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“The Defiant 2” premiered on New Year’s Day and Xie Miao Yang En rekindled the passion for oriental martial arts with her ultimate fighting scene

“The Defiant 2” premiered on New Year’s Day and Xie Miao Yang En rekindled the passion for oriental martial arts with her ultimate fighting scene

  The martial arts action movie “Defiant 2” has been officially announced to be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year and will premiere on iQiyi Cloud Cinema. The film is produced by Wei Junzi, written and directed by Yang Bingjia, Qin Pengfei and Du Xiaohui are action directors, and Xie Miao and Yang En star in the film. The first part of “Defiant” received a strong reputation of 9.2 points from Cloud Cinema and 7.3 points from Douban. What’s even more rare is that it was praised by many viewers for “recasting the glory of martial arts films.” This sequel is surprisingly added to the Spring Festival schedule, with all the original cast returning to present a flesh-and-blood martial arts masterpiece to the audience. On the first day of the new year, watch Xie Miao holding the Wind Sword in his hand, maintaining chivalry and justice in troubled times!   

  The blind man protects the orphan boy in troubled times and his anger reignites and he reenters the world.

  The “Re-Entering the Jianghu” poster of “Defiant 2”, which is scheduled to be released, is full of martial arts atmosphere. The blind man played by Xie Miao and the orphaned girl Xiaoyu played by Yang Enyou are like knights walking in the rivers and lakes, walking in the wind in the bamboo forest. The two people looked tense, and there seemed to be murderous intent behind them. The trailer released at the same time drew the audience into new suspense. The “Tingfeng Knife” and “Wrong Bone Hand” who were well-known to the audience in the first part of the film returned to the world. The blind man announced his return with crisp and neat fighting scenes. This time around him There is an orphan girl named Zhang Xiaoyu. In the trailer, she repeatedly pleads with the blind man, “I will give you my eyes, can you kill them?” At the end, the two of them are surrounded by powerful enemies. How will this bloody battle end? Why did the blind man finally change his principles? All the suspense will be revealed on the first day of the new year.   

  Yang Enyou, who has shown outstanding acting skills in the realistic masterpiece “Life Events”, plays the role of Zhang Xiaoyu, an orphan girl with a tragic fate in this film. As a key driver of the inner change of the blind man, Zhang Xiaoyu, who has a lively and lovely nature, is deeply troubled by the obsession for revenge. The bond between the two gradually deepens as they get along day after day. The audience will also get a glimpse into the inner world of a lonely knight. Although the blind man is blind, his heart is not blind. Once his anger is reignited, it will be an endless fight for his life!   

  Xie Miao, the only ultimate martial arts action drama during the Spring Festival: Being blind makes me love you even more

  The first part of “Defiant” polished the genre to the extreme with many exciting fight scenes, making many viewers feel the freehand and romance of traditional Chinese martial arts. “Defiant 2” maintains the chilling and sharp audio-visual style of the previous game, while fully upgrading the action scenes and character stories. It will show high-intensity fights in different time and space environments. The hard-core action scenes are undoubtedly unique in the Spring Festival!

  The creator of “Defiant 2” insists on pure oriental martial arts creation, which can be seen from the released materials. The film not only contains Xie Miao’s exciting fighting scenes with real guns and swords for ten years, but also imprints the background of a chivalrous man who travels in the world and performs chivalry. As Yang Bingjia said, “‘Chivalry’ actually means choosing to do the right thing, no matter what What price will he pay?” In Xie Miao’s view, “The first part created the ‘shape’ of the blind man, and the second part completed the ‘god’ of the blind man. I fell in love with this character even more. “The creator’s rigorous and serious creative attitude, as well as his in-depth insight into martial arts works, make the sequel to this well-known martial arts IP even more worth looking forward to.

  The movie “Defiant 2” is produced by Guangdong Lianrui Muma Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Qingdao Kuaima Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., iQiyi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Pomegranate Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Produced by Lianrui Trojan Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Lianrui Pictures Co., Ltd. See you at iQiyi Cloud Cinema on the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2024!

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