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Experts call on vulnerable groups such as the elderly to receive pneumococcal vaccines in time. Vaccine appointment platforms can make appointments quickly

Experts call on vulnerable groups such as the elderly to receive pneumococcal vaccines in time. Vaccine appointment platforms can make appointments quickly

Recently, Professor Huang Yi, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at the First Affiliated Hospital of Naval Medical University (Shanghai Changhai Hospital), said in an interview that winter and spring are the periods of high incidence of bacterial pneumonia. In addition to causing pneumonia, severe pneumococcal infection can also cause patients to suffer from complications such as bacteremia, meningitis, and septic shock. She called on the public, especially susceptible groups with related chronic underlying diseases, to get the pneumococcal vaccine in a timely manner.

The most common form of bacterial pneumonia is caused by pneumococci. “Pneumococcus is an opportunistic pathogen that often ‘lurks’ in the nasopharynx of normal people. It usually does not cause disease, but it can occur when the body’s immunity is weakened, respiratory virus infections such as influenza occur, malnutrition or the elderly If they are weak, they will take advantage of the situation.” Professor Huang Yi said that anyone of all ages may suffer from pneumococcal pneumonia, but among them, the elderly and those suffering from basic diseases such as chronic respiratory disease, chronic cardiovascular disease and diabetes are more likely to suffer from pneumococcal pneumonia. People are susceptible to pneumococcal infection. Severe pneumonia can be complicated by bacteremia, septic shock, etc. Once these complications occur, they are very serious and may even threaten the patient’s life.

China’s “Expert Consensus on Immunization and Prevention of Pneumococcal Diseases” points out that pneumococcal vaccination is the most effective way to prevent pneumococcal infection. “The Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine recommends that the 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine (PPSV23) be used for vaccination of people aged 50 and above and patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lung disease.

Currently, residents can quickly make an appointment for the pneumococcal vaccine through online platforms such as vaccine appointment. According to their own needs and time schedule, they can choose the nearest outpatient institution and a convenient time to avoid waiting in line on site, save time and energy, and improve the convenience of vaccination. and efficiency.

It is understood that the vaccine appointment platform is the leading adult disease prevention service platform in China. It can provide multiple categories of vaccine appointment services such as influenza vaccine, shingles vaccine, HPV, hepatitis B vaccine, etc., and has built a huge outpatient network, with services covering 30 countries. Provinces and municipalities/autonomous regions, 245 prefecture-level cities, 1,193 districts and counties, connecting more than 6,000 vaccination institutions, including community health service centers, maternal and child health hospitals, township health centers, centers for disease prevention and control, international travel health care centers, etc. .

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