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Eighteen Fanghua Embarked on a New Journey 2023 Sunshine Life Customer Festival Successfully Concluded

Eighteen Fanghua Embarked on a New Journey 2023 Sunshine Life Customer Festival Successfully Concluded

Recently, the 71-day 2023 Sunshine Life Customer Festival has come to a successful conclusion. As Sunshine Insurance’s first customer festival after its listing, this year’s customer festival, with the theme of “listening to customers’ voices, spreading love and responsibility”, will provide customers with all-round services through the “My Sunshine” APP, Sunshine Life’s WeChat public account and local institutions. Showcase “New Sunshine, New Look”. Since the opening, a total of 2,043 customer festival activities have been organized across the country, with a total of nearly 329,700 online and offline participants. The rich activities and warm services have truly demonstrated Sunshine’s value pursuit of “all for customers”.

All employees take action to implement customer thinking

Zhang Weigong, chairman of Sunshine Insurance Group, pointed out: “Customers always come first, without customers there is no company.” Taking the Customer Festival as an opportunity, Sunshine Life made a unified deployment of customers’ ideas and actions, and all employees participated in understanding customer portraits, thinking about what customers think, solving customers’ worries, and being the “intimate sunshine” of customers.

In order to do a good job in serving family customers and understand family customers in an all-round way, Sunshine Life Insurance arranged one-on-one interviews and questionnaire surveys for family customer groups, and more than 3,000 customers have been surveyed in total. Institutions around the world held “Executive Reception Day”, where the branch leaders directly served customers, solved customer problems, and experienced customer business processes. In addition, various institutions also organized managers to visit the counters of their peers to experience the services of their peers, find out the service gap and start to solve it.

(Site of Sunshine Life Heilongjiang Branch Executive Reception Day)

(Site of Sunshine Life Shandong Branch Executive Reception Day)

Commitment to promote service upgrades

Products are the cornerstone of a company’s steady development, but it is service and customer experience that really make a brand stand out from the competition. Insurance services are professional, long-term, and time-sensitive, and service quality is particularly important. Taking this customer festival as an opportunity, Sunshine Life solemnly released eight major commitments: honest sales, high-quality claim settlement, convenient service, comprehensive protection, privacy protection, information disclosure, fulfillment of public welfare, and continuous improvement.

The commitment is like a mountain, and this heavy commitment is the embodiment of Sunshine Life’s continuous improvement of service quality and pursuit of excellence. All institutions of Sunshine Life strictly follow the requirements of the eight major commitments to upgrade service quality. At the same time, it is widely disseminated by means of video publicity, press releases, etc., so that customers can know it and let customers feel at ease.

(Screenshot of Sunshine Life Jiangxi Branch Sunshine Life’s Eight Commitments video)

Rich activities convey love and responsibility

The customer festival is a grand event to give back to customers. It is precisely because of the participation of customers that the customer festival is meaningful. This customer festival launched an offline activity again after three years——”Mo Shu Zhengqi Painting Ode to Family Tradition” national calligraphy and painting selection activity, the response from all over the country was enthusiastic, and more than 10,000 entries were collected. In the end, 200 award-winning works will be selected, and the award-winning works will also be exhibited at the Sunshine Family Banquet and 2023 Sunshine Life Closing Ceremony.

(Sunshine Life Guangdong Branch Preliminary Selection Site)

(Sunshine Life Gansu Branch Preliminary Selection Site)

(excellent works on display)

In order to spread the concept of healthy life, Sunshine Life organizes experts to carry out national health tours, and holds offline lectures in Beijing, Yueyang, Hunan, Fuzhou, Fujian and other places to give guidance on health, health preservation and other aspects that people care about.

(Health Tour Chongqing Station)

(Health Tour Beijing Station)

During the Customer Festival, Sunshine Life’s salespersons come to the door to carry out double inspection services for customers’ health insurance, use the special family security checklist for the Customer Festival to check the family security gap, and use Sunshine Insurance’s self-developed patented tool “Sunshine Face Doctor” to monitor the health of customers . Sunshine Life’s official customer platform “My Sunshine” APP launched an interactive game area, incorporating knowledge related to insurance science; launched an online city area, and cooperated with Fan Deng to give lectures by famous celebrities. In addition, local agencies carried out special service activities based on themes such as Children’s Day, Father’s Day, “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, summer life, etc., cared for customers with rich content, and spread love and responsibility.

(Sunshine Life Insurance Liaoning Branch organized the 7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day event)

(College Entrance Examination Assistance Service Point of Sunshine Life Shaanxi Branch)

The closing of the Customer Festival coincided with the Sunshine Insurance 18th Adult Ceremony. In the past journey, Sunshine Life Customer Festival has become a shining business card of the company. There is no end to customer service, and there is no end to experience improvement. Standing at the new starting point of Eighteen Youth, Sunshine Life will continue to strengthen customer service quality under the guidance of the company’s strategy, and build a diversified customer life cycle insurance protection service system, so that Sunshine service accompanies customers for a lifetime.

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