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Ten years of popularization is still useless! What is the significance of 4K TV

Ten years of popularization is still useless! What is the significance of 4K TV


At present, almost all TVs over 50 inches on the market have popularized 4K resolution. If your TV is not on 4K, it seems to be out. However, have you really seen 4K content? I think the answer given by most readers is no. Before answering why, we must understand one thing, that is, what is 4K?

4K is actually a standard for video resolution. Usually, the screen resolution of TV broadcasts reaches 3840*2160, which means 3840 effective pixels in the horizontal direction and 2160 effective pixels in the vertical direction. Rate. The resolution of the full HD 1080P video we often say is 1920*1080, which is only a quarter of the resolution of 4K Ultra HD. In addition to 3840*2160 resolution, 4096*2160 4K resolution is also a relatively common standard, which is mainly used in the field of digital cinema.

What are the reasons that restrict the popularization of 4K content?

People are talking about 4K and pursuing 4K, but the 4K content we can see is very little. Judging from the current development trend, it may take some time for 4K to be fully popularized in China. What factors are restricting the popularization of 4K?

We need to know that to complete a 4K live broadcast or a complete 4K video production, the recording, collection, production, and transcoding equipment must meet the 4K standard. Compared with high-definition, the cost of 4K equipment is more expensive. In fact, it’s okay to record and capture. Now that we have a complete set of equipment, the subsequent production and transcoding need to face four times the amount of information of full HD, and more precise editing, rendering, color synthesis, libretto, A series of operations such as transcoding, and ensure that the content is output without delay. In addition, in the final transmission link, although there are solutions, the technology and equipment stability are not yet fully mature, and the cost is also huge.

Let’s talk about watching 4K movie sources through the Internet. At present, many Internet TVs have launched 4K special areas, and there are many 4K movie sources or movie trailers, but there are also fake 4K or 1080P movies. , The number that can really reach the 4K standard is extremely rare. It can be said that most of the current 4K TVs can be viewed through the Internet to watch 1080P or lower-definition video content.

4K required bandwidth

The scarcity of 4K film sources in the true sense is only one aspect, and the more important factor is the problem of network bandwidth. Generally speaking, watching 4K quality TV programs requires 6M/S traffic, that is, the bandwidth per second transmission rate requirement is 6M/S=6144kb/s. According to the conversion of the transmission rate of 1M broadband as 1Mb/s=1000*1000b/s=1000Kb/s=1000/8KB/s=125KB/s, the bandwidth of 4K picture quality must be at least 6144÷125≈50M, so the transmission of 1 A 4K TV requires at least 50M bandwidth, and this calculation is only a theoretical value, which may be higher in real environments. At present, the proportion of the total number of broadband users above 20M in my country is only 21.1%, so it may take some time to watch real 4K movie sources through the Internet.

Doesn’t that mean you can’t see 4K content?

1. The newly purchased smart TV system has its own content, and many of them have joined the 4K zone. Although the 4K content is limited by factors such as network bandwidth and does not really reach the resolution of 4K, it is at least 1080P , There is indeed a big improvement in the definition of cable TV.

2. If you want to pursue a higher definition, you can download the 4K movie source to the local, there is no bandwidth limit, the picture will definitely be better than the online video, but the current 4K movie is often dozens of GB in size , It still needs to have sufficient download speed and large enough storage space at home. At the same time, the codec capability of the 4K TV at home also has certain requirements.

3. Local 4K looks very cool, but it is still troublesome to search and download resources online. At this time, you can consider using the combination of 4K Blu-ray player + 4K Blu-ray DVD. Although it costs a lot, the experience is good. Using a 4K Blu-ray player can not only experience real 4K, but also experience cutting-edge image quality technologies such as HDR, wide color gamut, and 10bit color depth, but this raises the requirements for 4K TVs to another level.


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