real-time data background + customer exclusive administrator account;

Stain personnel removal: personnel blacklist + project blacklist

The location is real, and the delivery is real: job location & time watermark + real-time photo upload + 50-meter positioning check-in:

Double anti-cheating risk control: AI duplicate image recognition + manual secondary review;

“In the offline inspection project of a national home improvement store of a leading Internet company, our AI identification + manual real-time review service detected cheating in part-time filming. The project manager actively fed back the situation and analyzed the historical data of the personnel involved Full re-inspection helps customers effectively avoid the risk of project cheating, ensures high-quality project implementation, and avoids losses of 60,000 yuan.”

The person in charge of Yunditui introduced: “The problem of cheating in the traditional local promotion industry is our absolute high-voltage line. Local promotion projects often have a lot of sites and frequent changes in demand. It is difficult to count the number of people who are required to work and the number of people actually employed, and there is room for false attendance. After accessing the SaaS system, all attendance and operation data will be fully transparent, and the health of the industry is based on the establishment of trust between Party A and Party B. Yunditui hopes to become the Whampoa Military Academy for personnel in the local push industry.”

Highly equipped team: a 4A company that promotes the industry locally

Compared with other local push service providers, the advantage of cloud local push lies not only in the professional evaluation in the early stage of the project and the escort of SaaS in the middle of the project, but also in the professional analysis of the results of the local push. As a customer’s business consultant, Yunditui insists on using data to speak, assisting decision-making to improve efficiency and optimize budget allocation;

The person in charge of Yunditui said that unlike the traditional staffing structure of the company, Yunditui has a full-time production research and data analysis team with a more objective third-party perspective to help customers make good use of every penny of their future budget;

At the same time, Yunditui has a brand public relations team that is rare in the industry, with sufficient experience and ability to prevent and deal with public opinion problems that may occur during the promotion process, and to protect the customer’s brand reputation;

The legal team will maximize the protection for part-time jobs, and will automatically insure a personal accident insurance when they start a part-time job on the same day, so that they can truly employ people without worry;

Based on massive data resources and rich project experience, the cloud push service has covered the whole country, accumulatively base17 key areas, unique online supervision system, full-time online response & project progress assistance, the current number of employees is 137. At present, Yunditui has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known companies such as Alibaba, NetEase, SF Express, Didi, Ctrip, and Meituan.


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