Aokang International has a perfect combination of fashion and quality with its high “beauty-to-price ratio” and popular fans.


In the past, before purchasing a product, consumers would pay more attention to the “cost-effectiveness” of the product itself and choose the most economical product; now, consumers’ product consumption has advanced, and while paying attention to the functional attributes of the product itself, they will also pay attention to the product. The “beauty ratio”. The concept of “beauty-to-price ratio” believes that it is not enough to just look good. Products also need to be innovative and practical in order to continue to attract consumers and achieve transactions. Aokang International’s products perfectly interpret the concept of “beauty-to-price ratio”. They not only have eye-catching appearance designs, but also have comfortable and practical inner qualities, making them a high-profile and powerful brand in the market.

Since its establishment in 1988, Aokang International has always focused on precise positioning and prediction of consumer trends, and has continuously explored how to keep men’s leather shoes advancing with the times. In order to cope with the challenges of the market environment, with the perfect combination of technological innovation and production technology, Aokang International has determined the strategy of “more comfortable men’s leather shoes” and is committed to solving the comfort and fashion problems of traditional men’s leather shoes. The “Sports Leather Shoes” series pioneered by Aokang International combines the exquisite texture of leather shoes with the comfortable foot feel of sports shoes, making leather shoes more sporty and sports more business-like, and these features are “beautiful-price ratio” manifestation.

In the process of creating sports leather shoes, Aokang International teamed up with the famous Chinese shoe last master Chen Guoxue and the famous French designer Nicolas to boldly adopt a new processing method, using EVA rubber one-time foam outsole and implanting upper and lower interactive shock absorption system technology , a nano shock-absorbing air cushion is embedded in the heel of the midsole to double the stability and protect your feet. Among them, “micro-pores plus micro-air bags” has obtained a national invention patent, which can make the internal circulation of shoes reach a super breathable level. In addition, Aokang International pays more attention to details and quality in the R&D and design of sports leather shoes, ensuring that each pair of shoes has undergone strict quality inspection and testing.

In September 2023, Aokang International staged a stunning “Jue” art show at Milan International Fashion Week. Subsequently, at the Milan International Fashion Week in 2024, Aokang International interpreted oriental aesthetics with the strongest charm of Chinese red. Once again leaving a unique mark of the East on the international fashion stage. Aokang International has entered the international stage twice, and its sports leather shoes that perfectly combine high appearance and comfort have attracted the attention of the global fashion industry. In this era of equal emphasis on fashion and quality, Aokang International continues to innovate and lead the trend change.

From “cost-effectiveness” to “beautiful-price ratio”, consumer demands and market changes are changing with each passing day. Aokang International will continue to strengthen design innovation and product research and development with exquisite design and cutting-edge technology to make Aokang “more comfortable men’s leather shoes” Shine on the world stage.


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