“Battle of Arat” is scheduled for March 10, and the mysterious linkage is ready to go

“Battle of Arat” is scheduled for March 10, and the mysterious linkage is ready to go

The multi-style casual social shooting mobile game “Battle of Arat” is officially scheduled for March 10! The main feature is that “anyone can win” and the operation is easy so that the handicapped party no longer have to feel the pain of kneeling; over 20 explorers with different styles and dozens of map gameplay, use tactics and skills to play more exciting cooperation . At 9 a.m. on March 10th, the open beta of iOS and major application markets will start on all platforms. Come and join the world of Ararat! More mysterious linkage will also be officially announced on March 6, awakening childhood memories!

Anyone can win!Easy to use just for fun

“Anyone can win” is a new experience brought to players by “Battle of Arat”. Different from the status quo of other games that are difficult to learn, difficult to operate, and difficult to rank, “Battle of Arat” has created its own style mode for each player. The easy-to-learn operation lowers the shooting threshold, and novices can quickly integrate into it; the ranking without losing points on the ladder will no longer worry about losing points when encountering pit teammates. If you are a master, you can also play pleasing coordination with various map modes and 20 character skills. There are also a variety of modes such as decompression and fun casual mode, collision and tactical confrontation, etc., to satisfy your desire to win.

Anyone can win!Multiple roles play at any time

The gameplay is simple and easy, and “Battle of Arat” is also extremely diverse in terms of character selection, providing players with multiple types and styles of characters to choose from. Each character has distinctive characteristics, different skills, and completely different positioning on the field. Melee combat, far combat, assistant or assassin, long-range sniper or fire suppression, there is always a character who can lead the player to victory. Cool female agents and stern killers may be commonplace in games, but who wouldn’t want to try girl group idols, domineering presidents, trendy skateboarders, even tech puppies and anthropomorphic ice cream? There is also a mysterious linkage, which will be officially announced on March 6. Whose childhood DNA will be activated by the brand-new character image.

Anyone can win!Regardless of victory or defeat, today I only play disco

If you don’t want to fight, there is also an exclusive Bit City in the game, which is a hall dedicated to social interaction of players. In spare time of competition, in Bit City, invite three or five friends to take a group photo together, or dance with strangers to PK, create your own appearance, and even dance a recent popular dance with all Bit City players, and be the most popular in the audience. Pretty boy.

At 9:00 am on March 10th, the public beta of “Battle of Yalat” will start on all platforms, waiting for your participation!

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