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Actor Sun Zhenger returns with full achievements and starts a new chapter in his career

Actor Sun Zhenger returns with full achievements and starts a new chapter in his career

The New Year bell of 2024 has already sounded, and the past year has been full of changes and surprises for actor Sun Zheng. Sun Zheng, who recently entered his thirties, has continued to successfully expand his overseas career, reaching a new peak in his acting career in 23 years, and also gained a good reputation and resources. And he will officially enter the Chinese entertainment industry this year and have the opportunity to participate in the Chinese costume drama “Five Blessings”. Although surrounded by flowers, at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, Sun Zheng still maintained a humble attitude and continued to work soberly and hard. With career planning and enthusiasm in mind, Sun Zheng is neither arrogant nor impatient, and devotes himself seriously to the shooting of new works, just to live up to expectations and achieve greater success.

  Expanding career territory, works and fashionable scores

When talking about whether any of his wishes were fulfilled in the past year, Sun Zheng said frankly that he was very happy to cooperate with Huanyu. Sun Zheng, who has always been passionate about Chinese culture, has always wanted to film in China. There is no doubt that cooperating with Huanyu is a good start for Sun Zheng’s career expansion, and this opportunity is inseparable from the accumulation of Sun Zheng’s works and popularity. From his debut on the big screen with one person playing two roles in the movie “Seven Days”, to playing the male lead Liang Wenhui in the suspense drama “The Secret House”, to playing the villain for the first time in “The Golden Road”, his performance of both good and evil has been praised one after another… …Sun Zheng has successively delivered answers that satisfied the audience in 2023, and he has also continued to challenge and break through himself in his acting career.

In addition to acting, Sun Zheng, who has excellent appearance, has also received fashion resources. In addition to cooperation with well-known brands and magazine cover shoots, he has also been invited to attend fashion weeks such as BOSS, Gui Hu, Milan, etc., and he has become a fashion star. A darling of the local fashion scene.

  Entering the 30th year, dialogue and self-continuous growth

Such a fruitful year made Sun Zheng return home with great achievements, but it also made him grow a lot. At the age of 30, looking back on the past, when asked whether he was satisfied with his performance in 2023 and how much he would rate himself out of 100, Sun Zheng gave a more mature answer after careful consideration. He said that there is no right or wrong in growth, nor can it be judged by simple scores. He compared each experience to branches on a big tree, which may be long or short, and branch in different directions. These experiences are precious treasures in life, and it is these experiences that allow him to continue to grow and face himself and others with a clear conscience. Sun Zheng, who is so clear-headed and calm, does not appear superficial or talkative. He happens to show us his grown-up self.

This year’s “Golden Road” was Sun Zheng’s biggest achievement in his work, because he achieved a breakthrough in his acting skills and gained recognition. In addition, Sun Zheng also has a very soft side in his heart. I thought that when answering the difficulties encountered in the past year, Sun Zheng would continue to focus on filming. As a result, he admitted that the biggest difficulty was taking care of his cats. Because of his busy work schedule, he devoted the little time he had left to them, which made people’s hearts soften instantly.

  Looking forward to opening a new chapter in 2024 with gratitude

While remaining sober and humble, we must also stride forward. Sun Zheng has always had his own plans and persistence in his career. He expressed that he really wanted to try filming costumes and period dramas next, because there were very few dramas of this type in the local area, so he wanted to learn and try. For Sun Zheng, challenging different roles is always exciting. Life is often a source of inspiration for acting, so Sun Zheng also plans to learn a language or art so that work and life can go hand in hand and improve himself in all aspects.

With gratitude and expectation, Sun Zheng continued to devote himself to the filming of the new drama “You Must Love”. This drama, which explores true love and perseverance, bravery and pursuit, is scheduled to be released this year. The male protagonist Zhuo Yaofei, played by Sun Zheng, suffers from severe mental illness. Such a role puts him in a tight state all the time and can only be completed after filming. Later, it can be relieved through exercise or cats.

But it is precisely this kind of challenge that Sun Zheng can absorb more nutrients to irrigate his carefully cared for acting career. In the new year, Sun Zheng, who has already developed more ties with China, received a surprise at the beginning of the year and launched his first formal entry into the Chinese market. According to Huanyu Film and Television, Sun Zheng will star in Huanyu’s new film “Five Blessings” this year. This is a costume drama about the life of the people in the Northern Song Dynasty with a pyrotechnic atmosphere. The handsome Sun Zheng is about to realize his dream of filming a costume drama in China, which is very exciting.

I hope that young actor Sun Zheng will get everything he wants and continue to shine in 2024, opening a new chapter!

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