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Yang Zi recorded a video to refute rumors about the “carrying goods incident”. Netizens: I believe they are stars with positive energy.

Yang Zi recorded a video to refute rumors about the “carrying goods incident”. Netizens: I believe they are stars with positive energy.

Screenshot of Yang Zi Weibo

Regarding the recent turmoil caused by Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi’s attendance as a guest at the “Cousin” live broadcast room event, Yang Zi posted a video on his personal social platform on the evening of January 28 to specifically clarify the relevant rumors. In the video, Yang Zi used an electronic screen and a new method of refuting rumors with graphic explanations to highlight several issues that netizens are concerned about. The original text is as follows:

Hello everyone, I am Yang Zi. In response to the current rumors on the Internet, we would like to provide the following clarification in response:

First, the bacon product reported online with a stock of 1.7 million yuan and only sold one order has nothing to do with us, and has not been sold or shared by us in any form. It does not matter whether it has sold one order or zero orders. Well, it has nothing to do with us. But I understand the difficulties of being a businessman. I would like to shout out to the bacon manufacturers from a distance. You can leave me a message here or contact my brokerage company. As long as your product has passed our quality control screening, I can help you bring the goods. , can help you clear your inventory, can make you sell orders, and let you feel the true strength of Boss Yang in bringing goods;

Second, the alarm incident reported online was because a company called Haomama and a company called Shengchenze signed sales guarantee commitments with many merchants. However, we learned from the news that many merchants who had not completed the guarantees came to this company. When the two companies refunded money, the two companies were already empty of people, so many merchants chose to call the police. The alarm incident originated from the contract dispute between the merchants and the investment company. It was not Douying who invited us into Qin Xicheng’s live broadcast room to do something. It is due to two hours of distinguished guests; thirdly, there are rumors on the Internet that the two investment companies that collected more than 30 million yuan in investment fees from merchants: Sheng Chenze and Good Mother have nothing to do with us. We do not know or have any contact with these two companies. Anyone who is not aware of its investment content and various infringements once again warns the relevant investment companies: immediately stop infringement on us, take practical actions to resolve disputes with other merchants, and fulfill their commitments of guaranteed quantity and refunds. , to minimize the losses of merchants, we will stand side by side with merchants, and infringements will be investigated. This statement is hereby made to set the record straight.

Thank you to everyone for listening patiently to my explanation. Do not believe or spread rumors, and maintain a positive online environment!

After Yang Zi posted the clarification video, the words “Yang Zi responded to the goods-carrying incident” immediately hit the hot search lists on major platforms. After netizens learned the truth, they left messages: “This clarification method is ceiling level. It is clear to clarify in person.”, “Just by the strong and clear reply, you know there is strength and credibility behind it”, “The last post was a rumor, and the next second it was a response, give boss Yang a thumbs up for this wave”, “I believe it They are stars with positive energy”, “I think Yang Zi is the most eloquent among many anchors. Every time I watch his live broadcast, I place an order with enthusiasm and like this crisis public relations”!

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