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Youku Open Platform “2023 Fuyao Night” Naifei Rabbit Hole won three awards

Youku Open Platform “2023 Fuyao Night” Naifei Rabbit Hole won three awards

Naifei Technology was awarded the “Excellent Partner of Accounting Drama” in 2023

On January 16, on the occasion of its 6th anniversary, the Youku content open platform held its first offline annual ceremony “2023 Fuyao Night” with the theme of “Win-win cooperation and win-win cooperation, working together together”. At the ceremony, six industry representatives including Qian Jing, general manager of Youku Content Open Platform, and Li Kun, chairman and CEO of Naifei, jointly took the stage to release the “Youku Content Platform 2023 Annual Report”, which three-dimensionally displayed the performance of each sub-account category of the platform and used “wind vane” The effect points out some content directions for the industry. In addition, Youku content development platform also awards honors to outstanding partners in nine categories: online dramas, short plays, online movies, children, animation, games, new knowledge, documentaries, and humanities. Among them, Naifei and its youth label Rabbit Hole Culture, which focuses on online movies, jointly won three awards.

As an experienced player of splitting content, Naifei Rabbit Hole has successfully created “My name is Zhao Jiadi”, “Dear Mr. Lemonade”, “Plopplop love you”, “Xing’anling Hunter Legend”, “There is a Place in the Tree”, “So Bad” “Must be Removed” and other excellent works, and has accumulated rich experience in content development for online students. In 2023, Naifei will still bring good performance to the market. In the field of online dramas, “When I Run to You” won the “double crown” of box office reputation among shared dramas in 2023 with a box office of “60.8 million+” and a Douban score of 7.9, injecting new vitality into the market. In terms of online movies, “Art Teacher’s Sheep Herding Class” scored 7.8 on Douban, successfully continuing the high reputation of its predecessor “There’s a Good Place in the Trees”.

In addition, the reserve content of Naifei Rabbit Hole is also worth looking forward to. The drama series covers the hot-blooded IP comic drama “Zhenhun Street: The Blood Rekindled”, the costume youth drama “Changfeng Boy Ci”, the genre comedy “The Village is Warm and Flowers Bloom” focusing on rural revitalization, and the urban business war legend “My name is Zhao Jia” 2″, the costume adventure suspense drama “Dawn of the Book of Heaven” and other excellent dramas are lined up. Its subsidiary label Rabbit Hole Culture also reserves “Diamond Heist”, “Vulcan: Son of the Apocalypse” “, “The God of Fire: Seven Wonders and Eight Monsters”, “Stewed Iron Ox in Sour Soup” and many other high-quality online movie works. In the future, Naifei Rabbit Hole will adhere to the diversification of genres and high-quality content to deliver more high-quality film and television works to the market.

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