Breaking through barriers, cross-border payment company PayerMax helps companies achieve cross-border collections


As Chinese games go overseas and strong social attributes bring traffic, games are becoming a new entrance to pan-entertainment growth. Recently, the “2024 Pan-Entertainment Going Overseas White Paper” released by overseas professional media Sail Overseas and Tencent Cloud Audio and Video pointed out that social + AI, social + games, and short drama overseas will become the four major innovative breakthroughs in going overseas. PayerMax provides professional global cross-border payment solutions, covering digital entertainment, games, e-commerce, Internet finance, online education and other fields, helping companies break through obstacles and achieve efficient and fast cross-border collection.

Just like when games go overseas, there is no shortage of players in the low-threshold track. If you simply copy the domestic model, it will be more likely to fail. You need to explore a long-term operating strategy and truly go deep into localization. This is because the difficulty of cross-border collection lies in different countries. Different currencies, languages, laws and financial regulatory systems exist between regions. When it comes to localization, we have to mention that PayerMax is a global cross-border payment company that has evolved matrix services in the process of localization.

The reason why it is able to cover the vast majority of local payments in emerging markets is that PayerMax has been deeply involved in emerging markets very early. It has done a lot of layout and infrastructure work in the early stage, built a local team, figured out local compliance and market conditions, and spent a lot of money. Spend time and energy building localization capabilities.

So far, PayerMax has set up local offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil, mainland China, Hong Kong, China, etc.; it has holdings in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. Payment licenses in multiple key markets. With the endorsement of banking and financial regulatory licenses, PayerMax can directly cooperate with local payment methods/banks, thereby eliminating the need for middlemen to earn price differences. PayerMax can serve Chinese overseas enterprises with more affordable prices and a better payment experience.

In addition to providing personalized and customized payment services for overseas game manufacturers, PayerMax can also effectively help merchants improve payment success rates under the premise of security and risk control. In other words, PayerMax’s personalized solutions for enterprises, as well as its continuous optimization and innovation in payment success rates, ensure that enterprises can expand with confidence in the global market. The increase in payment success rate is directly related to the company’s overseas revenue and user satisfaction. Through its partner PayerMax, companies can focus more on optimizing the product itself and user experience, while payment processing matters are directly handled by PayerMax, which is both worry-free and Save effort.

As shared in the white paper, new technologies such as AI have brought about huge changes in the industry. The integration features of different product forms are becoming increasingly obvious, and the gameplay is becoming more and more diversified. To provide users with a good enough experience, developers must rely on professional cross-border payments. The company’s cross-border payment collection services seize the opportunity in the fierce global market competition. With continuous innovation and focus on user experience and security, PayerMax has become an indispensable partner in the process of companies going global, leading global business transactions into a new era that is more seamless, efficient and secure.


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