Zhiji LS7 has both appearance and cost performance, and it only sells for 309,800 yuan?

Zhiji LS7 has both appearance and cost performance, and it only sells for 309,800 yuan?

Most of the car owners who choose SUVs come for its wide and excellent vision, spacious and comfortable space and excellent passability. But with so many SUVs on the market, who should you choose? The editor recommends Zhiji LS7, which can cover all the above advantages.

The new car is positioned as a medium and large SUV. It was officially launched on February 10, with a price range of 309,800 to 459,800 yuan, and it will be gradually delivered in March. The author was fortunate to participate in the Zhiji LS7 Discovery Experience Camp, let’s talk about the test drive experience~

Elegant and dynamic appearance

The front face of the new car maintains a family-style design, which looks very similar to a concept car, especially the high-end model with three “horns” on the roof, which has a strong sense of the future. Its body uses a lot of soft and smooth lines, and the depressed front and streamlined top lines outline a sporty shape ready to go.

The size of Zhiji LS7 is 5049/2002/1731mm, and the wheelbase is 3060mm. According to the data, it has surpassed Xiaopeng G9 and imported BMW X5. It doesn’t look huge.

It is worth mentioning that its rear tire specification is 285/40 R22, and the front tire specification is 255/45 R22, which is a common combination of “small front and large rear” on supercars, plus 4 PS EV tires from Michelin (Online shopping price is about 3600 yuan/piece), which can bring strong grip.

The tail design of the vehicle is more impressive than the front face, especially the rear 45-degree angle, the Martin-style through-type taillights combined with the full body and slip-back shape, everything is done just right, “elegant, refined, high-end” Adjectives such as these are suitable for use here.

The interior configuration is perfect, and the luxurious atmosphere is in place

Zhiji LS7 is also officially known as the best SUV in the world. It has a 2-square-meter super large dome glass. It adopts the same technology as the domestic large aircraft C919 aviation glass to ensure safety. The three-layer silver plating technology achieves 99.99% of ultraviolet rays % isolation rate, coupled with the liftable central control screen and “half-width” steering wheel in the car, the field of vision is indeed leading in its class.

The first official domestic mass-produced “YAT half-width steering wheel” like a gamepad is undoubtedly the most special place in the car. You need to get used to it for the first time, but it won’t bring much trouble when you turn around or turn. It is very inconvenient, because there are not only “horns” at the 39 o’clock position, but also a protrusion on the back that can be held by fingers well. As a long-term manual driver who has been steering with one hand for a long time, the editor adapts quickly. Of course, the official retains the full-width steering wheel as an option, and users can choose freely.

Zhiji LS7 has also done a lot of work in terms of luxury and high-end atmosphere! The picture quality of the three large screens is clear and smooth. In addition to the leather wrapping, the car also provides electric opening and closing doors, touch-sensitive window lifts, seat massage, 24 sound source speakers, etc., and the hardware level is on par with million-level models.

What makes the editor feel “inwardly rolled” is the “zero-gravity buoyancy seat” on the right side of the rear row. Click the switch on the screen, and the passenger seat will be folded and shrunk under the storage box. The chair will automatically extend the leg support and lower the backrest to form a 121° lying position. The exaggerated sense of space and ritual can make the “queen seat and boss seat” far behind.

Zhiji LS7 has a completely renewed smart cockpit 2.0, supported by the 8155 chip, IOS 2.0, which can integrate global software and hardware, and create a relaxed driving scene in the new era through an intuitive interactive atmosphere. Its IMAD intelligent driving system is equipped with 1 Nvidia OrinX ultra-high computing power intelligent driving AI chip, 2 laser radars, 11 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, leading the industry in terms of perception and computing capabilities. At the national level, NOA has been launched in cities across the country.

Test drive to show off the handling ability

On the day of the event, a road test drive and a field test drive were provided. Although the time is not long, it is enough to reflect the tuning strength of a car. The editor’s test drive is Zhiji LS72023 100kWh Pro four-wheel drive version (top configuration), equipped with a 100kWh battery pack, front and rear dual motors, with a total power of 425kW and a total torque of 725N m. The official zero-to-hundred acceleration is only 4.5 seconds.

Driving on the road, its power output is very linear in the normal mode, and the start and acceleration will not give people the feeling of kicking. The standard kinetic energy recovery setting does not have a too obvious dragging feeling, and the urban area can be stopped and stopped. Can cause discomfort. Since this car weighs more than 2.6 tons, it has a strong sense of stability when driving, and the influence of crosswind and turbulence on it is very slight; the Continental air suspension system of the same series as Maserati Levante supports intelligent road condition adjustment, The control of roll and bumps is excellent; in addition, the 11 pieces of double-layer laminated glass in the whole car also bring better quietness. On the whole, whether it is driving or riding, the travel experience can give high marks.

In the field test drive, the “character” of Zhiji LS7 with the sports mode changed obviously, the feedback force of the steering wheel, the suspension support and the response of the switch were much tighter. In the straight-line acceleration section, although the floor started smoothly, thanks to the advantages of the four-wheel drive and wide rear tires, there was no obvious slipping or tire sound. The speed-up process was like a stretched rubber band popping out. It can break a hundred.

Zhiji LS7 also performed well in corners, and the excellent lateral support of the chassis and flexible directivity gave the driver full confidence. On the one hand, the test drive car is equipped with Michelin high-performance tires. On the other hand, there are German Bosch high-end series EPS electronic steering, Italian Brembo brake calipers, electromagnetic dynamic damping adjustment system, etc. The cooperation of software and hardware is the key .

Two obstacle courses, bumpy road and ladder road, were also set up on site to simulate the extreme situations that may be encountered in daily driving, but there is not much pressure on the variable suspension of Zhiji LS7, and the four wheels alternate up and down on the cross axis Swing, but the shaking of the body is very small, and the long enough spring telescopic stroke can effectively resolve the unevenness of the road surface. Thanks to the good passability, passing the stairway is also a piece of cake.


Many car owners who choose SUVs have “poetry and distance” in their hearts. The requirement for vehicles is not only a tool for commuting to and from get off work in the city, but also a small partner who accompanies you to the “wild”. Zhiji LS7 directly concretizes “poetry and distance”. With the huge dome glass, you can see the beauty of “poetry and distance” when you look up; the flexible seat layout meets the diverse use scenarios during the journey; the ultimate driving Control, let people move forward without fear. This is what an SUV should look like!

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