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Born out of gathering, digital intelligence is promising! Yi Lianzhong was invited to appear at Huawei China Partner Conference 2024

Born out of gathering, digital intelligence is promising! Yi Lianzhong was invited to appear at Huawei China Partner Conference 2024

On March 14-15, Huawei China Partner Conference 2024 was grandly held in Shenzhen. With the theme of “Born from Gathering, Digital Intelligence Has Prosperity”, the conference faced the wave of digital transformation and jointly discussed how to help customers seize the huge opportunities of digital transformation and accelerate progress by strengthening the “Partners + Huawei” system. Towards a smart world. As a pioneer in digital solutions in the field of people’s livelihood and an important partner of Huawei in the field of people’s livelihood, Yi Lianzhong was invited to attend this conference.

  To jointly create a human society acceleration engine, Yi Lianzhong participated in the Huawei Digital Government Human Society Industry Forum

At present, root technology has become the core driving force for the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries. Especially in the fields of human resources and social security, the application of root technology is accelerating the modernization process of the governance system, providing safe and reliable solutions for people’s livelihood, well-being and social development. With the support of trust, service quality and efficiency have been greatly improved.

Follow the trend of the times and seek common people’s livelihood and well-being. During the conference, the “Huawei Digital Government Human Resources and Social Security Industry Forum: Root Technology Helps Modernize the Human Resources and Social Security Governance System” was successfully held. Relevant industry experts and partners gathered together to discuss the development direction of “digital human resources and social services” in the context of the digital transformation era. , share the development results of root technology, and jointly continue to empower the overall goal of “deepening integration, developing digitalization, moving toward intelligence, and improving the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities in the human and social fields.”

Wu Liangbin, Chairman and CEO of Yilianzhong Group, was invited to participate in the launch ceremony of the “Spring Rain Action” joint innovation of digital humanities and social sciences, and jointly with partners to move towards the vigorous development stage of human and social informatization in my country, relying on Yilianzhong’s continuous technology accumulation in the field of people’s livelihood , using digital means to support the high-quality development of informatization in my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan” for human resources and social security.

  To create a smart health base, Yilianzhong appeared at the conference with digital innovation results

At the smart medical exhibition area, Yilianzhong’s digital medical insurance and digital medical business innovations were unveiled. Focusing on themes such as smart medical insurance, public services, regional health, and smart hospitals, Yi Lianzhong has comprehensively demonstrated its comprehensive strength and technological advantages that have been deeply involved in the field of people’s livelihood for more than 20 years. The staff at the event enthusiastically provided professional explanations to the exhibition audiences and guests, which attracted widespread attention and was highly recognized by many audiences and guests.

In terms of digital medical insurance business, based on the construction experience of the national medical insurance information platform and the medical insurance public service platform of 17 provinces, Yilianzhong has built four major areas of regional payment, services, medical care, and medicine through core capabilities such as medical insurance electronic vouchers, mobile payments, and electronic prescriptions. The regional platform has built an ecosystem of medical insurance public service products including finance, medical insurance, health, and medicine.

In terms of digital medical business, Yilianzhong has currently formed healthy city solutions covering regional health, health and medical big data service applications, smart hospitals and other healthy city solutions, mainly for government departments such as health and disease control, hospitals, primary medical institutions and patients. groups, providing all-round health and medical digital services. Yi Lianzhong is a major participant in the construction of the typical demonstration project of the county medical community of Shaxian District General Hospital of Sanming City, the information software general integrator of the three-medical linkage comprehensive medical reform model (Sanming Medical Reform), and an in-depth participation, support and disseminator of the comprehensive medical reform. , undertook the construction of the national medical reform monitoring platform to help medical institutions at all levels improve the level of medical informatization and promote the construction of smart hospitals.

  Win-win cooperation adds another honor, Yi Lianzhong won the Joint Solution Incubation Award

It is worth mentioning that at this conference, Yilian Zhongbaoruitong Company won the Joint Solution Incubation Award. The long-term care insurance system independently developed by the Baoruitong team has been adapted to the Huawei Xinchuang architecture system, and all test items have passed. A complete long-term care insurance management system solution that can realize the combination of software and hardware will solve the problem of distortion of assessment results, falsely high assessment levels, and problems caused by long-term care insurance service agencies, service personnel and relevant government regulatory authorities in the long-term care and security business for disabled persons. Pain points such as service items not matching the assessment level and inadequate care by nursing staff provide efficient and convenient information support for accelerating the advancement of my country’s long-term care insurance system.

The wave of digital intelligence is surging, creating a win-win future together. As big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies continue to emerge, the world has entered a critical period of digital transformation. Yilianzhong will continue to work closely with outstanding partners to deeply explore the value of data and work together to open up the vast development space of the digital economy and create a better future for the digital economy. Realize “intelligent benefits” for people’s livelihood, provide digital empowerment, and jointly go towards the starry sea of ​​digital development.

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