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“Defiant 2” Xie Miao interprets as a blind chivalrous man with a tender heart and Yang En makes his first costumed martial arts film

“Defiant 2” Xie Miao interprets as a blind chivalrous man with a tender heart and Yang En makes his first costumed martial arts film

  Today, the Spring Festival release of the martial arts action movie “Defiant”2“released the special episode “First Life, Second Time Familiarity”, in which the main creators appeared to share their creative journey, as well as the multi-faceted life of the blind hero becoming a blind man and the orphan boy Zhang Xiaoyu in their eyes. While maintaining the action style of the series, the film digs into the soul of the characters and provides the audience with a powerful viewing experience.The theme of the special series “Once alive, twice familiar” is not only a portrayal of the relationship between the characters in the movie, but also extends to the outside world.——An action movie “veteran” and a martial arts “rookie” gradually work together to interpret the chivalrous tenderness of Chinese martial arts. Come to iQiyi Cloud Cinema on the first day of the new year to unlock a sincere work together.   

  Meet in troubled times!The blind man Zhang Xiaoyu rewrites each other’s fate

  In the movie “Condescending”2“In “Youzhou Prefecture’s knife catcher, Cheng Xiazi completes killing tasks day after day in exchange for rewards. If the blind man’s “blindness” in the previous film made him choose to be fearless, his passionate revenge would fill his heart. So in the second part of the “Defiant” series, “blindness” symbolizes the passive avoidance of the blind man, with a deep sense of powerlessness. Because there are too many injustices in troubled times, “blindness” is a painful choice that has to be made. For such an image of a hero that is not in the traditional sense, the film’s screenwriter and director Yang Bingjia said bluntly in the special episode: “He has a very decadent and sad image in this film.” However, by chance, he drew a sword to help, and the blind man was saved under the knife’s edge. When he met Zhang Xiaoyu, the first thing Zhang Xiaoyu said to him was “Can you kill them?” The gears of fate turned. This instinctive act of chivalry also closely connected the fate of the two!   

  There are countless dead souls under the Tingfeng Knife!A cold face and a warm heart are hard to beat sincerity.

  This special episode shows more touching details both inside and outside the scene: In a fighting scene, Zhang Xiaoyu acted as the blind man’s eyes and told him the location of the enemy. There are also scenes of two people warming themselves by the fire and talking in the wild, riding horses and galloping together. During the interview, Xie Miao also said deeply: “They are two poor people who keep each other warm in troubled times.” But for the knife catcher played by Xie Miao, the deepest bond in troubled times is also the biggest weakness. For this reason What will be the price of becoming blind? How will he punish evil with renewed anger in his heart? The full attractions make the audience look forward to the official release of the film.   

  The movie “Nobody”2》Composed by Guangdong Lianrui Muma Film Co., Ltd., Tianjin Qingdao Kuaima Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., iQiyi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Pomegranate Pictures Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lianrui Mima Culture Produced by Media Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Lianrui Film Co., Ltd.2024See you at iQiyi Cloud Cinema on New Year’s Day!

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