The open source Hongmeng “friend circle” is getting bigger and bigger and can be transplanted to mobile phones


The reporter learned at the Open Atom Open Source Foundation OpenHarmony Developer Conference 2023 that OpenHarmony version 3.2 was officially released. While this version brings new technology and experience, the reporter noticed that the open source Hongmeng “circle of friends” is also growing, and the system has been applied to multiple terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, drones, and robots.

OpenHarmony is already available on some phones.Photo by reporter Wu Tao

Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, said that since OpenHarmony has been open source for more than two years, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation has organized various forces to jointly build the project, providing a better development platform for the OpenHarmony project, and has made rapid progress . Thanks to the dedicated research and development of the majority of developers, the OpenHarmony system version has been iteratively updated, and its capabilities have been continuously improved. I believe it will bring stronger confidence to industry partners and developers.

Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the conference that open source is the core driving force of innovation and plays a vital role in the operating system system. OpenHarmony is an important milestone in China’s open source development. Since the open source, the ecological community has continued to develop and its influence has continued to rise. In the future, we hope that all walks of life and more partners will join us. We hope that universities and scientific research institutes will do a good job in personnel training, jointly promote the ecological prosperity of OpenHarmony, and create a solid digital foundation for thousands of industries.

Zuo Ruiwen, vice president of Unity China Technology, shared the development progress of the Unity China local engine project and the progress in supporting domestic open source systems. Zuo Ruiwen said that the Unity China local engine will be launched this year and can already support the OpenHarmony system. Zuo Ruiwen showed the demo of the project at the meeting, which has been able to run stably and smoothly on the OpenHarmony system, and the rendering effect and frame rate are comparable to traditional operating systems.

According to Hou Peixin, chairman of the OpenHarmony project group working committee, as of now, the OpenHarmony community has 51 co-constructors, more than 5,100 co-builders, and a cumulative code volume of more than 100 million lines. More than 260 software and hardware products have passed the compatibility test, covering education, transportation, finance, home furnishing, security and other industries.


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