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Woman Repairs Apple iPhone, Finds Her Photo Album Has Been Viewed For 30 Minutes

Woman Repairs Apple iPhone, Finds Her Photo Album Has Been Viewed For 30 Minutes

According to news on July 31, a woman in Guangdong posted a video saying that when her Apple iPhone was sent for repair, the maintenance staff actually peeked at her photo album for 31 minutes.

The woman said in the video that she handed over the mobile phone to the maintenance personnel at 17:30 and left, and came back to pick up the mobile phone at 21:30. Checking the screen usage time found that the photo album took 31 minutes between 18:00 and 19:00.

The woman asked the repairman why she looked at her photo album, and the other party replied that after repairing the motherboard, it needs to be tested.

But the woman didn’t believe it: “Then why is there only time to use the photo album, but not the time to use the camera?”

Some netizens felt scared after reading it: “I heard that people who repair mobile phones like to look at photo albums, it seems true”

Some netizens who claimed to repair mobile phones said, “When I repair my mobile phone for inspection, I will take a white photo for inspection, but this is just my personal habit. Some masters will directly open the photo album to find a photo, while others The master will use calendars, memos, etc., and the master will use WeChat, Douyin and other daily software to see if there is any problem in normal use. It is maliciously speculated that this is the case, you should find a female maintenance master to repair it for you !”

  For mobile phone repair scenarios, domestic mobile phones have launched the “repair mode” function, including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc., among which Huawei is the first.Open “My Huawei” – “Services” – “Quick Service” – “Maintenance Mode”, click “Open” to enter the maintenance mode.

In the “maintenance mode”, the main private data such as photos, videos, contacts, call records, and text messages in the mobile phone will be hidden. Even if the maintenance personnel get the mobile phone and enter the system, they cannot view these private data.

At the same time, most of the mobile phone functions can be used normally in the “maintenance mode”, including touching the screen, making and receiving calls, taking pictures, etc. It is enough for maintenance personnel to test various functions of the mobile phone.

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