“There is a taste in the world”?? It is Ziyan with all kinds of flavors, and it is also a family taste

“There is a taste in the world”?? It is Ziyan with all kinds of flavors, and it is also a family taste

Home is the most heart-warming symbol in Chinese culture. Almost all traditional festivals can return to the theme of family reunion. No matter how the times change, this ancient tradition has not changed. And traditional festivals are the reawakening of this cultural memory, allowing people to express their common feelings for “family”, like a bond that connects generations closely together, and positioning the direction of life with the sense of responsibility and mission inherited by the family .

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Ziyan Baiwei Chicken and Tencent News jointly created the Chinese New Year short film “There is a Taste in the World”, sharing the family stories around us, telling the meaning of love and persistence, and feeling the dependence on “family affection”.

Pay tribute to the extraordinary family love and protection

When the curtain opened, Wang Jingchun, who was walking around the streets, told us a few stories from the news.

Xiao Chen is a post-00 courier who raises her child alone. When she is too busy at work, she will take her child to deliver the courier. With her company, no matter how tired her life is, she will be happy. For Xiao Chen, the meaning of home is persistence.

Luo Shujian’s son suffers from cerebral palsy. After knowing that his son likes to run, he pushed his son to run for seven years. Luo Shujian promised to stand behind his son forever. For Luo Shujian, the meaning of home is responsibility.

Grandpa Xiao Min got sick and gradually lost his memory. He forgot many things, but he will always remember Grandma Zhiling’s braised pork, which was his wife and the taste of home. For Grandpa Xiao Min, the meaning of home is companionship.

As the new year draws near, Wang Jingchun also began to arrange a table of meals. He said: “How life is, it also depends on your craftsmanship. When to stir-fry, when to cook slowly, the same seasoning can make different tastes. Life. When you’re done and you put it on the table, it tastes good.”

People who have watched this film, it is hard not to be attracted by the life of the characters and the resulting responsibilities. In the face of life’s changes, do not change your original intention, and guard the reunion and tranquility of your family with perseverance and companionship without regrets. This kind of responsibility and perseverance constitute the deepest background of the short film, which powerfully interprets the meaning of “home”.

Ziyan Baiwei, family consumption habits are quietly developed

In the short film, Ziyan Baiwei Chicken, which frequently appears on the street and on the dining table, has become a living habit and taste memory for many people, carrying many warm memories in life. The reason why Chinese food has become a culture is not only because of the breadth and depth of the food itself, but also because it contains traditional culture such as etiquette and teachings, as well as the most solemn feeling of family reunion.

It is true that Ziyan Baiwei Chicken has a history of more than 30 years, and the early generation of loyal customers has gradually become parents and even grandparents. Ziyan Baiwei Chicken focuses on table cooked food positioning. While attracting these loyal customers of Ziyan Baiwei Chicken to choose to take cooked food home and enjoy it with their families as a side meal, it also gives the younger generation a taste of home. The busy city life leaves no time for family reunions on weekdays, but whenever there are important festivals, or special ceremonial dining occasions, “Bring Ziyan and go home for dinner”, the warmth of the food is as transpiring as the fireworks .

In recent years, Ziyan Food has experienced continuous development, and has a certain degree of market recognition in East China, Central China, Southwest China and other regions. Its more than 5,300 sunken store layouts go deep into major communities and vegetable markets, and the ubiquitous Ziyan Baiwei Chicken stores naturally accompany the growth of each family, filling every corner of their time fragments. The taste given to them by Ziyan Baiwei Chicken can be said to be “the taste of home”. It is a call to home and a precious memory. Even if you are far away from home, you can get it everywhere.

As a leading brand in the cooked food industry, Ziyan Baiwei Chicken first proposed the cultural concept of “917 Braised Food Festival” in 2018, reflecting that cooked food brands represented by Ziyan Baiwei Chicken have begun to attach importance to the cultural inheritance of Chinese cooked food. This move not only deepened the brand depth of Ziyan Baiwei Chicken, but also narrowed the distance between the brand and young consumers who pay attention to culture.

Behind the warmth of reunion is Ziyan’s original intention to explore the inheritance and development of “family culture” in the new era. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Ziyan hopes to let consumers experience the warmth of reunion in the smell of fireworks with “There is a Taste in the World”, which will shorten the distance between people and make the whole Chinese New Year more warm.

Just like the saying in “A Bite of China”: “Home, the place where life begins, a person’s life is on the way home. Under the same roof, they light fire, cook, and use food to unite and comfort the family. “

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