With profound emotions and exquisite acting skills, Xia Nan successfully played the role of Shen in “Yong’an Dream”


Since the beginning of the year, the surprise launch of “Yong’an Dream” has filled the long gap in high-quality costume dramas. With its exquisite production and clever plot arrangement, the drama has received widespread attention. As the story gets better and better, the charm of the characters gradually emerges. The character Shen won the enthusiastic love of the audience with her independent and sober female image.

  “Yong’an Dream” has a surprise premiere and is very popular. Xia Nan’s performance of Shen?

“Yong’an Dream” is a costume detective light comedy directed by Huang Bin and starring Ouyang Nana, Xu Zhengxi, Sun Jian, and Xia Nan. The play is adapted from the popular novel “The First Beauty in Chang’an”. It mainly tells the story of the collapse of the Western Canal of Yong’an City, and the official Shangshu Shen Wenqi was convicted as a result. The two daughters of the Shen family, Shen Yu and Shen Zhen, fell into trouble. Tingwei Lu Shiyan and Shen Zhen launched a series of investigative actions, and finally revealed the truth and redressed the grievances of the Shen family. The play is not only gripping in the main storyline of the investigation, but also interweaves the entanglements of past and present lives, adding an emotional layer to the whole story and making it even more fascinating.

The role of Shen?, the daughter of the Shen family, has received a high degree of discussion since its launch. Not only because of her elegant manners, but also because of her dignified, graceful, bright and charming temperament as a daughter of the Shang Shufu every time she appears, and she is extremely suitable for the role. More importantly, the sober, calm, independent and brave character she brilliantly presented in the play made her character deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The role of Shen is played by young actor Xia Nan. As a young actor born in 1995, Xia Nan has been widely praised for her down-to-earth attitude and awe of acting. She graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy. Since entering the entertainment industry in 2016, she has been diligently improving her acting skills for eight years. She has appeared in works such as “The Legend of the Demon Cat”, “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” and “The Legend of Anle”, polishing every role carefully. . Shen?’s successful shaping is the result of her step by step and accumulation of experience.

  Lan Xinhui is sober, independent and multi-faceted? Showing the power of women

Shen Yu’s story line is tough and special. At the beginning, she holds the “bad card” of fate: her father is arrested, her sister is in danger, and her husband changes his mind. However, even if she is in such a difficult situation, she can still remain extremely clear-headed and calm in her career, love, and family relationships, and firmly control her destiny in her own hands.

Shen? has always been a career-oriented woman. After getting married, she still insisted on starting a business. She successfully ran eight incense shops and supported the entire family on her own. She often said, “It is better to rely on yourself than to rely on others.” Independent and capable. In terms of love, Shen Yu has the courage to escape from unhealthy love. After her father lost power, her husband’s family made things difficult for her in every possible way, and her husband also changed his mind to support an extramarital affair. Shen Yu did not feel sad about her relationship, but took a series of actions decisively. She outsmarted her mother-in-law to get back her dowry, designed step by step to reveal her husband’s true face, and successfully divorced her with the help of censor Zhou Shu’an. Facing Zhou Shuan, her feelings are also restrained and deep. The couple “An Wuyan” is full of fate and regret in the play. In terms of family ties, as the eldest daughter, she cares deeply about her sister and becomes her sister’s support. At the same time, she devotes herself to the investigation of her father’s case and shoulders family responsibilities.

The role of Shen? is multi-faceted. He is smart and capable when it comes to his career, sober and calm when it comes to marriage, and gentle and reliable when it comes to his family. She is clear-headed, will not be influenced by the outside world, does not bow to fate, dares to speak and act, and is brave and resourceful. Xia Nan’s deep understanding of the role makes Shen?’s image full and vivid. She can move freely when performing different scenes, and her emotions are relaxed and relaxed. She portrays this role vividly and presents the audience with a clear, independent and three-dimensional character with her superb acting skills. And a female image full of vitality.

  Actor Xia Nan thrives on excellence in character creation

Xia Nan has played many roles since she entered the entertainment industry. Among them, Princess An Ning in “The Legend of An Le” is the most unforgettable for the audience. The death of An Ning in the war is still “unforgettable” for everyone. The role of Shen He played this time is both similar to and transcendent of An Ning. Both Shen He and An Ning put justice above personal love and have a clear view of the overall situation. However, compared to An Ning’s open-minded and heroic character, Shen?’s character has a more restrained side that needs to be restrained. It is a fusion of a lady and an independent woman, both powerful and dignified.

“Yong’an Dream” allows us to see Xia Nan’s challenges and progress in roles. Xia Nan’s acting career is steady and steady. She plays every scene carefully and has the same sobriety and intelligence as Shen? And this kind of mentality and persistence will also make her career as an actress continue to flourish and bring more exciting works to the audience. Let us look forward to actor Xia Nan.


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