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Fan Chengcheng: The age range of the performance is challenging, and it’s fun to play with Yang Zi

Fan Chengcheng: The age range of the performance is challenging, and it’s fun to play with Yang Zi

With the popularity of Fan Chengcheng and Yang Zi’s new drama “Long Time Love”, the topic of “returning to 18 years old” has aroused heated discussions among many viewers. “If I go back to 18 years old, I hope I will be less confused and more determined. In the future, Fan Chengcheng will be a hard-working actor and singer, and he will realize his dream little by little.” Fan Chengcheng said in the interview. Born in 2000, debuted in 2018, and then quickly developed his talents in singing and acting, winning honors such as “New Artist of the Year” and “Potential Actor of the Year”. Fan Chengcheng is indeed realizing his dream little by little as he said. dream.

In the TV series “Long Time Love”, Fan Chengcheng plays “game designer” Jiang Yi, and Huang Yingzi, played by Yang Zi, can be said to be childhood sweethearts and childhood sweethearts. “Huang Yingzi has always been the most special existence in Jiang Yi’s heart. No matter in the past or now, his feelings for her have never changed.” Fan Chengcheng said.

  The age span is a big challenge, trying to find resonance with those born in the 1990s

Different from the traditional youth drama, “Long Time Love” adopts a two-line narrative, and the characters “flashback” between the ages of 17 and 30, which undoubtedly poses a considerable challenge to the actors’ acting skills. “The age span of this drama is relatively large. There is definitely a big difference between a 17-year-old and a 30-year-old. This growth process is quite challenging for me.” Fan Chengcheng said frankly.

In the play, Jiang Yi, Huang Yingzi and others are all born in the 1990s, and the story mainly focuses on their high school life, which is the beginning of the 21st century. But at that time, Fan Chengcheng was only a few years old and didn’t have much impression of the surrounding environment. How to perform the state of the post-90s generation and make the post-90s generation resonate is also a difficult problem before him. To this end, Fan Chengcheng also did a lot of homework before joining the group, “I communicated with friends and staff around me, asking them what they liked to eat and play when they were children, what kind of worries they had, and what they were happy for. Wait, if you talk more, you will actually have some feelings.”

  Both Yang Zi and Yang Zi are “talkative”, and the scenes opposite each other are very interesting.

This is the first time that Fan Chengcheng has collaborated with Yang Zi. When talking about his first experience of acting together, Fan Chengcheng said that he felt both happiness and pressure at the same time. He revealed, “Privately, Yang Zi is a little girl next door, very lively and cute, and she is also a ‘talkative’ like me. We have become very good friends on the crew, and we have been talking to each other non-stop. It’s fun, a lot of fun things happen every day.”

But at the same time, Yang Zi’s existence also put a lot of pressure on Fan Chengcheng. “Azi’s acting skills are generally recognized as good, so acting with her is quite stressful. I will continue to pressurize myself, hoping to give my opponents better emotional feedback and make Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi look… It has more sparks,” Fan Chengcheng said.

  When I was a student, I talked about “love” too deeply. The most regrettable thing is that I didn’t play ball well.

In the play, Jiang Yi has been secretly in love with Huang Yingzi since he was young, and he has not changed at all until he was 30 years old. This kind of pure love without any impurities moved many viewers. “Huang Yingzi’s warm family was something Jiang Yi didn’t have in his childhood. So when he first arrived in Hangtian City, he had the most special feeling for Huang Yingzi. So many years later, the person Jiang Yi cares about the most has always been Huang Yingzi.” Fan Chengcheng explained .

However, rather than saying it is love, Fan Chengcheng prefers to regard this kind of emotion in adolescence as an ignorant heartbeat. “When I was a student, love was a bit too deep. I think it was more of an inexplicable heartbeat, and I would unconsciously pay attention to it and care about it unconsciously.”

Looking back on his youth life, Fan Chengcheng said that his biggest regret was not being able to play basketball better. “I am very envious when I see young children playing basketball so well today. If I could go back to my youth, I would work harder to practice!” Fan Chengcheng said with a smile. At 19:30 every night, watch Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Happy Theater “Love Forever” to watch Fan Chengcheng bravely move forward, just to retain the most beautiful scenery of youth.

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