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Minsheng Bank listed in the 2023 Ecological Brand Certification

Minsheng Bank listed in the 2023 Ecological Brand Certification

On August 29, Xinhua News Agency Brand Project, Xinhua Publishing House, Yearbook of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy, Kantar Group, Caijing Magazine, and Saïd Business School of Oxford University co-sponsored the “Second Ecological Brand Summit” was held in Beijing, at which the 2023 ecological brand certification list was announced, and Minsheng Bank was on the list.

Eco-brand is an innovative brand concept under the current economy, with vigorous vitality. Practitioners of ecological brands refer to enterprises that start from customer needs and create value cycles for the society by collaborating side by side with ecological partners to achieve win-win results and increase efficiency. The brands on the list are not only practitioners of high-quality development of enterprises, but also contributors to high-quality development of social economy.

At the summit site, the “Ecological Brand Development Report (2023)” was released at the same time, and the report demonstrated the vivid practice of Minsheng Bank’s ecological brand building.

Serve customers with heart and practice social responsibility

Minsheng Bank adheres to finance for the people, adheres to finance for good, and contributes financial power to people’s better life. Focusing on the people’s “urgency, difficulty and anxiety”, Minsheng Bank launched personal pension services and new pension financial products, optimized mobile banking, focused on eliminating the “digital divide”, simplified service processes, and continued to meet the needs of the people’s basic, diversified and personalized needs to meet the financial needs of the elderly; to carry out a series of activities such as the “Happy Elderly Club” such as the Elderly Health Lecture, the Elderly Public Welfare Day, and financial anti-fraud knowledge; to encourage employees to actively participate in voluntary services and social welfare activities, to continue to carry out public welfare and charity, and to express their love with practical actions Give back to the community. Since 2015, Minsheng Bank and the China Rural Development Foundation have launched the “ME Public Welfare Innovation Funding Program”, which aims to support innovative practices in the field of public welfare and promote the healthy development of social public welfare. Over the past 8 years, the “ME Public Welfare Innovation Funding Program” has accumulated 188 public welfare projects, providing funds of 88.9 million yuan, benefiting 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government. The beneficiaries include migrant workers, mentally handicapped groups, disabled groups, left-behind children, Rural primary and middle school students, etc., the number of direct beneficiaries of the project reached more than 270,000.

Serve the national strategy and help industrial upgrading

Minsheng Bank is advancing side by side with China’s new energy automobile industry, meeting the diversified financial needs of core automakers and upstream and downstream enterprises, and helping the industry develop rapidly. Taking Geely Automobile as an example, Minsheng Bank and Geely signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2020, and started head-to-head financial cooperation as mutual strategic partners and mutual customers. In addition to providing financing support for Geely’s factories and production lines, Minsheng Bank also provides financial services for equity acquisitions, industrial chain development, and innovative business areas such as travel and motorcycle travel. At present, Minsheng Bank has cooperated with Geely Holding Group in traditional credit, investment banking, transaction banking, supply chain finance, retail finance, Internet finance and other fields, serving more than 140 subsidiaries and chain customers, using more than 20 kinds of products . For each strategic enterprise including Geely, Minsheng Bank has established a “five-in-one” exclusive service team led by the bank leader and integrated with the head office and branches, and regularly reviews and inspects the development plan of “one policy for one account” to accurately Grasp the pain points of the enterprise and meet the comprehensive business needs of the enterprise.

Empowering the real economy and deploying in emerging fields

Minsheng Bank vigorously serves specialized and special new enterprises, launching a complete set of products and service system “Minsheng Yichuang”. The “Yichuang” exclusive product system is designed according to the differentiated needs of enterprises in different growth cycles, covering four series of products “investment, financing, wealth, and intelligence”, providing enterprises with equity financing, debt financing, account management, and consulting and other multi-faceted financial services, forming a comprehensive financial service plan of “commercial bank + investment bank”, “equity + creditor’s right”, “financing + intelligence integration”, covering the whole cycle of the enterprise, the whole scene and the whole ecology. After the launch of the “Easy Chuang” product, Minsheng Bank tracked and focused on the needs of specialized and new enterprises, continuously optimized and iterated, and launched the “Easy Chuangdai” 2.0 version. Up to now, Minsheng Bank has served more than 10,000 specialized and new enterprises.

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