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Zhang Bin, Chief Information Officer of Minsheng Bank: Vigorously deepen the digital transformation of banks to boost the quality and efficiency of financial services

Zhang Bin, Chief Information Officer of Minsheng Bank: Vigorously deepen the digital transformation of banks to boost the quality and efficiency of financial services

On September 3, Zhang Bin, Chief Information Officer of China Minsheng Bank, attended the 2023 China International Financial Annual Forum and delivered a keynote speech. He said that digital transformation is the trend of today’s era. The main theme of economic development aims to introduce more and more competitive digital financial services, and promote the innovation and development of the real economy with high-quality services.

“Economy is the body, finance is the blood, and the two coexist and co-prosper.” Zhang Bin said that the digital economy and digital finance are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Digital finance undertakes the role of boosting reform, deepening services, and supporting the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy. mission task.

Zhang Bin emphasized in his speech that Minsheng Bank comprehensively and thoroughly implements the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on building a digital China and developing the digital economy, and fully implements the requirements of the national financial regulatory agency on financial technology development planning and digital transformation guidance. Highlight the strategic positioning of “a bank of private enterprises, an agile and open bank, and a bank with attentive service”, focus on the core goal of “creating a digital bank that is agile, efficient, experience-excellent, and value-growing”, and conduct top-level planning and overall deployment of digital transformation. The construction of ecological banks and smart banks will promote the development of digital finance and the modernization of financial services, and contribute to the implementation of national strategies such as the construction of digital China and the development of a smart society.

First, vigorously develop scene finance and innovate the service model of ecological banking. The Eco-Finance Department was set up, based on the incubation of eco-finance products and business models of strategic, cross-business, and cross-functional teams across the bank, and integrated financial services into corporate operations, government affairs, and personal life. The first is to create a new supply chain financial platform, build a “Minsheng E-chain” service system, and launch innovative supply chain products such as purchase e, order e series data credit enhancement financing, and Xinrong e group model to meet the needs of small, medium and micro enterprises in production and operation. Financing needs at different stages. The second is to strengthen the ecological cooperation of government affairs, and take the lead in completing the acceptance of the central financial integration project by the Ministry of Finance; focus on medical insurance, education and training, industry fund supervision, non-tax, social security and other scenarios, continue to iterate products and services, launch government procurement quick loans, and become the Ministry of Education One of the supervisory banks of the “National Comprehensive Platform for Off-campus Education and Training Supervision and Service” and the first batch of acquiring and clearing banks for mobile payment of medical insurance in Beijing. The third is to continue to improve financial and non-financial one-stop service capabilities, create a series of ecological products and services of “Minsheng Cloud”, launch “financial assets cloud” products, build a “Minsheng e-home” platform, and integrate a series of digital capabilities such as personnel and finance. Helping the development of small, medium and micro enterprises.

Second, iteratively upgrade smart banks to create digital and intelligent financial services. Continue to build enterprise-level digital capabilities in digital marketing, risk control, operations, channels, and decision-making, restructure the banking value chain, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of intelligent financial services. The first is to upgrade the smart marketing brain, build a closed-loop operation strategy system, and improve the level of precision and differentiated services; upgrade the enterprise-level digital customer journey monitoring, analysis, optimization and reconstruction capabilities, and launch the active credit product “Minshenghui” for legal persons and individuals . The second is to improve the intelligent risk control system, connect with third-party data, build a risk map, accurately identify customers through machine learning models, and greatly increase the pass rate of online loan credit under the premise of effective risk control; enhance anti-money laundering and anti-fraud intelligent monitoring and early warning capabilities to protect clients’ capital security and business compliance. The third is to promote intelligent operation and remote banking, and actively apply “account robots”, so that more than half of the enterprise information change business has been realized online, and the “near-far field collaboration” model has been adopted to optimize credit interviews, verification witnesses, and due diligence. The quality and efficiency of information collection and processing. The fourth is to strengthen digital channels and operational capabilities. Mobile banking supports all-stop smart search services, real-time receipts and expenditure details, and asset inquiries; professional services and support. The fifth is to enhance the ability of intelligent management and decision-making, create an agile, intelligent and open BI platform, continuously improve the analysis index system, and realize the digital empowerment of retail, corporate, risk and other businesses.

Third, continue to make efforts in cross-border finance to help the development of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. To implement the national policy of stabilizing foreign trade and promoting trade facilitation, Minsheng Bank launched the “Minsheng Cross-border One” business brand, focusing on the five core business needs of enterprises in cross-border financial activities: capital appreciation, foreign exchange derivatives, payment and settlement, trade financing and international credit , to provide enterprises with a full-account, full-scenario product map and cross-border financial one-stop service platform of “profit, exchange, exchange, financing, and loan”. Actively participate in the “single window” of international trade and the pilot project of the cross-border financial service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, use digital technology to improve the level of cross-border financial services, and continuously meet the business needs of small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. First, as a joint-stock bank among the first batch of 4 pilot banks, join the “single window” pilot project of China’s international trade, and take the lead in exploring online financial services for international trade. The second is to actively cooperate with the customs tax reform process and launch a customs tax guarantee letter to effectively improve the convenience of customs clearance for enterprises; use big data technology to break through the traditional credit granting model and launch the “Minsheng Quick Loan-Tariff Guarantee” exclusive product for small and micro enterprises, allowing small and micro enterprises The micro-enterprise tariff guarantee service is within reach. The third is to focus on the “export accounts receivable financing scenario” and “enterprise credit information authorization verification scenario” of the cross-border financial service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, create an exclusive risk control model and credit granting process, and launch a pure-play platform for small, medium and micro export enterprises. Credit, online credit products – export e-finance, boosting the development of the real economy.

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