WiFi master key teamed up with CCTV news to amplify the sound of “two sessions”

WiFi master key teamed up with CCTV news to amplify the sound of “two sessions”

In March, the earth is spring and the scenery is bright, everything is recovering, and the National People’s Congress in 2023 will come as scheduled. During the two sessions this year, WiFi master key continued to join hands with CCTV News to directly visit the two sessions, allowing more people to watch the live video of the two sessions online without data traffic, so that netizens can listen to the voice of the two sessions in time and interpret the content of the two sessions.

The First Session of the Fourteenth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was held in Beijing on March 4, 2023; the First Session of the Fourteenth National People’s Congress was held in Beijing on March 5, 2023. CCTV News followed up and reported on the whole process of the two sessions. As a partner of CCTV News this year’s two sessions, the world’s leading free Internet platform WiFi master key will present the live broadcast of CCTV News’ “Two Sessions” in the form of opening screen, push push, special topic, feed display, hot word list, etc. The most authoritative live broadcast reports of the two sessions were delivered to hundreds of millions of users in a short time.

WiFi master key is one of the earliest mobile Internet applications in China to reach the sinking market, and has the advantages of massive user scale and channel traffic. More than 60% of WiFi master key users come from third-tier cities and below. The App traffic distribution capability is strong and the product penetration rate is high. Since 2017, WiFi Master Key has cooperated with CCTV News and other CCTV channels and columns for many times. The 14th manned space mission and many other hot news reports. With the help of a traffic platform such as WiFi master key, important news reports break through geographical restrictions, and are presented in front of hundreds of millions of netizens in a timely, convenient, and complete manner, maximizing the release of news value and expanding news influence.

As a global free Internet platform, WiFi Master Key continues to enrich the Internet matrix layout through self-construction, investment, cooperation, public welfare and other forms to optimize the user’s Internet service experience. At the same time, WiFi master key is also constantly exploring the feasibility and timeliness of mobile Internet information transmission, providing users with valuable information and meeting users’ needs for high-quality content. By cooperating with authoritative official news organizations such as CCTV News, WiFi Master Key provides users with reliable and high-quality news information sources, promotes correct values, and makes the time spent by users on information consumption more valuable.

This year’s two sessions report, WiFi master key and CCTV news will give full play to the synergy effect, two-way empowerment, realize the strong synergy effect of “high-quality channels + authoritative content”, open a new chapter of communication platform + content platform integration and intercommunication, and expand high-quality content The scope of communication, connect together to create more beautiful!

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