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The China Insurance Association once again praised Teckwah Angu Life Insurance for fulfilling its insurance mission and delivering positive energy

The China Insurance Association once again praised Teckwah Angu Life Insurance for fulfilling its insurance mission and delivering positive energy

Not long ago, in the “Notice on the 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day Activities” issued by the Insurance Association of China, Dehua Angu Life Insurance was once again praised by the Insurance Association of China, and was awarded the “Notice to commend the second-class unit”. Teckwah Care Life received this honor again.

Since last year, Dehua Angu Life Insurance has entered the grassroots for two consecutive years, bringing warmth to the lives of the masses, actively demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of insurance companies in protecting people’s better lives, and has achieved certain results.

Looking back on the theme activities of “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” and “I do practical things for the masses” in 2021, Dehua Angu Life Insurance entered the Party-mass Service Center of Liulishan Street to contribute to the publicity group of “Auntie Quancheng” financial guard volunteers. 150 members donated a small medicine box customized by Edward the Little Lion and the “Love+” Club Green Pass Service Card to give more warm care and assistance to the elderly, and help “Auntie Quancheng” to better prevent the elderly friends Illegal fundraising and anti-financial fraud publicity and education activities were also commended by the China Insurance Association.

2022 is the 10th July 8th National Insurance Publicity Day. This event revolves around the theme of “Forge ahead in the new journey of insurance to protect stable happiness”. It is people-oriented and focuses on insurance and financial security. As an active player in industry brand building Actors, actively explore brand stories, strengthen publicity, establish a good image of the insurance industry, and demonstrate brand building achievements. The institutions under the jurisdiction have organized and carried out a series of activities in various forms and with their own characteristics to spread the positive energy of insurance, practice more warm insurance services, and show the “new image” of the insurance industry and insurers in the new era.

In accordance with the promotional theme of the event, Dehua Angu Life Insurance actively implements the practical activities of “serving the elderly group”, solidly implements the charity project of helping the elderly, and helps the “Auntie Quancheng” financial guard volunteer publicity group to prevent illegal fund-raising and financial fraud, etc. For other public welfare promotion, Dehua Angu Life Insurance donated urgently needed office equipment worth RMB 35,000 after careful contact in the early stage and fully considered the actual work needs of the publicity group and the improvement of the office environment.

In addition to donating, Dehua Angu Life Insurance also used the publicity day to spread widely. It has successively cooperated with the publicity group and Shandong Radio and TV Station Economic Broadcasting to create a series of short video programs of “Auntie Quancheng Talks about Insurance” and participated in the China Insurance Association’s “card point show insurance” Short video topic challenge activities, and at the same time, in the special interview program of “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” in 2022, they talked about commercial pension insurance, technology-enabled insurance services and services for the elderly, and jointly helped the industry publicity, and won the 2022 mid-term A special bulletin on the activities of the Insurance Association.

Forging ahead on a new journey, insurance protects stable happiness. In order to help the elderly keep their money bags and enjoy a happy old age, Teckwah Angu Life Insurance speaks out with actions, actively responds to policy calls, and uses professional knowledge to help consumers improve risk prevention awareness and enhance risk identification ability, fulfill the mission of responsibility and spread the positive energy of insurance, so as to enhance the happiness and satisfaction of the people.

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