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AWE2024 Kelon air conditioner officially announced that the product will return to the essence of air conditioning

AWE2024 Kelon air conditioner officially announced that the product will return to the essence of air conditioning

After several days of display and communication, the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2024) came to a successful conclusion. This event showcased the latest scientific and technological achievements and cutting-edge products, and also demonstrated the concept of various home appliance brands using technology to pay tribute to a better life. Among them, Kelon Air Conditioner, which is undergoing an active rejuvenation transformation, has once again attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the industry with its unique youthful product design and brand image, becoming the focus of consumers’ attention.

Since its establishment in 1984, Kelon Air Conditioning has adhered to the industrial goal of “energy saving and high efficiency” and focused on professionalism, practicality and efficiency. In recent years, with the rise of “Generation Z” consumers, Kelon Air Conditioning has also realized the necessity and urgency of youthful transformation. Starting from 2022, it will accelerate the brand rejuvenation strategy, abandoning the past image labels of “steady and low-key” and “technical geek”. Through diversified scenarios, multi-dimensional experiences and multi-media channel layout, Kelon will continue to strengthen brand rejuvenation and continue to innovate products. , communicate with users with a new brand image.

The small ear cover series products displayed by AWE on the spot broke the traditional appearance color of “either white or gold” for air conditioners on the market. It chose colors that are popular among young people and can better express their personality. It also has a sleek neo-retro appearance and personalization. The design elements stand out among similar products. In terms of performance, it also maximizes the needs of young users for sleeping environment, healthy breathing, and energy saving.

In terms of shaping the sleep environment, Kelon’s sleep air conditioner small ear hanging products can achieve ultra-low operating noise of 16 decibels through ultra-quiet gradient volute noise reduction technology, creating the quietest air conditioner in the industry. In terms of ensuring healthy breathing, Kelon’s Little Ears series fresh air air conditioner LW adopts micro-positive pressure dual-drive fresh air technology and introduces 90m³ of fresh air per hour, which can quickly replace indoor and outdoor air, and through double internal and external purification and five-fold Filtration technology effectively removes PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the air, creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for users.

At the same time, Kelon is constantly committed to deepening the application of green and environmentally friendly technologies and materials, and polishing it from multiple dimensions such as product energy efficiency planning and material selection. This year AWE’s new Kelon air conditioner Xiaoer LT cabinet hanger has won the favor of the majority of users with its excellent energy-saving performance. It not only has a new level of energy efficiency, but also has an intelligent AI power-saving mode. With 6 temperature-sensing probes and big data algorithms on the indoor unit, outdoor unit and remote control, it can maintain a comfortable and stable temperature and humidity state in the room with one click. After AI mode, the energy saving rate of LT on-hook is 24-36%, and the energy saving rate of LT cabinet is 15-28%, bringing an experience of using both energy saving and comfort.

At the new product launch conference of AWE2024, Kelon Air Conditioning officially announced that it will return to the essence of air conditioning, meet consumers’ core needs for air conditioning products with professional, practical, efficient and aesthetically designed products, and is committed to transcending the role of traditional home appliances. Become an important partner for users to create a comfortable home life.

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