Ten years of hard work: the rise and persistence of Fengnong Holdings in the wave of agricultural modernization


In 2024, Fengnong Holdings will have been established for ten years.

In the past ten years, the wave of digitalization has swept across the world, changing many industries and driving China’s agriculture from tradition to modernity, from extensive to precise, and from relying on manpower to relying heavily on technology. The modern agricultural service industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, from single to full industry chain. The development of agriculture has always been placed at a national strategic level. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central government has issued 12 consecutive No. 1 documents to guide the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. It has always implemented the main line of focusing on strengthening agriculture, benefiting farmers and enriching farmers. Plan and guide the work of “Agriculture”.

Since its establishment in 2014, Fengnong Holdings has followed the pace of China’s modern agricultural development and has been fortunate to participate in the transformation and upgrading of China’s agricultural modernization. It has seized the key of the Internet and technology to take root in agriculture and lead the modern agricultural service track. In the process of accompanying customers’ growth and development, we continue to explore innovative paths for agricultural digital transformation and high-quality development.

  Standing at the forefront: cross-border integration of agriculture and the Internet

In 2013, the Central Committee’s No. 1 Document made comprehensive arrangements for “accelerating the development of modern agriculture and further enhancing the vitality of rural development”, focusing on the reform of the agricultural management system. The document points out that innovation in agricultural production and operation organizations is the core and foundation for promoting the construction of modern agriculture; efforts should be made to build a new agricultural operation system that combines intensification, specialization, organization and socialization.

In 2014, 4G networks began to spread and the mobile Internet era arrived. The Internet in cities has fully reached all walks of life, acting as a powerful catalyst, spawning many innovative formats and business models. Against this background of the widespread belief that “everything is connected”, entrepreneurs are full of passion and actively exploring and practicing the infinite possibilities brought by Internet technology. However, while urban Internet construction is increasingly improving, the Internet process in my country’s vast rural areas and agricultural industries is relatively lagging behind. This blue ocean market contains huge development potential.

Yan Zitong, the founder of Fengnong Holdings, has been paying attention to the agricultural investment field for many years. He has a deep understanding of the agricultural industry and is very optimistic about the prospects of agriculture. He hit it off with several other founders from major Internet companies and the communications industry and gathered together “Dafengsheng” is the earliest Internet agricultural team of Fengnong Holdings. A group of like-minded young people choose agriculture, believe in agriculture, and work hard to the end.

Based on the founding team’s understanding of the Internet and confidence in the agricultural track, Fengnong Holdings has decisively set its sights on the agricultural and rural areas, determined to use Internet technology and model innovation to promote the digital transformation of the agricultural and rural markets. Since its birth, Fengnong Holdings has followed the national agricultural policy context, grasped the innovative trend of Internet + agriculture, and created the leading domestic e-commerce platform for harvest agricultural materials, cracking the market with online agricultural materials sales and technical consulting services. Problems at the front end of the agricultural industry chain.

“Farmers don’t have access to the Internet, so why should we build an agricultural Internet?” This was the biggest difficulty encountered when Dafeng Harvest was founded. At this time, the Internet access rate in rural areas is still extremely low, and many people have not even used computers or smartphones. The concept of “Internet + Agriculture” has not yet taken shape, and everything can only be crossed by feeling for the stones.

Faced with this practical difficulty and the doubts from the outside world, the Fengnong team has clearly realized that farmers’ lack of access to the Internet is a problem of basic conditions. They believe that farmers will get online sooner or later. What Fengnong Holdings needs to do is to be the first to invest in the agricultural track and build the agricultural industry Internet. “Pathfinder”. In the early stage, we tried our best to solve the problem of farmers not having access to the Internet, help farmers connect to the Internet, and visit agricultural supplies stores one by one to help solve the problem; develop purchasing agents, train young people in the village, and let a group of people learn to buy online first; put computers Moved to the site, built a network to teach villagers how to place orders, and ran offline in each village… Use “ID cards” to establish the most primitive trust with villagers, open up the agricultural e-commerce market, and let farmers People are beginning to enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by the Internet. “Difficulties that seemed insurmountable in the past were solved by this ‘stupid method’,” said Li Jiali, co-founder of Fengnong Holdings.

Doing agricultural Internet is the same as farming. You must go to the fields to cultivate and understand the countryside, agriculture, and farmers, so that you can discover pain points, solve problems, and innovate models. After ten years of continuous innovation and development, Dacheng Harvest, as a well-known agricultural supplies e-commerce platform in China, takes “production” as the entry point and provides farmers with a one-stop convenient channel for purchasing agricultural supplies by building an agricultural supplies mall and combining wisdom with Agricultural services have achieved a seamless connection from the supply of high-quality agricultural inputs to technical support.

Since July 2015, the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Development and Reform Commission and other administrative agencies have issued supporting policies for the “Agricultural Industry Internet” several times in a row for many years, and relevant policies in various provinces (cities, districts) have become increasingly intensive. In the context of policy support and the increasing popularity of the Internet in rural areas, the combination and model innovation of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and the Internet have become more concrete.

The development of the agricultural industry Internet is both an opportunity and a challenge. Entrants need to have both the innovative model of the Internet and the technical capabilities for combined application in agriculture. Shoudeyun has seen the light of day. Starting from the establishment of the “Internet +” agricultural supplies e-commerce in 2014, Fengnong Holdings gradually established the high-quality agricultural products direct supply platform “Fengcheng Shangpin” in 2016; in 2017, it established Internet Farmers Vocational education and training platform “Tiantian Xueong” are two agricultural industry Internet supporting platforms that keep pace with the times.

Tiantian Xuenong trains professional farmers through digital teaching, which greatly improves farmers’ professionalism and agricultural technology level, and provides a large number of new farmers with modern agricultural knowledge and skills for the front end of the industrial chain. As an early online platform for agricultural vocational education in China, Tiantian Xuenong aims to cultivate new professional farmers and provides farmers with diversified courses including planting, breeding, business management, flower gardening, animal husbandry and pets, etc., through online learning, Offline practice and overseas study tour scenarios meet the needs of different users and provide agricultural practitioners with professional and technical courses that can be “understood, learned and used”. Course users cover many countries at home and abroad.

Fengcheng Shangpin focuses on the “sales” end, and is committed to building agricultural product brands through scientifically setting standards and improving brand value, connecting high-quality agricultural products with a broad market. As the three major agricultural platforms under Fengnong Holdings, Dafengshou, Fengcheng Shangpin and Tiantian Xuenong each play a key role in production, sales, supply and learning. Their achievements and practices jointly established Fengnong Holdings’ role in modern agriculture. A solid foundation for the development of the service sector.

  Innovation-driven: Technology empowers the transformation of agricultural social services

In 2018, Dafeng Harvest offline agricultural services were established, and the digital agricultural service system 1.0 that combined online and offline was born. Relying on big data analysis + field inspections + expert services, it provides farmers with comprehensive precision agricultural technology and services. Timely agricultural supplies guarantee services. In the same year, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, Dafengshou developed the crop pest and disease identification tool “Smart Farmer” for growers to use for free; it established Fengchuang Research Institute to provide professional testing services. With the innovative application of science and technology and the development of agricultural-related tools, it has also promoted the changes and upgrades of Fengnong Holdings’ service model, broadened the geographical and temporal distribution of agricultural services, and laid the foundation for agricultural social services.

In the same year, the Central Government’s No. 1 Document proposed to promote the organic connection between small farmers and the development of modern agriculture, promote socialized services throughout the agricultural production process, and help small farmers reduce costs and increase efficiency. With the deepening of rural land transfers, the rapid development of moderate-scale operations, and the emergence of a large number of new business entities such as farmer cooperatives and family farms, the development of agricultural social services has been accelerated.

However, compared with the requirements for accelerating agricultural modernization, my country’s agricultural socialization services still face problems such as small industrial scale, weak capabilities, limited fields, low quality, and insufficient guidance and support. There is an urgent need to accelerate development and continuously improve Service capabilities and levels. Fengnong Holdings benefited from its early deployment in rural areas, its in-depth understanding of the pain points of agriculture, and its innate Internet genes. With the support of technology, it has realized the transformation and upgrading of its service model. Through the “troika of agricultural supplies mall, smart agriculture, and production hosting” “Going hand in hand, we provide high-quality agricultural inputs, smart agricultural solutions and production hosting services to farmers, agricultural industrial parks, large farms, governments and scientific research institutions, etc., and use scientific and technological power to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production.

In the past ten years, Fengnong Holdings has actively responded to national policy guidance, closely followed the pace of agricultural industry reform, and vigorously promoted socialized services for agricultural production. In 2020, Fengnong Holdings officially launched a new social service business – production trusteeship business, focusing on the weak links in crop production, launching two service models of technology trusteeship and full trusteeship for cash crops and field crops to solve the problem that many small farmers cannot do it. It’s not good and it’s not cost-effective to do it. Today, Fengnong Holdings has established land trust services for more than 300,000 acres in hundreds of counties and cities, realizing full automation of farming, management and harvesting. A single person can manage tens of thousands of acres of land, which has greatly improved agricultural production efficiency and land value.

Fengnong Holdings has keenly captured the development trend of smart agriculture and invited researcher Deng Lie, a well-known domestic agricultural scientist, to lead a team to establish the “Digital Smart Farming Research Institute” to deeply integrate 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. to build new agricultural technologies. Framework, the company independently developed the DAP management system for agricultural digital intelligence, which has filled many gaps in my country’s agricultural digital intelligence management and services and enabled intelligent decision-making and precise operation of agricultural production. At present, it has been established in many large domestic farms such as Dongjiang Pastoral – Zhongkai High-tech Zone Modern Urban Smart Agriculture Industry Demonstration Park, Guangzhou Nansha Carlson Dragon Fruit Base, Shaoguan Nanxiong Golden Xiangyin Grape Farm Base, Henan Zhengyang 10,000-mu Peanut Industry Base, etc. It has been widely used, greatly achieving cost reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency increase; it has successfully established a digital intelligent DAP precision management system for agricultural products such as rice, corn, dragon fruit, and grapes to make up for the acquisition and data acquisition of relevant crop growth management technical parameters in my country. There is a gap in the construction of intelligent management decision-making service system.

On this basis, Fengnong Holdings has also carried out a series of cooperation explorations in smart agriculture, taking the lead in implementing the construction of the first provincial-level functional digital smart agricultural services industrial park, the Guangdong digital smart agricultural services industrial park; deploying dozens of domestic The well-known modern agricultural industrial park has formed a set of agricultural modernization models that can be replicated and promoted, and has effectively promoted the adjustment and modernization of the agricultural industry structure.

Zhou Dan, co-founder of Fengnong Holdings, said: “What remains unchanged at Fengnong Holdings is its original intention to enhance the value of agriculture and its determination to become a modern agricultural service platform for the entire industry chain. The important driving force behind this is that Fengnong Holdings is becoming more and more Understand agriculture, and increasingly understand how to integrate technology and digital technology with agricultural production.”

To transform agriculture from relying on the sky to knowing it, Fengnong Holdings has continued to innovate digital agricultural service models, deeply promoted the development of agricultural social services and smart agriculture, and guided and supported agriculture towards intensification, standardization, and branding. Development in this direction not only effectively solves the problems faced by traditional agriculture, but also provides useful experience and examples for the implementation of China’s agricultural modernization and rural revitalization strategies.

  Full-chain ecology builds new agricultural productivity and becomes a reliable partner for rural revitalization

The vigorous development of agricultural enterprises is a result of current trends and man-made conditions. From a national policy perspective, from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, rural areas are changing from blood transfusion to blood production, and there is an urgent need for some leading enterprises or innovative entities to promote it. The development of agricultural modernization requires not only industrial revitalization and talent revitalization, but also financial assistance and digital empowerment, which provides an excellent opportunity and broad space for the development of Fengnong Holdings. However, there are challenges as well as opportunities. Agriculture has long relied on the weather, and it is difficult to completely subvert the tradition in the short term. This process is a great test of the team’s resource integration capabilities and determination. As Tan Zexin, co-founder of Fengnong Holdings, repeatedly mentioned that “agricultural entrepreneurship is a protracted battle, and we need to maintain the long-distance running spirit.”

Under the guidance of the national “14th Five-Year Plan” and the rural revitalization strategy, Fengnong Holdings has deeply promoted the “5+2+N” modern agricultural service ecology of the entire industry chain, through a comprehensive integration of industry, academia, intelligence, quality, and investment as the main body. Service model, as well as the scientific research guidance of Zhinong and Shuzhifengnong Research Institute, comprehensively roll out a variety of rural revitalization services such as agricultural planning, agricultural production trusteeship, professional farmer training, agricultural brand building, and industrial fund co-construction, using science and technology The power of innovation has achieved the comprehensive improvement of the agricultural industry and regional development based on local conditions. It has served more than 100 million acres of land and served more than 10 million users, boosting the level of agricultural modernization in various regions.

As Fengnong Holdings understands agriculture better and better, it will become more and more able to meet the needs of rural revitalization and become a reliable helper for rural revitalization. my country’s agricultural regions vary widely, and agricultural products come in all shapes and forms, which determines the ever-changing agricultural services and digital intelligence scenarios. Fengnong Holdings is based on national conditions and specific regional characteristics, and seizes the necessary starting point for future growth of agricultural productivity – agricultural socialized services and smart agriculture. , proactively innovate agricultural production methods and industrial formats; make full use of modern agricultural industrial parks, industrial funds and other entities to promote the agricultural modernization process with industry leadership. Develop the Internet advantages of the agricultural industry, create an open and collaborative innovation system, apply the latest scientific and technological achievements to agricultural production services from the application level, create new digital and intelligent productivity, change the inefficiency and low energy of traditional agriculture, and actively develop green agriculture, ecological agriculture, high efficiency agriculture.

We should take talent cultivation as the guide, industrial improvement as the key, and promote rural revitalization with new agricultural productivity. Following the direction of digitally empowering agriculture and technology to assist agriculture, Fengnong Holdings has implanted the genes of “digital + technology” into its business segments and invested in more than 30 projects including biological breeding, digital smart agriculture, agricultural facilities and intelligent equipment, and intensive processing of agricultural products. It is an agricultural science and technology enterprise that realizes agricultural technology innovation to drive “qualitative” changes in workers and production materials; by introducing high-precision agricultural talents, establishing a digital intelligence agricultural research institute, and cooperating with universities and scientific research institutions on research, it builds a high-quality The discipline chain, innovation chain, and service industry chain form the productivity of “promoting quality through innovation”; vigorously develop agricultural vocational education oriented towards rural revitalization through “learning agriculture every day”, deepen the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation, and work together with relevant departments in various places Create an inclusive regional agricultural learning platform, cultivate a group of high-quality farmers and rural governance talents who understand technology, are good at management, and know how to manage, provide diversified, personalized, and innovative employment services for farmers to increase their income and become rich, and truly contribute to agriculture. Provide guarantee for the implementation of new quality productivity and effective results. Up to now, Fengnong Holdings has managed more than 1.5 billion rural revitalization funds; accumulated more than 60,000 agriculture-related courses, and served more than 7 million people; and provided customized comprehensive solutions for rural revitalization and agricultural development in more than 600 cities and counties. plan.

“Crossing the river by feeling for the stones is the most difficult entrepreneurial model,” Tan Zexin said. Although agriculture is a big field, because it is too traditional, there are few people involved in model innovation. In many cases, Fengnong Holdings has to be the “vanguard” to try it out first. After ten years of hard work, Fengnong Holdings has embarked on a path of modern agricultural clothing, determined to provide agricultural users with comprehensive whole-industry chain services, ensuring that even “newbies” in the industry can easily get started and get started quickly; striving to become an agricultural-related user The preferred partner of enterprises to jointly create agricultural value; committed to becoming a trustworthy and important helper for local governments in promoting rural revitalization strategies, and jointly draw and realize the grand blueprint for rural development.

2035 is a key node for decisive progress in rural revitalization and basic realization of agricultural and rural modernization. For Fengnong Holdings, the next ten years will be a golden decade for the rapid expansion and profound impact of Fengnong Holdings’ business. Fengnong Holdings will firmly grasp the pulse of the times of agricultural modernization, follow the leading direction of national policies, rely on rigorous and scientific strategic planning, and bring together various forces to jointly promote it, and is committed to injecting new vitality into the goal of achieving a powerful agricultural country and contributing to the development of China’s agriculture. The beautiful vision of high-quality development and rural revitalization will contribute more.

The future is here, but we will continue to work hard. Fengnong Holdings will not forget its original intention and always be committed to improving the value of agriculture. It will not be idle in dreams or false claims, and will dedicate its professional knowledge and youth to the harvest of every farmer. , working tirelessly for the improvement of China’s agriculture throughout his life.


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