Crazy Xiao Yang’s own brand “Xiao Yang Zhenxuan” has a new product! Thick-cut toast and sauerkraut rice noodles are really enjoyable to eat!

Crazy Xiao Yang’s own brand “Xiao Yang Zhenxuan” has a new product! Thick-cut toast and sauerkraut rice noodles are really enjoyable to eat!

The fourth and fifth products of the brand “Xiao Yang Zhenxuan” independently founded by Crazy Little Yang came out last week, and received enthusiastic responses within a week.

This year, “Crazy Young Brother”, a highly regarded content creator on the Internet, officially announced the establishment of its own brand “Xiao Yang Zhenxuan”. The original intention was to create 50 good products that everyone needs and everyone can use this year. . The five products, rice, garbage bags, dental floss, chia seed toast, and pickled cabbage rice noodle, dispelled everyone’s last worry with their quality.

Since ancient times, it has been emphasized that people depend on food, and China has always attached great importance to food health. Xiao Yang Zhenxuan’s thick-cut toast bread is added with chia seeds, the content is more than 5%, which is enough to make the mouth full of chia seeds crispy!

Chia seeds are rich in dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants. According to data, they also have the effect of improving blood sugar, blood lipids and laxative.

Three sheep staff went to the workshop to take real photos. The workshop for the production of chia seed toast is clean and bright, equipped with a 100,000-level air purification system. Everything from production to packaging is carried out in a sterile workshop, and the factory staff strictly wear masks and gloves when counting and packing boxes. There will be no problems with such standard food safety.

Good products are loved by fans. According to the data of Xiao Yang Zhenxuan’s store, 34,000 copies of chia seed thick-cut milk-flavored toast were sold in two weeks! Things are good and the price is fair.a box10 bagsChia seed thick cut toast is a full 700g, only for sale23.9 yuanan average of one bag2.4 yuanEven less, this bread also has a strong sense of satiety, and 1-2 bags can meet the needs of fast food for breakfast.

Hard work pays off, and the carefully made bread has been well received by consumers. Those who have eaten the bread say that it exceeds their expectations. Whether the bread is good or not depends on every consumer.

Last Tuesday, Xiao Yang selected pickled cabbage rice noodles for the first time to appear in the live broadcast room of Crazy Xiao Yang, which is the gospel for many rice noodle lovers. It is worth mentioning that Brother Xiao Yang did not directly mention the channel for producing rice noodles in the live broadcast room, but just gave a thumbs up very mysteriously. What’s so good about that? The editor curiously went to Xiao Yang Zhenxuan’s store to search, and the source is really big. It is produced and processed by “Wang Renhe Rice Noodles”, an Anhui rice noodle tycoon!

The quality of Wang Renhe’s rice noodles is among the best in the industry. It is an authentic local industry in Anhui. A bag of pickled cabbage rice noodles by Xiao Yang Zhenxuan is 252.5g, which is enough for most adults to have a meal. On average, you can taste the same delicious pickled cabbage rice noodles from Wang Renhe for less than 10 yuan per bag, which is really great value!

no pain no gain. The user experience of Xiao Yang Zhenxuan’s sauerkraut rice noodles gave the answer. Only consumers have the final say on whether the product is good or not!

At least so far, every product selected by Xiao Yang Zhen can see the intentions of Crazy Little Yang from materials to production to packaging design to product after-sales. I hope that Crazy Little Yang can always strictly control the quality of products and create benefits for the people. Limin’s products make “good things and affordable” the golden signboard of Xiao Yang Zhenxuan!

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