The demand for overseas marketing of games is strong, and Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) efficiently empowers games overseas.


The explosion of user demand for game content in emerging markets has brought hope to the global mobile game industry and provided new products with opportunities for category breakthroughs. At the same time, overseas marketing of games has attracted the attention of many overseas companies. According to Diandian Data’s “Global Mobile Game Data Report for the First Half of 2023”, in the first half of 2023, emerging markets represented by South Asia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia contributed major user increases to many well-known games. It is believed that these emerging markets will also be popular destinations for overseas games this year, and Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group), as an overseas marketing service provider, will help overseas companies find new localized paths for user growth and efficiently empower games overseas.

It is understood that the product matrix of Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) has more than 2.4 billion global users, covering more than 200 countries and regions, covering 45 languages. It has a huge user pool overseas, and its core representative product SHAREit is known as the most popular product in Southeast Asia. , “national applications” in emerging markets such as South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Russian-speaking regions. On this basis, Qingzi Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) has built a global advertising platform, with “own traffic + own platform + localized resources” as the core, equipped with multi-dimensional value-added commercialization business, launching targeted games, e-commerce, Global integrated marketing solutions for multiple industries including entertainment and applications.

In the past few years, Eggplant Technology’s advertising business has benefited from the growth of new advertising business brought about by the demographic dividend in South and Southeast Asia, especially the dual-print market, relying on its own tool matrix products and advertising optimization capabilities. As market demand changes, Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) continues to upgrade its advertising products and commercialization strategies, extending its business to industries that are more pursuing backward conversion, and has launched a series of products that are beneficial to backward conversion and improve results. The product function innovation is in line with the trend of further cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the entire advertising industry, and it also opens up new growth paths for overseas game customers.

Regarding the business strategies of game overseas customers in emerging markets, Cynthia, Vice President of Overseas Business of Eggplant Technology, said: “For overseas manufacturers that are in the stage of pursuing rapid user growth, Eggplant Technology’s user base in emerging regions such as Southeast Asia can help accelerate rapid growth. Accumulated users. For overseas players who are pursuing rapid improvement in backward conversion, they can use the advertising optimization function of Eggplant Technology to increase the probability of winning. Only through deeper mutual understanding and cooperation can we achieve targeted results.” Currently, Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) has localized teams with many years of experience in more than 10 countries and regions around the world to provide strong guarantee for overseas services.

At present, the era of “barbaric growth” in overseas expansion has passed, and the globalization of overseas games has entered a new stage of “deep cultivation and careful cultivation”. Upgrading products and sinking into the local market are the keys to long-term development in the new environment. With its global influence, rich localization team and mature advertising service system, Eggplant Technology (Overseas SHAREit Group) provides strong support for customers’ globalization process. On the road to overseas expansion of games in emerging markets, Eggplant Technology will continue to give full play to its own advantages and provide high-value marketing and implementation services.


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