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Sunshine Life Assists in Flood Prevention, Disaster Relief and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Sunshine Life Assists in Flood Prevention, Disaster Relief and Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Since August, many places in China have been affected by typhoons “Dusuri” and “Kanu”. There have been violent, wide-ranging, and high-intensity continuous heavy rainfall, causing floods and geological disasters, which have affected the hearts of all sectors of society. After the flood occurred, various institutions of Sunshine Life actively responded to the relevant work requirements of the government and regulatory authorities on flood prevention and disaster reduction and insurance services. While ensuring service guarantees, they fully supported post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, helping disaster-stricken areas rebuild their homes as soon as possible and restore normal life order .

  Work together to convey warmth and donate love materials “safety”

After the disaster, various institutions of Sunshine Life quickly organized donations to the disaster-stricken areas, sending sunshine and warmth to the people in the disaster-stricken areas and those fighting on the front line of flood fighting.

Baoding Zhongzhi and Zhuozhou Zhongzhi of Sunshine Life Insurance spontaneously organized internal and external employees to carry out donation activities for flood prevention and disaster relief, and purchased bottled water, instant noodles, bread, ham sausage, toilet water, medicines, alcohol and other materials with the funds raised, and successfully sent them to Baoding, Zhuozhou disaster area; Zhang Shuangshuang, an employee of the Cang County business area of ​​Sunshine Life, took the initiative to contact the Cangzhou public welfare organization after seeing the flood news in Zhuozhou, and personally donated 8 boxes of instant noodles, bread and other food to the Zhuozhou disaster area; The bureau donated 300 pieces of life jackets to fulfill the corporate social responsibility with practical actions.

Adhere to the first line of fast compensation and quick pay to support the “protective umbrella” of insurance protection

Facing the flood situation, all institutions of Sunshine Life Insurance were united as one, sticking to the front line to carry out investigations, claims, return visits, and condolences and visits to ensure that the affected people were relieved of their worries and problems in the first place. The branches of Sunshine Life Insurance in the disaster-stricken areas quickly set up special working groups and launched a series of quick compensation and fast handling measures, including establishing a 24-hour on-duty system for claim settlement personnel and opening a fast service channel for claims settlement; actively looking for customers injured in flood disasters; Policy claim settlement services; condolences and visits to customers and their families who are in danger, and full-process claim settlement services. The Jilin Zhongzhi branch of Sunshine Life Insurance completed an online claim in only 30 minutes, sending Sunshine care to customers as soon as possible.

In addition, various agencies of Sunshine Life Insurance also quickly organized and surveyed the disaster-stricken employees, provided timely assistance and condolences to the affected employees, and effectively guaranteed their basic life; extensively organized and mobilized employees to participate in dredging and other work, and gave full play to the corporate spirit in disaster reduction and relief. strength.

In the future, Sunshine Life will continue to pay attention to the post-disaster reconstruction work in the disaster-stricken areas, provide local people with accurate and warm financial insurance services, and help the disaster-stricken areas rebuild their beautiful homes as soon as possible.

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