Buy a car in spring and enjoy benefits

Buy a car in spring and enjoy benefits

It’s another school season, and I hope that all the students will never lose their youth and pursue their dreams! Recently, in order to welcome the new students to start school, parents and teachers have done enough “homework” to help students return to school smoothly in their own ways” ‘convoy”. As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Yadea Electric Vehicle also has its own way of “favoring fans”. Recently, Yadea launched the “Spring Series Welfare” campaign, bringing a variety of flagship new products to the Jingdong Mall and offline stores across the country to open Shenghui simultaneously, and continued to detonate the sales boom of the electric vehicle industry.

Yadea CCTV Spring Festival Gala with the same style GN Q7

Yardi’s hot sales in spring are gaining momentum, and online and offline fans continue to love it

Over the past few days, Yadi’s offline stores across the country have been flooded with panic-buying crowds. Many parents have brought their children to buy, and many friends who are planning to travel in spring have come to inquire about buying the same product for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. In addition, the 9.9 yuan to 100 yuan super-value coupon activity launched by Jingdong Yadea official mall also provides assistance for more users to buy new cars. Relying on the popularity of CCTV Spring Festival Gala and a series of preferential benefits of Yadea in spring, the sales volume of Yadea in the whole spring market has skyrocketed again. This is the flagship Q7 of Yadi Guanneng, which is the same model as CCTV Spring Festival Gala. With its fashionable appearance and “ultra-long The strength of “easy to run 100 kilometers” is firmly at the forefront of the best-selling list, causing out-of-stock and emergency transfers.

Unstoppable sales at the beginning of the year, building a better future for the travel of hundreds of millions of people

This time, Yadea’s comprehensive online and offline sales momentum is a phenomenon-level event that once again triggered panic buying in the beginning of 2023 after it appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala again. All of this is inseparable from Yadea’s world-renowned brand influence. It has ranked first in the world in sales for six consecutive years, and its products are exported to 100 countries and regions around the world. The accumulated sales and word-of-mouth have built a solid brand moat for it. . Today, Yadea always insists on creating products with longer battery life, stronger power and higher quality, serving global users and allowing hundreds of millions of people to enjoy beautiful travel.

When the strong spring dispels the cold of winter, the new semester, for parents and children, also breeds the expectations of the new year and life. It is reported that Yadea’s spring series of preferential welfare activities are still in full swing. You are welcome to choose your favorite model from the nearest store, and let Yadea electric vehicles take you to explore the beauty of youth and ideals in this spring.

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