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Silently guarding the boss’s lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 shocking attack for tens of millions of families

Silently guarding the boss’s lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 shocking attack for tens of millions of families

The ravages of viruses such as epidemics and influenza A have caused people to pay more and more attention to health and hygiene products. Disinfection cabinets with disinfection and sterilization functions are important representatives of them. Recently, Robam Electric launched the lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827, which uses industry-leading disinfection technology to allow the disinfection cabinet to protect the entrance health of thousands of families with stronger performance and better user experience.

Subvert the traditional Robam Electric and launch a lower temperature and faster disinfection technology

The baby’s immune system is not yet perfect, and the teething period is used to biting all kinds of toys, so how to prevent the disease from entering the mouth is one of the topics that mothers are most concerned about. Boss Lightsaber Disinfection Cabinet XS827 adopts photodynamic low-temperature and fast-disinfecting technology. Through dual-band ultraviolet ray sintering optical plasma tubes, it releases hundreds of millions of light plasma clusters, simulates the Brownian motion trajectory, and cooperates with the crystal diamond inner tank to quickly reach the dead corner of the tableware. Ten thousand The swords pierce the DNA of the bacteria like a volley, achieving a lightning strike. The bactericidal effect reaches the national standard two-star, there is such an artifact, it is so reassuring for mothers!

However, when evaluating a good disinfection cabinet, in addition to focusing on the disinfection and sterilization capabilities, the disinfection drying temperature and disinfection speed cannot be ignored. Excessively high temperature will easily cause the nipple to harden, the tableware to deform, and accelerate the precipitation of harmful substances. Therefore, products that are sterilized by high temperature should be avoided as much as possible when choosing. Boss lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 adopts photodynamic low-temperature fast-disinfection technology. The average disinfection temperature is only 50°C. The drying is carried out through the double-scroll speed-drying blowers on the top and the back, and the electric heating tube is used to output medium-low temperature circulating warm air. , the average drying temperature is maintained at 50°C, making it more suitable for disinfection of tableware made of special materials such as baby bottles.

In terms of disinfection speed, the boss lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 is also significantly ahead of the industry. It can complete the entire process of disinfection and drying in 40 minutes. Compared with traditional disinfection cabinets, the disinfection efficiency has increased by 275%. The efficiency has also been increased by 50%, so even if it is temporarily sterilized before cooking, the boss lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 will not delay the baby’s healthy meal.

All-weather intelligent sensor sterilization technology one-click to open long-term storage

In addition to the core requirement of disinfection, the use of disinfection cabinets must be adapted to every stage of children’s growth, from small feeding bottles to large feeding bottles to toys, cups, tableware, etc. The adaptability of the disinfection cabinet is very important. Boss lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 breaks the convention and expands the capacity to 115L. The upper and lower floors are designed with variable bowl racks, which can be flexibly adjusted at different angles to meet the needs of large-sized tableware, fancy tableware, and baby bottles. It can easily store 14 sets Tableware can easily solve the problem of disinfection at one time, even if it is a visit from relatives and friends, or a dinner with friends.

It is worth mentioning that on the basis of fast disinfection speed, comprehensive disinfection without dead ends and low drying temperature, XS827 also improves the one-key long-term storage capacity. Its built-in temperature and humidity sensor can sense the growth and temperature of bacteria around the clock. The critical point of humidity change, when the temperature of the cabinet is ≥18°C and the humidity is ≥67%, the system will start the self-disinfection and drying mode to inhibit the secondary breeding of bacteria and keep the tableware clean for a long time. Time to go out. In addition, the 24-hour appointment timing staggers the peak of electricity consumption, the triple intelligent protection of door lock + child lock + electromagnetic lock, and the use of stainless steel material craftsmanship also demonstrates the attention paid to the details of ROBAM.

Entering March, as the temperature gradually rises, the attention of disinfection cabinets is getting higher and higher, especially in the humid and rainy south and families with babies, disinfection cabinets can be described as must-have household appliances. As a leader in high-end kitchen appliances, Robam Appliances has always adhered to the vision of creating a beautiful Chinese-style kitchen, providing high-quality kitchen care for families. The newly launched lightsaber disinfection cabinet XS827 will become the best choice for Chinese family disinfection cabinets with its super disinfection and sterilization capabilities and humanized configuration. In the future, XS827 will open up a new experience of healthy sterilization for more families, and keep the entrance safe for tens of millions of families at all times.

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