Directed by Shang Jing, “Happy Hero: Young Hero’s Side Story” set the Internet ablaze with a flood of laughter


On March 7, 2024, eighteen years after the classic comedy “Wulin Gaiden”, director Shang Jing brought his new costume TV comedy “Happy Heroes: Young Heroes Gaiden”, which premiered exclusively on Tencent Video. The story of the play is exciting, full of jokes, and co-starring Sun Yizhou, Bai Ke, Lan Yingying, Yang Jian, Jia Bing, Liu Yajin and other stars. The martial arts characters are lifelike and have been sought after by netizens, quickly becoming the most popular drama in March 2024. The hit drama in spring ranks first in Tencent Video’s comedy rankings.

In the past few days, “Happy Heroes: Young Heroes Gaiden” has become a popular drama across the country on Tencent Video Comedy Channel. The online score is 8.6, which is surprising. Director Shang answered the reporter: “The broadcast was scheduled very suddenly. We are very happy that so many viewers like this drama. Just watch it slowly, it will become more fun as you go.” He has been working quietly in the field of comedy for thirty years. Director Shang Jing has always kept a low profile, and the “Happy Heroes: Young Heroes” aired this time was directed by him and his team of screenwriters. It is based on the novel “Happy Heroes” by Gu Long, a master of martial arts literature. This is Shang Jing’s second film after “Wulin Gaiden” A comedy drama, the drama is jointly produced by Tencent Pictures, China Film Group, Tung Yang Wuxing, Frasers and Lions Pictures, Chinese Traveler, Shanghai Renyi and other units. The style continues from Shang Jing’s “The Story of the Cooking Class” and “Wulin Gaiden” It has the characteristics of cheerfulness, humor and rich connotation, and strives to create a new benchmark comedy.

The story mainly tells the story of “Fugui Villa” in Ping’an Town, which is the residence of the “Bai Lao Hui”, the largest gang in the world. The three elders who are eager to retire not only interrupt their lives in order to train their children Lin Taiping, Wang Dong, and Yan Qi to be their successors. Living expenses, and also trying to accelerate the growth of their children by creating problems. Unexpectedly, the civilian knight Guo Dalu appeared halfway and disrupted their plan. The chivalrous life and grievances and grievances of the Four Young Heroes are a metaphor for the hard work, struggle, love, family affection, friendship and other aspects of contemporary urban young people, and trigger people to think about the theme: integrity and responsibility.

The whole drama consists of “Welcome to Ping’an Town”, “The Thief Feng Qiwu”, “The Horror Prophecy Comes True”, “It’s Difficult for a Rookie to Start a Business”, “There are Many Dangerous and Strange People in the Jianghu”, “Fuguishan Villa Detective Club”, “Young Heroes Begin to Grow Up” and other seven independent unit themed stories #tell the various dangers, difficulties, accidents, strange things, love, and tenderness that happened to several young heroes in Ping’an Town, presenting the young heroes The emotional changes, relationship changes, and their growth trajectories in these stories. When the matter was over, he brushed off his clothes and hid his identity and reputation. After a quick calculation, Shang Jing directed “Wulin Gaiden” eighteen years ago. Eighteen years later, a new drama was launched. “Happy Heroes” made netizens laugh while watching it, and the familiar comedy style returned.

Looking back thirty years ago, starting with “I Love My Family” and ending with “Wulin Gaiden”, after the two peaks, sitcoms have almost disappeared. The film and television entertainment industry continues to call for the day when Chinese sitcoms will regain their glory. After the successful broadcast of Zhao Benshan’s “Legend of the Magpie Sword” last year, there was another year of silence. Now, the broadcast of “Happy Heroes” is adding luster to the revival of local sitcoms.

The last version of Gu Long’s “Happy Heroes” was made in Hong Kong in the 1990s. The film and television adaptation of Gu Long’s works was a challenge and attempt that many domestic film and television creators did not dare to take lightly. “Happy Heroes: Young Heroes Gaiden” is a bold creation, self-built system, taking the literary essence of the original work, and creating a bizarre story in a drama version, allowing the four young heroes to go from the game life to the road of taking over as the leader step by step. The plot is bizarre and bizarre. However, it is both educational and entertaining, extending the theme of the development of the new era and the need for struggle in life, and comprehensively outputs positive values ​​to the audience.

The ingenuity of the sitcom version of “Happy Heroes” is that it is a “Young Heroes Side Story” that successfully avoids the complex human background and prose structure style of the original work, and uses the creative rules of sitcom, a popular entertainment, to create a A variety of linear stories and comedy segments, set in Fugui Villa in Ping’an Town, tell the story of the growth of four young heroes. Lin Taiping, Wang Dong, and Yan Qi, three second-generation chivalrous men from the Bailuohui, have had high hopes since childhood and are destined to become the best in the world. However, their hearts are full of desire for freedom and questioning of the rules of the world. Until the appearance of Guo Dalu, this civilian knight-errant completely changed their destiny with his unruly personality and persistence in justice. The outlook on life and values ​​of the civilian protagonist Guo Dalu in the play are like a clear stream, impacting the hearts of the three young heroes. They reflect on themselves, whether they want to follow in the footsteps of their fathers and become powerful figures in the world, or follow their inner voices and find their own life path. In this process, they experienced countless challenges and tests in the world, from the failure of founding martial arts schools, newspapers, and theater troupes to facing the dangers of the world and the complexity of people’s hearts. They gradually learned how to grow in adversity and how to survive in difficult situations. After many tests, it was finally able to stick to its original intention and achieve positive results. It can be said that it is a modern comedy with quite inspirational value.


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