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The mobile terminal of the Alpha system has become a must-have for lawyers, tailor-made for mobile work scenarios

The mobile terminal of the Alpha system has become a must-have for lawyers, tailor-made for mobile work scenarios

Some lawyers frankly admitted in interviews that clients’ demands are getting higher and higher, leading to intensified segmentation of the industry. In addition to continuously improving their knowledge reserves, lawyers need to continue to work hard on work efficiency and quality. In particular, the need to be able to retrieve and call a large number of laws and regulations anytime and anywhere is very urgent.

“Many customers pay great attention to efficiency, and they have high requirements for timeliness in the process of handling business. They often encounter similar phenomena in their work. Constructive opinions. Since there are no computers and other equipment around, it is difficult to retrieve the required legal and regulatory results, which leads to customer dissatisfaction, which leads to the loss of business!” said a lawyer.

The author has learned that most lawyers search for information based on the online system on the PC side. It is not convenient to search on mobile phones and tablets, so it will delay a lot of work, affect the efficiency of handling cases, lead to low customer satisfaction, and affect their own business progress. In order to solve this problem, the Alpha system has specially developed a mobile terminal, which is completely connected with the PC terminal, realizing data intercommunication, and the functions of the mobile terminal have been optimized in combination with the mobile office scene, which can effectively meet the needs of lawyers and other groups to use it anytime and anywhere .

“Some time ago, I learned that the Alpha mobile terminal was launched, so I downloaded and used it first. I didn’t expect that the functions are quite complete, especially the legal search service is very handy, whether it is on the way from work or on the way to the client company. You can quickly find the information you want, and you don’t have the sense of restraint like before!” A lawyer said, “I tested it specifically, and the retrieval results are the same as those on the PC, which means that the data has been synchronized. In my daily work now, I watch industry information updates on the official account iCourt, and do data retrieval on the Alpha mobile terminal, which can be realized on a mobile phone, which is really very convenient.”

Judging from the experience of a large number of lawyers, the Alpha mobile terminal has three major advantages: faster operation, clearer focus, and more timely reminders. Fast operation means that it is relatively simple to use. In addition to retrieving data, it can also quickly scan documents, take files, meeting materials and other documents, and transfer them to the document library with one click, or associate related cases. Save time and effort. The key point is that it combines mobile usage scenarios and sets relevant functions in a targeted manner. All operations are clear at a glance, and it is truly concise and clear. Timely reminder means that users can receive the information pushed by the team through the system in time, so as to avoid work mistakes caused by information time difference.

Moreover, the Alpha mobile terminal is still being continuously optimized. For the convenience of everyone, a small program has been specially created. The functions of the two application terminals are continuously being upgraded. Recently, they launched the “Excellent Case Review” function module according to the needs of lawyers. The attributes of “necessary for lawyers” are emerging.

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