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Dongjiao Home: inheritance of craftsmanship, compliance and self-discipline

Dongjiao Home: inheritance of craftsmanship, compliance and self-discipline

With the development of social economy and science and technology, people’s living standards have improved, and health awareness has gradually increased. Healthy consumption has gradually become a popular consumer demand, and healthy living has gradually become the life goal of the public. This transformation has promoted the development of my country’s health industry and promoted the transformation and upgrading of various health-related industries.

Against this background, Dongjiao Daojia inherits China’s thousand-year traditional Chinese medicine culture, focuses on the field of health and wellness, adheres to the concept of “inheriting traditional Chinese medicine culture and promoting healthy life”, shines in the field of leisure and wellness, and injects innovation into the development of my country’s health industry. New energy.

Throughout China’s thousands of years of history, traditional Chinese medicine has always been a national treasure. Massage is also a long-standing traditional health care technique in traditional Chinese medicine, which can greatly improve human health and physical discomfort. Dongjiao Daojia inherits the traditional Chinese massage culture and provides users with professional massage services.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the meridians of the human body each perform their own duties, and different meridians and acupuncture points correspond to different body parts. Therefore, Dongjiao Home’s massage services are rich in variety, and different service items have been set up for different sub-health states of the body to achieve the purpose of personalized customized services, provide targeted services to users with different needs, and improve physical health. Users can make online appointments based on their actual needs and enjoy professional, safe and private home services.

At the same time, Dongjiao Daojia has established an exclusive online O2O home massage platform based on the current consumption habits of users, using Internet digital technology to provide users with one-stop massage services. A complete technical team is the foundation for digital technology development. Relying on strong technical research and development capabilities, Dongjiao Daojia has also developed its own mobile application to provide users with 24-hour online services.

Dongjiao Daojia’s application of Internet digital technology has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the traditional massage and health care industry, and also provided new ideas and injected new vitality into the high-quality development of my country’s health industry.

As an enterprise, we must not only provide users with professional and high-quality services, but also pay attention to the construction of our own culture, adhere to the bottom line of compliance and self-discipline, and actively assume social responsibilities. Dongjiao Daojia opened its platform to recruit cooperative merchants, and promoted the employment and entrepreneurship of more than 30,000 cooperative technicians by settling on the platform and establishing cooperative relationships.

Corporate compliance is the prerequisite for the stable and long-term development of enterprises. In order to ensure the service standardization and compliance of the platform’s cooperative merchants, Dongjiao Daojia has established a complete risk management system. Through AI and big data algorithms, we participate in the full tracking of each order from the placement of the order to the end of the service to ensure that the order data is normal, strictly conduct daily self-examination actions, and resolutely crack down on irregularities by platform cooperative merchants.

As the leader in the O2O home delivery industry, Dongjiao Home is a professional and formal door-to-door massage service platform. Dongjiao Daojia has always been adhering to professional massage technology and high-quality service concepts. In the future, Dongjiao Daojia will adhere to its original intention, take “promoting healthy life” as its own responsibility, provide good services, comply with regulations and self-discipline, continuously improve corporate innovation, and promote the vigorous development of the big health industry.

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