Customized exclusive support plan for national events Helicopter rescue drill “CPIC Service” escorts the Asian Games

Customized exclusive support plan for national events Helicopter rescue drill “CPIC Service” escorts the Asian Games

With the Hangzhou Asian Games approaching, the national competitions of water sports venues and shooting venues in Fuyang District, Hangzhou have recently kicked off. China Pacific Insurance has customized an exclusive insurance protection plan for the 7 games in the two venues, including all staff (including volunteers) of the competition ) Accident insurance coverage of 5 billion yuan and public liability insurance coverage of 70 million yuan during the event. At the same time, the claims service specialists of China Pacific Insurance carried out insurance logistics support work during the test match of the Asian Games, and used CPIC’s “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth” services to promote the comprehensive development of competitive sports and escort the Hangzhou Asian Games.

As the official partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance closely focuses on the concept of “green, smart, frugal, and civilized” Asian Games, and provides property protection with a total insurance amount of more than 18 billion for the Hangzhou Asian Games, covering property, finance, and goods Six categories of insurance including transportation, network security, and liability, and personal insurance for over 100,000 members of the OCA family, athletes, technical officials, staff and volunteers.

In addition to innovating and customizing comprehensive insurance protection schemes, China Pacific Insurance actively exported event risk management services and launched professional services with their own characteristics. Up to now, the service team of China Pacific Insurance has assisted the organizing committee in completing the construction of the risk management system for the Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games. On the basis of the results of the previous two rounds of risk assessment, the service team of China Pacific Insurance is carrying out the third round of risk assessment in combination with the new entry mode, sorting out 569 risk lists at the business level of the organizing committee, and preparing 214 emergency plans; two rounds of 56 The risk assessment of competition venues was carried out, and the risk survey of venues was restarted in April. The cumulative area of ​​risk survey exceeded 3 million square meters, assisting venues to improve their risk management system.

Helicopter rescue is a special service exclusively provided by China Pacific Insurance for the Asian Organizing Committee in order to ensure the smooth development of medical emergency support for the Hangzhou Asian Games/Asian Paralympic Games. On the afternoon of April 17, Zhejiang Branch of China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. and Life Insurance Co., Ltd. coordinated with a professional helicopter rescue company and the 903 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to carry out emergency drills for helicopter rescue and treatment of the wounded. The drill simulates the scene where an athlete with severe head, face and chest injuries must be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. At 1:10 p.m. that day, the emergency team of the hospital was on standby at the designated location. The helicopter carried the wounded and the on-site medical staff to the 903 Hospital. A series of pre-hospital first aid measures were taken, and the wounded were quickly transferred to the emergency room of the hospital. During the Asian Games, a helicopter was on standby in each of the Chun’an, Tonglu and Ningbo competition areas to ensure that critically ill patients were sent to designated hospitals for treatment on time.

When escorting the Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance will give full play to its professional advantages and create a new model of “sports insurance + health + service”. Taibao model”.

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