Outings have become a trend, Yadea GN M9 Travel Edition side tricycle supports poetry and distant places for you

Outings have become a trend, Yadea GN M9 Travel Edition side tricycle supports poetry and distant places for you

There is nothing more pleasant than spring in a year. When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, I invite three or five friends to go for an outing or outing. Facing the warm sun and the wind, sitting and watching the flowers and weeping willows, I have a special feeling in my heart. As the saying goes, all things are recovering, and good things are brewing. Recently, in order to better meet the travel needs of spring outing consumers, Yadea, the world’s leading two-wheel travel brand, launched the GN M9 travel version of the side three-wheeler, inviting you to go to the spring together Dating, witnessing more happy moments with TA.

As a product that continues to “go out of the circle” on Xiaohongshu, the exterior design of Yadea GN M9 Travel Edition looks very attractive at first glance, and the retro style of the whole vehicle can be seen at a glance. Among them, the main car is still a very classic turtle king shape, and the front face is equipped with Yadi’s genetic headlights, which is highly recognizable. The design style of the auxiliary car is consistent with that of the main car, round and full, with a 500mm lengthened and eye-catching side bucket design, coupled with a 650mm long leather seat for riding, allowing you to enjoy your own “comfort zone” while galloping fast .

For the two-wheeled electric vehicles that are mainly used for transportation, who can reject an interesting soul regardless of the “eye-catching” appearance? It is understood that the Yadea GN M9 travel version follows the GN family’s consistent With its extraordinary performance and luxurious configuration, the whole vehicle is equipped with a 1200W Yadi TTFAR motor and equipped with a Yadi TTFAR graphene 3rd generation Plus battery, which combines power and battery life, and is very suitable for daily transportation and surrounding outings.

Nowadays, as the consumer population becomes younger, “pleasure yourself” is becoming the mainstream consumption trend. In this context, with the “beautiful and stylish” Yadea GN M9 Travel Edition being popular on major social platforms, Yadea electric vehicles will rely on a global user base of over 70 million to focus on trendy play, Pursue interest, co-creation, and win-win, continue to promote popular products, continue to break the barriers of circles, realize brand rejuvenation and advancement, realize the mission of letting hundreds of millions of people enjoy beautiful travel, and continue to lead the way of global green technology travel .

It is reported that Yadea GN M9 Travel Edition has been sold online and offline in all channels, buy and place an order quickly, and go on a beautiful date with spring.


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