How to inherit and improve the century-old Simmons Simmons in the era of consumption upgrading?

How to inherit and improve the century-old Simmons Simmons in the era of consumption upgrading?

From the government work report to the International Consumer Rights Protection Day, they are all advocating “boosting consumer confidence” and “promoting the improvement and upgrading of consumer supply”. Quality has become an important new driver of consumption growth.

Founded in 1870, Simmons, a mattress brand with more than 150 years of history, is the inventor of spring mattresses and a world-renowned mattress manufacturer. It has long become the “exquisite spring mattress” in the hearts of Chinese people. synonymous with.

After a hundred years, how has Simmons created the use value and emotional value that can stand the baptism of time, and become a high-end mattress brand trusted by consumers all over the world? In the era of consumption upgrading and upgrading, how can we continue to insist on ingenuity, so that more Chinese consumers can enjoy the sleep of their dreams?

Promoting the sleep technology revolution with a pioneering attitude

The development history of Simmons for more than 150 years is like a revolutionary history of human sleep technology and an evolutionary history of human sleep experience. It can be said that every innovation of Simmons breaks people’s imagination of “bed”, changes the development axis of the entire mattress industry, and advances human sleep culture.

In 1870, Mr. Zalmon Gilbert Simmons led 9 employees to manufacture the world’s first spring bed, which has since changed human sleeping habits. In 1895, it developed into the world’s largest spring bed manufacturer. In 1925, Simmons successfully designed a machine capable of mass-producing independent pocket spring mattresses. The very representative Beautyrest sweet dream mattress was launched. In the same year, it started research on sleep technology, which changed the history of mattresses.

Since then, Simmons has been committed to the optimization, improvement and innovative design of springs and fabrics. So far, it has more than 250 patents, and has always been a leader in promoting the revolution of sleep technology.

In 1995, Simmons Simmons launched BackCare Spinal Protection Mattress, and Simmons Simmons Research and Education Center (SITE) officially opened in the same year.

In 2003, the innovative independent bagged cable spring was launched to cooperate with the original independent bagged spring to contribute to the technology of uninterrupted sleep.

In 2006, it was included in the collection of the National Museum of American History, witnessing the profound influence of Simmons Simmons on the times.

A hundred years of technological inheritance and innovation, providing human beings with a dreamy sleep experience, this is the original intention of Simmons Simmons.

Today, Simmons, which maintains innovative vitality, is creating a new history, including the revolutionary application of “vitamins in the air” negative ions to mattress fabrics, and the negative ion fiber technology e-ION CRYSTAL Technology can continuously produce negative ions that make people healthy physically and mentally. , so that people can breathe fresh air as if they are in nature during sleep.

Micro Diamond Infused Memory Foam is also the core technology created by Simmons. Diamond particles are embedded in the memory foam to regulate the temperature of the sleeping environment and help release deep pressure.

Having been intensively cultivating the Chinese market for more than decades, Simmons continues to innovate and promote the sleep technology revolution based on the modern home environment and consumers’ aesthetic improvement. It is understood that Simmons will launch a number of new products in 2023, including the Bliss Bolis mattress of the Diamond series, which is suitable for different living scenarios, and the high-end BackCare Splendour mattress that provides strong support. In the era of consumption upgrading and upgrading, it has brought Chinese consumers a more comfortable and higher-quality dream sleep experience.

Centuries of ingenuity and craftsmanship create the ultimate comfortable sleep

For more than 150 years, Simmons has always been adhering to the craftsmanship and ingenuity quality of craftsmen, and has spent more labor and material resources to create the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience. This spirit is also implemented in every Simmons factory in America, Europe and Asia.

Carrying the mission of “Made in China, Global Quality”, Simmons Simmons Suzhou Factory was established in 2014 and will be upgraded and expanded in 2020. As a key step for Simmons to be deeply rooted in China, Simmons Simmons Suzhou Factory is constantly working hard on material selection, craftsmanship, quality control, etc., just to create more perfect sleep products, so that the century-old ingenuity can be passed down in one continuous line, and more people in the country can enjoy high quality products. Cost-effective enjoy the extraordinary quality of Simmons Simmons.

As an important raw material that determines the comfort and durability of spring mattresses, the quality of steel wire and sponge is crucial. Therefore, before building the factory, Simmons spent 3 years searching all over the country to find a steel wire supplier that meets the standards of Simmons Simmons; more than 2,000 sponge factories were carefully investigated, and after extremely strict screening, Finally, 2 qualified sponge suppliers were selected.

Simmons Simmons independent pocket springs only use needle-rolled non-woven fabrics. The material is thicker, less prone to damage, and the fiber arrangement is more uniform and beautiful. It is a well-known expensive material in the industry. It needs to be welded together by professionals using ultrasonic technology; The net hot melt adhesive is imported brand, which is completely formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, and tasteless…following strict material selection standards, it ensures the outstanding quality of Simmons Simmons products.

In order to make the product have the durability that can stand the test of time, Simmons Simmons adopts the most stringent ASTM test standard in the world, simulating the test of an adult male weighing 109 kg rolling back and forth on the mattress 100,000 times. And each durability test report must be kept for ten years.

From the bordering process, the production of independent pocket springs, frame wire welding, fabric car embossing… every detail, Simmons Simmons’ pursuit of the ultimate quality is clearly visible.

It is the extreme craftsmanship of excellence and almost demanding that makes the Simmons brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Today, Simmons Simmons products are sold to more than 140 countries around the world, including China, and are highly praised by consumers for their luxurious enjoyment and comfortable sleep experience. In addition, Simmons is recognized as a hall-level mattress brand by royal families in Europe, Asia and other countries, as well as luxury hotels above five stars in the world.

Create dreams and sleep for Chinese consumers

Since returning to the Chinese market in 2005, after more than ten years of expansion, Simmons has more than 350 stores in China, covering major cities across the country. In the past three years, more than 180 new stores have been added, and more than 40 stores have been upgraded.

With the advent of the era of “boosting consumer confidence” and “promoting quality and upgrading of consumer supply”, Simmons, a high-end mattress brand with more than 150 years of history, is also ushering in new opportunities.

Simmons Simmons China said that it will continue to introduce more and better new products to serve consumers relying on century-old technology accumulation and the latest sleep technology research. Select high-quality dealers from all over the world with strict standards, and work together to achieve the ultimate in products and services. At the same time, more stores will be upgraded to spread Simmons’ century-old sleep culture, ingenuity and innovative spirit, so that Chinese consumers can get a higher value experience.

Simmons Simmons brand condenses century-old technology, culture and historical heritage, and is a palace-level mattress brand in the hearts of global consumers. However, some manufacturers take advantage of the popularity and influence of Simmons to mislead and deceive consumers with counterfeit brands, which greatly affects the benign market environment and consumer rights.

It is understood that consumers can purchase genuine Simmons mattresses by identifying brand logos, authorized companies, authorized retail stores, etc.

The official website of Simmons Simmons shows that the logo of Simmons Simmons mattress is a big blue S, with the English brand name Simmons in the middle, which is also the global logo of Simmons Simmons brand.

At present, Simmons in the United States only authorizes “Shanghai Simmons Mattress Furniture Sales Co., Ltd.”, “Beijing Simmons Mattress Furniture Co., Ltd.”, “Shenzhen Simmons Mattress Furniture Co., Ltd.”, and “Simmons Mattress Furniture (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.” to produce and sell in China. Selling genuine Simmons Simmons products. Consumers can check the Simmons Simmons brand stores in China on the official website of Simmons Simmons in China, and then go to the store to buy.

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