Dingjie: ERP is easy to use, have you really used it correctly?

Dingjie: ERP is easy to use, have you really used it correctly?

Xiu Junliang, founder of CEBIT methodology and chief knowledge officer of Dingjie Software Co., Ltd., said: The use of ERP products is actually a process of drawing a target and shooting arrows. The application is to find the needs of customers and make the arrows shoot more accurately during the implementation process. When a customer purchases ERP to implement enterprise management and group operation, Dingjie Software must first help the customer draw a target. Archery is the process of implementation discussion, and the service value of ERP will be revealed during this process.

The same set of ERP software systems can be used in many different ways by enterprises. Some enterprises can obtain huge benefits and growth, while others fail to implement or have zero benefits. What causes the use results to be very different? Why should the effect be so different? Are you really using the ERP software system correctly?

What is ERP

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, enterprise resource planning, mainly optimizes the business process within the enterprise, uses information management and control to carry out procurement management, inventory management, sales management and financial management, etc. The integrated management information system can effectively break through the information barriers of purchase, sales, inventory and production management, help manufacturing companies improve collaboration efficiency, and maximize the value of operating resources.

Dingjie ERP, the foundation of digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises

Dingjie Software, with 40 years of deep cultivation in the industry, rich case implementation experience and cutting-edge technology, has launched an ERP software system that can be adapted to various types of enterprises to help enterprises change their operating models. At the same time, Dingjie also takes ERP products and solutions as the core, expands outwards and derives ERPII products to complement each other, forming an ecological and integrated solution system, and integrates automation hardware equipment cooperation to provide overall integration of software and hardware. Assist enterprises to become intelligent:

Dingjie T100: It is a smart product of Dingjie’s continuous efforts in the digital transformation of enterprises. It can upgrade the operating efficiency of enterprises in all aspects such as industrial interconnection, collaborative development, production, and service systems, improve the overall competitiveness and responsiveness of enterprises, and create a complete from From demand analysis to the developed development platform, it helps enterprises not only to do things right quickly, but more importantly, to ensure that they do the right things. At the same time, it will also reshape the enterprise value service system, actively promote the improvement of enterprise management, and double the improvement of enterprises. competitiveness and operational performance.

Dingjie TOP GP: It can fully meet the multi-format operation and management needs of group companies in different development stages from manufacturing-distribution-circulation, and provide group companies with all-round information solutions, allowing companies to grasp global information in a timely manner and plan strategies for thousands of miles. Under the core of the ERP thought of large-scale enterprise integrated management, aiming at the specific management characteristics and operating characteristics of the industry, forming a better application model for industrial management, constructing more suitable management applications and support for enterprises, and helping enterprises to give full play management benefits.

Dingjie E10: From the perspective of operation, realize the transformation of intelligent manufacturing for the group, help realize the overall planning of group management and control, help the rapid replication of the capabilities of growing enterprises, and build a profit center (amoeba) to realize the transformation of enterprises from the same direction, the same force to the same heart. Relying on the four upgrade technology highlights of high-availability computing, integrated planning, advanced architecture and individual support, it can meet the multi-production model of enterprises, support the external needs of enterprises and flexibly respond to individual needs.

Dingjie Yifei: Provides integrated ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, covering functions such as purchase, sales, inventory management, manufacturing management, quality management, cost management and a complete internal control and internal audit cycle, and can be integrated with PDM, CRM, HR, etc. The seamless integration of products provides enterprises with a management tool with easy operation, flexible management and intelligent decision-making, and strives to assist enterprises in reducing costs, suppressing risks, improving efficiency and optimizing management.

In addition, Dingjie also has ERP products such as Yizhu, Yicheng, Qixingxing, and Yizhuyun that can meet the management needs of enterprises at various stages, as well as ERPII products such as BPM, BI, HR, and PLM, which can be extended to multiple fields of enterprises Manage applications. So far, Dingjie has accumulated more than 50,000 customers, firmly ranking the leading position in the market share of local manufacturers of ERP products in the manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing industries in mainland China, such as Jinshi Robotics, Yue Yuen Electronics, Lesi Lighting, Kamikaze Industry benchmarks such as Spring and Tahoe Smart are all “beneficiaries” of Dingjie ERP.

ERP is the product of the combination of industry management experience and digital technology. It can provide one-stop in-depth value services for enterprises, realize data exchange, and comprehensively improve enterprise operating efficiency and income. In today’s fierce market competition, it is a good strategy for enterprises to use the power of ERP to realize their own full-chain integration. If you have ERP software system application requirements, you can go to Dingjie Software official website/Dingjie Software official account for consultation.

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