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Ten years after its establishment, Great Harvest has experienced “butterfly transformation” and has grown

Ten years after its establishment, Great Harvest has experienced “butterfly transformation” and has grown

In 2024, Dafeng Harvest will be ten years old.

From an agricultural supplies e-commerce platform when it was founded, to an agricultural service platform integrating agricultural supplies mall, smart agriculture and production hosting, Dasheng Harvest has always been at the forefront of the country’s modern agricultural services and the development of innovation-related fields. So far, Dafengshou has become an important member of Fengnong Holdings, with a cumulative number of service users exceeding 2.2 million. Its business has taken root in more than 600 counties and cities, and has more than 2,000 service custody bases. Although the service form is constantly changing, Dafeng Harvest has always maintained its original intention of allowing growers to continue to make profits, going through mountains and ridges to protect the hope of every harvest.

  Reduce costs for farmers

Ten years ago, the profit chain of agricultural input sales channels was too long, with layers of agents. Problems such as high prices for agricultural input products and many fake products were common. In order to change this situation, Dafeng Harvest established an agricultural input e-commerce platform, hoping to use the Internet to upgrade the circulation of agricultural inputs, reduce the purchase cost of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, and provide farmers with more benefits.

Since its inception, Dafeng Harvest has taken quality as the lifeline of the platform, developed high-quality agricultural input manufacturers, eliminated fake products from the source, and provided growers with reliable agricultural input products. “My heart goes cold when I see farmers using Nokia tablets (functional phones) when I’m on a business trip,” said Li Jiali, deputy general manager of Dafeng Harvest. However, in order to open up the connection between growers, Dafeng Harvest Innovation has proposed the purchasing agent model, which allows Rural young people and village store owners who know how to shop online provide farmers with direct online shopping services and auxiliary distribution services for agricultural supplies. The purchasing agent model has shortened the distance between Dafeng Harvest and farmers, initially established Dafeng Harvest’s stable business model and high-quality brand image, and also helped Dafeng Harvest find a powerful fulcrum to leverage the rural market.

In 2016, with the rapid spread of mobile Internet and smartphones in rural areas, online shopping for agricultural supplies has become a new fashion in rural areas. Since then, Dafengshou Agricultural Materials Mall has begun to deploy all channels. In addition to its self-operated platforms, it has gradually become an important partner in the agricultural materials sector of platforms such as Taobao and At the same time, online promotional festivals such as the 321 Spring Planting Festival and the 923 Harvest Festival, which are popular among farmers, have been created to further reduce the cost of purchasing agricultural inputs during important agricultural seasons and are very popular among farmers.

  Help farmers grow better

Land transfer has led to the emergence of large-scale agricultural bases, and large-scale planting has gradually become a new trend. However, many people in charge of agricultural bases lack scientific planting management techniques and do not understand agricultural management, resulting in problems such as low output, substandard quality, and difficulty in selling agricultural products. Buying good agricultural inputs is no longer the core issue. How to grow better has become a new contradiction.

In order to help these new business entities solve agricultural planting and management problems, Dafeng Harvest established a technical service team of hundreds of people in 2017. By establishing a professional agricultural service team and a service system that combines online and offline services, it provides professional and on-the-ground services to the base. Serve. Dafeng Harvest provides the base with a number of guidance services including base planning, farming guidance, personnel training, pest control, etc. through agricultural technology experts and agricultural service teams. In addition, it helps farmers expand sales channels by connecting buyers and related sales companies.

  Build modern agricultural service capabilities

As the rural labor force decreases, we are faced with the difficult questions of “who will farm the land” and “how to farm the land”. The national level continues to strengthen support for the socialization of agriculture. Land transfers and moderately large-scale operations promote the development of modern agricultural socialization services and have become a good solution to the problem of “who will farm the land?”

Based on this background, Dafeng Harvest has completely upgraded its base housekeeping service, built an agricultural custody service platform, focused on different crop types, and provided full-chain, digital-intelligent, platform-based operational services based on pre-production, mid-production, and post-production needs. , specifically including agricultural input supply, intelligent decision-making operations, agricultural technology services, warehousing logistics, agricultural product marketing and other services. In the process of production custody, Dafengshou has launched two major service models: technical custody and full custody for cash crops and field crops. Technology hosting services are mainly for the management of complex, long-cycle cash crops and moderately large-scale farms, solving problems such as the lack of professional technology, scientific management, and personnel training. The full-service custody service mainly provides full-chain services of seeds, medicines, fertilizers, technology, insurance, plowing, planting, prevention, harvesting and marketing. Through mechanized operations and intensive production, the overall cost of agricultural production is reduced and agricultural efficiency is increased. In addition, a technical service team of 100 people composed of top agricultural scientists, master’s and doctoral scientific research experts, and production and planting experts provides strong technical support for agricultural social services.

At present, the custody service area of ​​Dafeng Harvest Technology exceeds 10 million acres, and the entire field custody area exceeds 300,000 acres.

  Let data and artificial intelligence drive agricultural production

On the road to the development of modern agriculture, smart agriculture has become an indispensable and important component. The ultimate goal of smart agriculture is to transform production management from “people-driven” to “data-driven”. Harvest develops application systems at three levels: micro, meso and macro to achieve multi-level coverage from farmer management, orchard farm management to regional agriculture.

At the micro level, the AI ​​recognition platform – Zhinong can identify weeds, count fruits, ears, estimate yields, etc. Its tens of millions of image databases achieve 95% recognition accuracy, effectively helping farmers manage the production process. At the meso level, the independently developed DAP system can utilize multi-source data and combine intelligent decision-making models to digitize the entire process, thereby saving time, effort, water and fertilizer, and being accurate and efficient. At the macro level, a regional agricultural management platform integrating space, ground and space will present the entire agricultural ecosystem and realize the monitoring and management of agricultural resources in one map.

“Insufficient big data support will also restrict the development of smart agriculture.” Harvest will continue to penetrate rural areas, break down information barriers to data sharing, and break the phenomenon of ‘information islands’ through data cooperation and sharing mechanisms.

  At present, a good harvestRelying on Fengnong HoldingsWith complete smart agriculture application capabilities, hundreds of bases have been deployed in Sichuan, Guangdong, Henan, Heilongjiang and other places.

  In the next ten years,Use technology and innovation to provide new productivity for agriculture

From 2014 to 2024, it will be a decade for Dafeng Harvest to take root in the countryside, and it will also be a decade for proactive innovation and development. In the past ten years, Dafeng Harvest has gone through different periods, from the Internet to the mobile Internet, and then to the surging Internet of Things technology. Dafeng Harvest has always grasped the forefront of science and technology, used technology and innovation to enhance the value of agriculture, and always adhered to the purpose of making customers continue to make profits. . In the new decade, Harvest will continue to develop agricultural services, increase investment in science and technology, promote technological innovation, and use science and technology and innovation to provide new productivity for the sustainable development of agriculture.

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