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“North and South” and other 20 projects were exhibited in Hong Kong. “Beijing Big Audiovisual” brand goes overseas to gain cultural confidence

“North and South” and other 20 projects were exhibited in Hong Kong. “Beijing Big Audiovisual” brand goes overseas to gain cultural confidence

The TV series “South to North” has been airing for many days and is still on the air. It uses a warm and healing background and unique Northeastern comedy techniques to tell the story of the “Era Train” group portrait that has lasted for decades. , has been ranked among the best in multiple ports, becoming the first hot hit during the Spring Festival this year. This drama is one of the works promoted by the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand. Once it was broadcast, it led the Chinese drama market with its high quality.

The Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau established the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” quality creation working mechanism in 2023, and has successively promoted 140+ quality literary and artistic projects, continuing to bring multi-dimensional high-quality content to the literary and art market. Recently, the “Beijing Great Audio-visual” brand appeared at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition with 20 key literary and artistic projects such as “South and North”, bringing an audio-visual feast of Beijing-produced works to the pan-Asian audience.

The Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition is open to pan-Asian countries and regions and has always been one of the best platforms for program copyright sales and procurement in the global film and television industry. The 20 key projects promoted by the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand this time include TV series, online dramas, cartoons, documentaries and other high-quality products in many fields, and each display various Chinese elements with deep content and national emotions, which not only helps to further Creating the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” literary and artistic boutique brand will also help Beijing-produced literary and artistic content stand out from an international perspective and demonstrate cultural confidence.

  “South to North” continues to be a hit, “Beijing Audiovisual” brand Hong Kong exhibition 20 masterpieces

In the “Beijing Audio-Visual” brand booth at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition, popular dramas such as “South to North”, “Welcome to Maillot Village” and “Dajiang Dahe: The Time Cantabile” occupied a prominent place. The poster uses the most representative “family portrait in the courtyard” from “South to North”. The warm scene of chickens and dogs hearing each other and the neighborhood being like home almost freezes the time at this moment. This is a group portrait of friends and neighbors gathering and dispersing like stars in the sky. The story is also an “era train” that narrates the development memories of the Chinese people over the past decades in an emotional and detailed way.

“South to North” has attracted much attention since the official announcement of the project. On the one hand, it is because of its strong creative team. It is co-directed by Zheng Xiaolong, the director of “The Legend of Zhen?”, Liu Zhangmu, the director of “Ice Breaking Operation”, and the well-known screenwriter Gao Mantang , written by Li Zhou, starring Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, and Jin Chen, bringing together two generations of middle-aged and young actors, and the quality of the work is guaranteed. In order to write about the railway police in the 1970s and 1980s, the crew and screenwriter Gao Mantang organized two collecting activities. They went to the Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau and other places to have in-depth exchanges with prototype characters such as old police officers and old passengers, and gained a lot of story details. material.

On the other hand, because of its unique and innovative perspective, the play focuses on the fresh theme of “Railway Police”, depicts group portraits from a small perspective, and reflects decades of changes in the times from the detailed perspectives of train police and passengers, presenting a film that has both A high-quality work that has the value of the times and is loved by the audience. The finished product has indeed lived up to the audience’s expectations. A period emotional drama with flesh and blood, warmth and era, such as “South and North”, fully proves the gold content of the “Beijing Audiovisual” brand recommendation.

Not only “South to North”, since 2023, the “Beijing Big Audiovisual” brand has successively introduced the movies “The Wandering Earth 2” and “Man Jiang Hong”, the TV series “All the Way to the Sun”, “Nine Roads of Love”, and online dramas to the literary and art market. “Jade Gate to the West”, the online movie “Look Up to See Joy”, the documentary “From Kaicheng to Panmunjom”, the radio and television program “Beijing in Cultural Relics”, the cartoon “Youth Song: Overseas Fairy Mountain Chapter”, online short drama “Hello, Dear Passenger” and the online variety show “Here Comes!” “Beijing Central Axis” and other multi-category high-quality literary and artistic projects have gained a large number of audiences with high reputation and high popularity. The “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand has become a benchmark in the literary and artistic content market with both hot hits and quality, gradually consolidating the “Beijing produced” brand. , must be a high-quality product” word-of-mouth effect.

Among the 20 key projects promoted by the “Beijing Big Audiovisual” brand in conjunction with the Hong Kong International Film and Television Fair this time, they also include high-quality works that will soon be seen by the audience. For example, “The Great Sea Road” tells the inspirational story of two young Gobi motorcycle enthusiasts who faced difficulties and obstacles in the magnificent historical changes of the new era and with the support of people of all ethnic groups, and finally entered the international stage. Adapted from Yi Shu’s novel, directed by Wang Jun and starring Liu Yifei, the trailer of “The Story of a Rose” has aroused the eager anticipation of a large number of viewers. As well as the period drama “Six Sisters”, which tells the story of the tragic and joyful lives of the six sisters of the He family in a small southern town over the past fifty years, and the historical drama “Zhang Juzheng”, which is based on Zhang Juzheng, a representative figure of rational reform in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, etc., they all jointly showcased The “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand has a precise vision in promoting literary and artistic quality products.

  “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand culture goes overseas, Beijing-produced content and humanistic flavor show cultural confidence

These 20 key literary and artistic projects were exhibited at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition. It was not only an exchange of literary and artistic content and techniques, but also a special selection of excellent works by the “Beijing Audiovisual” brand to present special performances to international audiences. Chinese memory and Chinese culture.

In addition to the image of the “train of the times” in “South to North”, “Glory of Our Fathers” is based on the unique forest farm heritage culture in Northeast China and interprets the epic of the times with unique warmth. It was enthusiastically evaluated by the audience as “like a broad destiny” The river flows slowly and rhythmically into the future.” The TV series “The Sea in Dreams” and “The River Cantabile” restored the humanistic scenery and background of the 1970s to the 1990s with delicate and real lens language, leading the audience to re-experience the youthful years of those years. “The Ancient City of Kashgar” and “My Altay” use immersive stories to take the audience into the magnificent world and cultural tourism customs of the Northwest and the prairie.

As well as track masterpieces such as “Shangganling”, “Welcome to Maile Village” and “The Twenty-Four Solar Terms Code”, the 20 key literary and artistic projects are like a window, showing a rich, three-dimensional and majestic China to pan-Asian audiences. . Preparing so many literary and artistic works with Chinese characteristics and humanistic flavor to come to the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition fully demonstrates the cultural confidence of the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” brand to step into the international perspective, promote Chinese culture overseas, and jointly create the “Beijing Great Audiovisual” literary and artistic boutique exhibition The brand effect is full of excitement and continues to lead the literary and art market.

The Beijing Municipal Radio, Film and Television Bureau will continue to focus on the big picture, coordinate the big system, grasp the big script, create big services, deepen the big communication, gather strength and great linkage, seize the big honors, develop the big talents, and always be committed to vigorously improving the audio-visual quality of the radio and television network Create and produce more efficiently, cultivate a team of first-class literary and artistic talents, build a high-quality audio-visual creation system for radio and television networks, tell Chinese stories that have the spirit of the times, and promote the development and prosperity of socialist culture with more peak works of the new era.

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