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Exploring the mysteries of rare snow algae, Galenic’s Platinum “Snow Algae” series is officially launched

Exploring the mysteries of rare snow algae, Galenic’s Platinum “Snow Algae” series is officially launched

The cold polar region and the snow-capped peaks contain the secrets of the growth of rare snow algae. Recently, Galenic, a high-end technology skin care brand originating from France, held the Galenic Platinum “Snow Algae” series at the L’Arboisie Hotel in Megève, France, and joined hands with Caroline, a French female entrepreneur and fashion blogger on the cover of Forbes Receveur, Chriselle Lim, a million-dollar fashion blogger in the United States, French supermodel Ophelie Guillermand, and many KOLs in the international fashion and beauty field explored the legend of polar snow algae and witnessed the ultimate perfection of the Galenic Platinum “Snow Algae” series Choose and scientific ingenuity, enjoy high-end, elegant French skin care experience. At present, the full series of Galenic Platinum “Snow Algae” has been launched in France.

Explore the secrets of the top of the snow, and jointly uncover the mystery of the growth of rare snow algae with Galenic France

Explore the secrets of the glaciers and snowfields, immerse yourself in the timeless scenery of the snow peaks, and experience the magical landscapes created by nature. Under the leadership of professionals, Galenic France invited guests to take a helicopter and soar among the mountains and snowfields of Megève, France, where the extreme cold is strong and the people are inaccessible. You can have a panoramic view of towering snow peaks. Overlooking the snow-capped peaks on the helicopter, wandering in the dreamy snow country, it seems to be in the origin of rare snow algae, and feel the tenacious vitality of rare polar snow algae that has been proudly born in the extreme environment for hundreds of millions of years. The story of the legendary energy accumulation of polar snow algae kicked off.

Snow algae is one of the ancient microorganisms, which only appears on the snowfields and glaciers in the polar regions. The inaccessible Arctic snowfield provides excellent growth conditions for snow algae, and the extreme living environment under severe cold and blizzard and strong ultraviolet rays has created the strong vitality and extraordinary antioxidant protection mechanism of Norwegian polar snow algae. Galenic France selects Norwegian polar snow algae with strong vitality and non-antioxidant protection mechanism, and customizes a cutting-edge bioreactor to simulate the growth environment of snow algae to stimulate the energy storage and survival mechanism of snow algae, and produce high concentrations of antioxidants in snow algae Extracted from time to time, and preserved in the Galenic French Coranli Platinum “Snow Algae” series.

20 years of research on Snow Algae Peptide Formula, Galenic France Kelanli Yue enjoys the youthful state of the skin

Adhering to the ultimate pursuit of scientific formula and technological skin care, Galenic has undergone more than 20 years of research and meticulous polishing, extracting high-energy anti-oxidant snow algae essence, and scientifically compounding Rheolique-like botulinum peptides to create a breakthrough innovation Recipe – snow algae peptide.

Galenic France innovatively applied the legendary Snow Algae Peptide formula to Galenic France’s Platinum “Snow Algae” series products – essence, eye cream and face cream, and received praise from many overseas users after it was launched in France. .

● Platinum “Snow Algae” Essence

● Platinum “Snow Algae” Eye Cream

● Platinum “Snow Algae” Face Cream

In addition to the breakthrough innovative formula, the Galenic French Platinum “Snow Algae” series products also have a delicate texture like snow-melt dew and a luxurious fragrance with fresh floral notes, creating the ultimate elegance of a spa for the majority of beauty-loving women French skin care experience. Galenic provided luxurious facial SPA service and snow mountain yoga experience in this Zhenxiang Club, bringing guests an elegant journey from body to heart, and further conveying the concept of mutual complementarity between beauty and science. Science creates the essence of elegance and beauty.

This time, Galenic France and the guests traced the scientific research and ingenuity of the Platinum “Snow Algae” series of Galenic for more than 20 years, and encountered a high-end and elegant French skin care journey. In the future, Galenic will continue to uphold the true beauty of “Science Creates Elegance”. Inspired by precise and cutting-edge formula technology and original and excellent formula, Galenic will provide women of different ages around the world with scientifically effective skin care solutions and A refined and elegant skincare experience.


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