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From “what to manage” to “how to manage”, from daily services to surprise services, the first butler service white paper is released. Vanke Service redefines property services.

From “what to manage” to “how to manage”, from daily services to surprise services, the first butler service white paper is released. Vanke Service redefines property services.

Last year, Vanke Service released a new promotional video “Come on, Little Yellow Shirt”, focusing on the trivial and heart-warming daily services of a group of “butlers”, making more outsiders empathize. What exactly does a housekeeper “manage”? How to “manage”? What kind of butler service is good service?

On March 20, China Index Research Institute released the industry’s first “White Paper on the Development of Property Managers” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”), giving the answer. The white paper uses Vanke Property Butler as a sample to conduct an in-depth study of property services. It tells how Vanke Property uses stewards as a starting point to establish a solid bond between service companies and residents, and how to use stewards as a needle to connect the construction of beautiful communities. of cohesion.

The white paper points out that the “Happy Butler Service System” innovatively created by Vanke Service has pioneered the industry’s coordinated butler service design around the entire life cycle of residential housing, and has industry demonstration significance.

  From “what to manage” to “how to manage”

  The refined way of Vanke Property Butler service

“Butler, can you kill the fish for me?” “I’m on a business trip, please go to my house and see the cat.” “What should I do? My car can’t fit into the parking space!”… The owner of Vanke Property is in trouble. , the first thing that comes to mind is to find a community housekeeper.

To this end, Vanke Service has put forward the service slogan of “helping housekeepers when there is something”. As one of the “Five Good Services”, housekeepers are required to be smart, capable, well-spoken, warm and friendly “Aqingsao”, and “get involved” with the residents. Solve the owners’ life problems at any time.

As property service demands become more diverse and personalized, Vanke Service has once again upgraded its housekeeping services. The white paper points out that in order to provide owners with more refined and warm services, Vanke Service has quantified the number of households served by housekeepers and promoted it as a standard – every 500 households will be equipped with an exclusive life housekeeper to provide home services and have an in-depth understanding of each household. Residents, covering all life contact points in the community.

The picture shows the happy housekeeper service system of Vanke Service

Before the renovation, Vanke Property Manager prepared “Decoration Tips” in advance, indicating the renovation time, location of the renovation garbage pool, dimensions of the elevator and entrance door, property contact information, renovation precautions, etc…

Before moving, the housekeeper will set up the moving flow line in advance, collect important information such as moving flow line, basement height limit, elevator size, large garbage disposal place, etc., and prepare an electronic version to send to the residents…

Vanke Service has formulated 11 vacant house property services. Regardless of whether the residents live in the community or not, if permitted, the housekeeper will regularly clean fallen leaves, ventilate the house regularly, close doors and windows, etc., and report the status of the vacant house regularly.

With its dedication to residential space services, Vanke Property Manager has accumulated diversified service content around the entire life cycle of the owner’s house, including moving, delivery anniversary, decoration, and vacancy, and has formed the “Moving Guide”, “Delivery Anniversary” A series of standard services such as “Service List”, “Customer’s Critical Moment Surprise Service List”, and “Vacant House Surprise Service List” provide benchmarks for service innovation in the property industry.

The picture shows the surprise services provided by Vanke Property Manager for vacant houses: furniture dust covers, doorbell cameras

  From daily service to surprise service

  Vanke Service’s “golden idea” has been imitated one after another

An owner of Dongli Lake Shanghuyuan Community in Tianjin lives alone all year round because his daughter lives out of town. Vanke Property Manager “Dragon Fruit” bought and installed a visual voice camera for him to let his children from other places know the situation of the elderly living alone at any time.

At a wedding in Jilin, the housekeeper from Tianjin Vanke Hangyu Garden organized all property staff to shoot a video and send blessings to the owners. At the same time, their new house in Tianjin has been labeled with festive red characters by the housekeepers.

The housekeeper “Shui Sili” is the grid housekeeper of Tianjin Jinyu Lanwan. After learning that the owner, Grandma Ma, had fracture surgery, she came to visit with gifts and helped the elderly find a housekeeping company to clean the windows, fulfilling the New Year’s wish of the two elderly people. The considerate service brought tears to the eyes of my grandmother, who was bedridden and recovering from illness.

The picture shows Vanke Property Manager providing surprise services to owners

“Providing assistance to the best of our ability to owners in need.” Vanke Service said that in addition to daily services, “surprise service” has covered 1,869 communities served and touched 15,058 owners.

In order to surprise every time, Vanke Property Manager has put in a lot of effort. It is understood that they pay careful attention to the age, gender, hobbies, living status, and health of the owners, provide personalized services for different groups of people, plan creative community activities, accompany empty-nesters, escort children from school, and create birthday ceremonies for owners Feelings and so on, we gradually formed a professional butler team and developed a set of surprise service methods.

For example, Vanke Service has released the industry’s first “Property Service Guide for Empty Nest Elderly People”, which segments services according to elderly groups of different age groups, and sets the 9th of each month as “Operation No. 1” to quickly respond to empty nesters. The living needs of the elderly; accompanying the empty-nest elderly, teaching them one-on-one how to surf the Internet on mobile phones; organizing “Sunset Red” community activities to help the elderly build a social circle and get rid of the loneliness of the empty nest.

The picture shows Vanke property housekeepers providing considerate care services to the elderly

Every summer, Vanke Property Manager organizes the “Everything for Kids” summer camp course, allowing children in the community to enrich their summer time, get to know their peers, learn while playing, increase their knowledge, and broaden their horizons. It is understood that this activity has been carried out for 8 years, and a total of 70,000 children have participated in it. It is the most extensive and longest-lasting community children’s growth activity in China, and is highly recognized by community owners.

According to the white paper, in order to effectively control the occurrence of abnormal deaths in the service space, adhering to the original intention of reverence and respect for life, Vanke Service has successively introduced AED (automated external defibrillator) equipment in the residential communities it serves, and Vanke Service has targeted For front-line customer-facing positions such as property housekeepers and security officers, CPR emergency rescue course training and practical exercises are carried out. By the end of 2023, Vanke Service has deployed 1,715 AED equipment in more than 933 projects across the country, successfully saving lives on many occasions. Owner life.

The picture shows Vanke Service conducting AED&CPR first aid training for employees

From passive service to active innovation, from daily service to surprise service, from surprise service to standard service, in the wave of change in the property service industry, Vanke Service has set a demonstration and benchmark for the entire industry with its original butler service system. , and also established a new service model.

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