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Won the Grand Prize! Huishan Duoxuan Ice Cream Yogurt was selected into the iSEE TOP30 innovative designs

Won the Grand Prize! Huishan Duoxuan Ice Cream Yogurt was selected into the iSEE TOP30 innovative designs

Recently, the review and promotion results of the much-anticipated 6th iSEE Global Food Innovation Award have been released. Among them, the iSEE TOP30 list of innovative designs has been officially announced. The star product of Huishan Milk – Duoxuan Ice Cream Yogurt Series has relied on its unique product innovation and design concepts stood out and were successfully selected for the list.

As an authoritative and leading award in the food and beverage industry, since its launch in 2018, the iSEE Global Award has always been with the mission of “demonstrating the spirit of food innovation and making good products visible to more people” and adhering to “global standards + third-party professional review + non-commercial Based on the award-winning principle of “economy”, the[iSEE Global Food Innovation Award]and the[iSEE Global Delicious Award]were established. Today, the iSEE Global Award has attracted more than 10,000 case participations. The participating works of the 6th iSEE Global Award cover China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, North America, Australia, etc., gathering international giants, local leaders, traditional upgrades, and new pioneers. and other innovative brands.

The Duoxuan ice cream and yogurt series, which won the iSEE TOP30 award for innovative design, is an innovative model that stands out among the world’s leading entries. It is derived from the milk source of Huishan’s self-operated ranch and cleverly combines the advantages of yogurt and ice cream. , with the advantage of about 35% more high-quality protein*, it provides young consumers with an unprecedented flavor experience. Duoxuan ice cream yogurt will unlock different experiences depending on the storage temperature. At 2~6℃, it is a delicate and rich ice cream flavored yogurt, which makes people feel the silky texture. At minus 16~18℃, it becomes yogurt. Flavored ice cream brings a refreshing taste. More interesting than yogurt and healthier than ice cream, Duoxuan Ice Cream Yogurt, which can be eaten twice a cup, fully satisfies consumers’ dual pursuit of health and fun.

In addition to being recognized for quality, Huishan Duoxuan ice cream yogurt series has also made great efforts in packaging design innovation. The traditional ink printing process releases harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which pollutes the environment. The environmentally friendly packaging launched by the Duoxuan ice cream and yogurt series uses a breakthrough “no printing, no ink” technology. Each batch of 100,000 environmentally friendly boxes is expected to save 1,375 grams of ink, and significantly reduce energy consumption and toxic emissions. Duoxuan’s environmentally friendly design innovation can reduce about 75.5 tons of carbon emissions compared to the same amount of plastic box packaging, which is equivalent to planting about 4.19 million trees. This kind of environmentally friendly innovation not only resonates with the resonance of sustainable development among young consumer groups, but also gives deep environmental value to daily shopping behaviors. By purchasing Duoxuan environmentally friendly products, consumers are voting for a greener world with practical actions, thereby effectively reducing plastic waste and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

It is worth mentioning that this high-profile Duoxuan ice cream yogurt series has previously won great success on major international stages. It not only won the gold medal of the Muse Design Award in 2023, but also won the 2023 International Flavor and Quality Award. Won the Superior Taste Award two-star medal in the International Taste Award issued by the evaluation, which is an outstanding achievement.

Duoxuan has always been “playing together” with young people, truly resonating with young consumers and sharing delicious and fun yogurt moments. Being listed in the iSEE Innovation Design TOP30 list this time is undoubtedly a strong affirmation of Huishan Milk’s continuous innovation spirit and brand upgrade strategy. It encourages Huishan Milk to continue to deepen product research and development and provide more healthy and delicious new product choices to meet the needs of customers. Generation Z consumers have demands for diversified and high-quality dairy products.

*The protein content is about 35% more than the minimum requirement of the national standard for flavored yogurt.

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