Echarm Hotel opened its first store in Jinzhong, looking for traces of Shanxi merchant culture

Echarm Hotel opened its first store in Jinzhong, looking for traces of Shanxi merchant culture

In the first quarter of 2023, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province will launch five preferential tourism policies with a total value of more than 2 billion yuan for tourists, including the issuance of service industry consumption coupons with a total value of 100 million yuan, and the city’s A-level scenic spot ticket discount amount exceeding 100 million yuan Yuan, launched the ten themes of “Winter Tour Jinzhong” with 50 itineraries packaged with a discount amount of 300 million yuan, taking the first step in stimulating the recovery of the cultural tourism market in Shanxi Province.

Taking advantage of the spring breeze of the Jinzhong tourism market, the light and fashionable Nordic standard mid-range hotel brand of Dongcheng Group – Yishang Hotel opened its first store in Jinzhong, Shanxi. Boost the confidence of cultural tourism hotels, optimize the brand investment matrix of Dongcheng Group, and add another child to the national map layout of Echarm Hotels.

Echarm Hotel Jinzhong Yuci Wanda Plaza Branch Superior Double Room

Accurate and strong grasp of the market, Echarm Hotel quality escort

Echarm Hotel Jinzhong Yuci Wanda Plaza is located in the business circle of Wenyuan Street, Yuci District, Jinzhong City, at the junction of Wenyuan Street and Xinjian North Road, with convenient transportation, 3 kilometers away from Yuci Railway Station and Jinzhong Yuci Station Within, about 5 minutes by car, adjacent to Wanda Plaza (Xianjian North Road Store), Tianmei Shanshan Outlets Plaza, and within a short distance of Yuci Old Town, Shanxi Sea Cube Ocean Park, Jinzhong Science and Technology Museum, Yuci Confucian Temple, Fengming Within a 20-minute drive of the academy and other scenic spots, there are all kinds of food, drink and entertainment, which is the first choice for business travel and leisure travel.

The hotel is equipped with conference rooms, restaurants, gymnasiums, shower rooms, banquet halls, dining rooms, etc. It is a one-stop large hotel complex. There are a total of 65 guest rooms, including superior double room, deluxe double room, family room, executive suite and other room types, to meet various choices of travel for customers. The hotel also provides guests with a custom-made rosin bath set to feel the soothing and relaxing moments. Upgrade the fresh air system to build a protective wall for the health of guests. The 24-hour laundry room is self-service, no contact, more peace of mind. The hotel’s breakfast room also provides a healthy and nutritious buffet breakfast, and a cup of coffee wakes up the energy of the guests for a day.

Echarm Hotel Jinzhong Yuci Wanda Plaza Branch Family Room

The ancient charm of Shanxi merchant culture has accumulated, and Echarm Hotel has created a comfortable living experience

Jinzhong City has a favorable geographical location, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with Taihang Mountain in the east and Fen River in the west. It has a long history of cultural accumulation and is one of the important birthplaces of Shanxi merchant culture in China. The strong atmosphere of Shanxi merchant culture attracts many merchants and travelers to go on business trips office. Jinzhong City is well-known at home and abroad for its Shanxi merchant culture, and many old city attractions attract tourists. The ancient city of Pingyao, the Qiao Family Courtyard, and the old city of Yuci are frequent places for people to visit Shanxi. Taste a bite of Pingyao beef, taste a bowl of Pingyao long yam soup, pick up Taigu cakes and chew slowly in your spare time, and stroll in the ancient streets and alleys full of the charm of Shanxi merchant culture. Tourists go.

Echarm Hotel is a hotel brand that takes Scandinavian Europe as its source of inspiration, starts from nature, aims at the pain points that business travelers dislike complex, and brings exquisite and happy travel life to people on the road. It is committed to creating a simple, high-quality and comfortable living experience , coincides with the slow and comfortable pace of life in Jinzhong City. As one of the main brands of Dongcheng Group, Echarm Hotel continues to sink into the market and ranks in the forefront of the mid-range hotel market. It will continue to consolidate the internal strength of the brand, accelerate the accumulation of brand value, and enhance its popularity and influence among consumers.

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