Yunsheng Group won the “2022 Excellent Human Resources Service Enterprise” of the International Human Resources Technology Conference

Yunsheng Group won the “2022 Excellent Human Resources Service Enterprise” of the International Human Resources Technology Conference

On February 17, the 2022 annual grand ceremony of the International Human Resources Technology Conference was grandly held in Shanghai. The award ceremony for the six major awards of the 2022 International Human Resources Technology Conference was held at the meeting. Yunsheng Group was awarded the “2022 Excellent Human Resources Service Enterprise”, and Li Xianwei, the founder and CEO of Yunsheng Group, was awarded the “2022 Outstanding Person in the Human Resources Industry”.

The establishment of DHR EXPO AWARDS aims to recognize excellent employers, outstanding or innovative HR service companies and HR individuals who are deeply loved by employees. It is hoped that human resources practitioners can be encouraged to continue to explore and practice, to help improve the quality and efficiency of human resources work, to benefit enterprises and employees, and to help the human resources industry develop in a high-quality, sustainable and competitive way.

The International Human Resources Technology Conference (DHR EXPO) sponsored by Donghao Lansheng (Convention and Exhibition) Group, as one of the largest and largest events in China’s human resources industry, has been widely acclaimed in the industry. The selection established by it has been inspected and judged by the members of the award committee, and a number of industry associations, industry experts and scholars have joined forces to ensure its fairness, impartiality, and professionalism. To be awarded this honor is the industry’s great affirmation of Yunsheng Group’s digital human technology development achievements and service advantages in recent years.

Yunsheng Group, established in 2015, is an enterprise digital solution provider established in China. Adhere to the mission of “making society more efficient”, regard innovation as the source of power, continuously invest in technology research and development in the fields of human resources, technology and people’s livelihood, and create a one-stop human resources digital service cloud platform “HRWORK Personnel Link” to help enterprises connect people and peace affairs to realize digital management empowerment.

At the same time, Yunsheng Group has created a unique “sky network + ground network” model, that is, the research and development of the online HRWORK integrated service platform + the creation of offline service outlets. The human resources business process is very clear and standardized, and the track presents products In today’s highly homogenized world, this model has become the core competitiveness of enterprise services. At present, Yunsheng Group has established more than 260 directly-operated subsidiaries around the world, building a global smart enterprise service backbone network GSSN, serving more than 16,000 enterprises at home and abroad, and more than 1.5 million employees.

2023 will be the year when China’s economic vitality and potential will be fully released, and it will also be the year when China’s economy will create another global miracle. Yunsheng Group has always firmly believed in the power of digitalization. With profound insights, rich experience, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality services, it helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, boosts the high-quality development of China’s economy, and delivers high-quality and efficient products and services Take it to the world and help Chinese companies to thrive overseas!


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