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The performance winner OnePlus Ace 2V is officially released, subverting the perception of the price segment with a gentle attitude

The performance winner OnePlus Ace 2V is officially released, subverting the perception of the price segment with a gentle attitude

On March 7, 2023, OnePlus officially released the new Ace series “sexWinner” OnePlus Ace 2V, it is equipped with flagship processor Dimensity 9000 5G mobileflatTaiwan, supports up to 16GB + 512GB large memory,sexIt can be configured powerfully.On top of this, OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with a number of the same black technologies used in flagship machines, such as memory genetic recombination technology, game frame stabilization engine 2.0, game cloud computing private network and other hard-core technologies, and launched the first active enhanced super Wi-Fi brings flagshipsexcan experience. In terms of design, OnePlus Ace 2V adopts flagship glass technology, bringing two colors of “Black Rock” and “Celadon”, and completely eliminates the screen plastic bracket, combining multiple detail designs to polish the flagship texture.

Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said, “OnePlus Ace 2V has excellent texture design,sexThe ability to release, system smoothness, and game experience have all reached unprecedented levels in the same gear, subverting the industry practice of products in the same gear with an “ungentle attitude”, and popularizing the flagship experience to the end.

OnePlus Ace 2V will go on sale at 10 am on March 13, with a starting price of 2,299 yuan.

Completely cancel the plastic middle frame and popularize the flagship texture design to the end

OnePlus Ace 2V uses flagship glass technology to create two classic colors of “Black Rock” and “Celadon”, which have both beauty and texture. The “Black Rock” color scheme adopts a new silk technology, and the glass surface is etched multiple times to create a silk-like delicate touch; “Celadon” uses a green glaze glass technology to give the glass back cover a jade texture, which is very high-end and recognizable Spend.

Textured design has always been the pursuit of OnePlus. OnePlus Ace 2V has canceled the screen plastic bracket that affects the feel and aesthetics. Through the direct fit of the screen and the middle frame of the fuselage, an extremely narrow frame as narrow as 1.46mm is realized, bringing a more advanced The visual perception and more comfortable grip experience greatly improve the texture of the whole machine. OnePlus Ace 2V also adopts OnePlus’ popular classic design “three-stage switch”, which can be easily switched among the three modes of ringing, silent and vibration with a light flick.

Powerful output leads the sameflatTaijiang FlagshipsexCan experience spread to the end

existsexIn terms of performance configuration, OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with Dimensity 9000 5G mobile phoneflatTaiwan, using TSMC’s 4nm process technology, supports the fifth-generation high-efficiency APU 590,sexPerformance and energy efficiency are 4 times higher than the previous generation. After the in-depth joint testing of OnePlus and MediaTek, OnePlus Ace 2V AnTuTu runs as high as 1.05 million points, which is Dimensity 9000flatA model with a high running score on Taian Tutu.OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with a new generation of highsexEnergy graphite heat sink, heat dissipationsexCompared with ordinary graphite, it can be improved by 92%, combined with a large VC area of ​​4129 mm², it issexCan output escort.

In order to further popularize the flagship smooth experience, OnePlus Ace 2V completely eliminates the memory configuration of 8GB + 128GB, and supports the super large memory version starting from 12GB + 256GB and up to 16GB + 512GB, realizing the “dual popularization” of large memory and large storage in the same price segment ;Combined with LPDDR5X flagship memory specifications, read and write faster and run more smoothly. OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with an exclusive self-developed memory gene recombination technology, which goes deep into the bottom layer of the system to optimize the memory scheduling logic, reducing the frame loss rate of heavy-duty scenes by 50%. With the support of 16GB large memory and memory genetic recombination technology, OnePlus Ace 2V can realize up to 44 background applications to reside, and has obtained the 48-month A-level fluency certification from South Germany, achieving a long-lasting fluency without lagging for four years.

A number of black technology blessings popularize the flagship game experience to the end

at the flagship levelsexOn the basis of configuration, OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with game frame stabilization engine 2.0 and game cloud computing private network two exclusive self-developed game black technologies to improve game frame rate experience and network speed stabilitysexto provide users with a more stable and smooth gaming experience.

The Game Frame Stabilization Engine 2.0 can intelligently schedule game scenes, allocate screen resources accurately, andsexIt can be scheduled to make the game frame rate of OnePlus Ace 2V stable and smooth.At the same time, OnePlus Ace 2V cooperates with the League of Legends mobile game official to optimize the game exclusively, adapting to the 120 frame mode of the League of Legends mobile game, bringing a smoother and more enjoyable experience.sportsexperience.

In addition to the frame rate, the stability of the game network is also crucial. OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with OnePlus 11’s flagship network black technology – game cloud computing private network. With the help of the world’s 8 major cloud computing centers, it realizes network data fusion at the nanosecond level, effectively reducing weak network signals and network congestion. Game network latency in net scenes. The 30-minute measured data shows that with the help of this technology, the number of high delays in OnePlus Ace 2V weak network environment games can be reduced by up to 99.43%, and the number of high delays in congested network environments can be reduced by up to 82.75%.

In addition, OnePlus Ace 2V also launched the first active enhanced super Wi-Fi, which greatly improves the anti-packet loss capability through the exclusive chip-level technology, not only the data transmission is more stable, the signal reception and wall penetration ability are also greatly improved, and the game delay in weak network environment The time is reduced by 75%, bringing a smooth and uninterrupted weak network experience.

With great gamessexCan perform, OnePlus Ace 2V becomes andflatThe mobile phone certified by the elite competition laboratory, the recommended mobile phone for the first season of the League of Legends mobile game Asian League, and the mobile terminal mobile game obtained by Thiel Labsexcan be certified.

The high-quality Lingxi touch screen popularizes the flagship screen experience to the end

OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with a 1.5K Lingxi touch screen. This high-quality direct screen supports 120Hz variable refresh rate, 1.5K super retina resolution, HDR 10+ display effect, and supports high-frequency PWM dimming, bringing extremely Excellent visual experience.On this basis, OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with the exclusive Consonance touch technology, which optimizes the whole link for the screen touch experience and comprehensively improves the touch control experience.sexaccuracy and stabilitysexbringing an industry-leading touch experience.

With comprehensive screen quality and flagship touch experience, OnePlus Ace 2V has obtained “SGS Low Blue Light Eye Protection Authoritative Certification” and SÜD TÜV Accurate Touch S-Class Certification. Li Jie said that OnePlus Ace 2V “may be the screen with the best experience in the same gear”.

64 million ultra-clear three-camera delicately restores the details of the picture

OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with 64 million ultra-clear triple cameras, bringing users stable and clear film output capabilities. The Dimensity 9000 processor also has a built-in brand-new seventh-generation Imagip 790 ISP. With the huge flagship computing power, OnePlus Ace 2V can effectively improve the processing speed of image information, bringing lower preview delay and stronger HDR capabilities. , effectively control the noise, the color is more natural, and the picture is more pure.

OnePlus Ace 2V also integrates ultra-clear picture quality, AI enhancement, AIdocumentsPhoto and other practical functions bring a more convenient and practical imaging experience. The ultra-clear image quality function greatly improves the picture to 100 million pixels through the built-in algorithm; the AI ​​enhancement function uses the blessing of the AI ​​algorithm to bring stable and clear backlit portraits and achieve stable film output.

Flagship quality service makes users worry-free

OnePlus brings flagship-level quality and after-sales guarantee to users. Through full access to OPPO’s own factory and service system, it provides quality control and after-sales guarantee for all series of products including OnePlus Ace 2V.

OnePlus’s own factory adopts high quality standards that are far higher than those of the industry’s foundries. Before leaving the factory, OnePlus Ace 2V has undergone the industry’s rigorous factory testing. It has passed 7 major tests and a total of 109 rigorous tests to ensure that each unit The new machine has a flagship quality standard.In terms of after-sales, OnePlus has nationwideclose1,000 after-sales outlets, bringing users extremely convenient after-sales channels and providing 30-daysexA series of comprehensive and considerate after-sales services such as replacement for faults and 180-day warranty for repair spare parts.

At the press conference, Li Jie also simultaneously released the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Lite Edition.OnePlus invited Hans Zimmer, a well-known Hollywood music production master, to perform immersive cinema-level tuning for the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 series headphones, bringing a wider sound field and a strong sense of melody and appeal, combined with excellent hardware parameter configuration and highsexIt can reduce noise and fully popularize the flagship sound quality experience.

In addition, there are two new colors of accessories that have been well received by users. They are the OnePlus 27W freezing point cooling back clip in the color of “Lingfengqing” and the 100W dual-port super charger in the color of “Qingsong”, taking into account both appearance and strength.

OnePlus Ace 2V will go on sale at 10 am on March 13, and the pre-sale will start at 4 pm on March 7. The first batch of purchasers can enjoy up to 3 interest-free installments. The specific price is as follows:

OnePlus Ace 2V 12GB + 256GB version, priced at 2299 yuan;

OnePlus Ace 2V 16GB + 256GB version, priced at 2499 yuan;

OnePlus Ace 2V 16GB + 512GB version, priced at 2799 yuan.

Other accessories will also go on sale simultaneously at 10 am on March 13, and the specific prices are as follows:

OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Light Edition is priced at 799 yuan, and the pre-order will be discounted by 50 yuan;

OnePlus Ace 2V sandstone all-inclusive protective case is priced at 99 yuan, and it only costs 89 yuan with OnePlus Ace 2V;

The retail price of OnePlus 27W Freezing Point Cooling Back Clip Lingfeng Green color is 249 yuan, and the limited-time discount price is 239 yuan;

The retail price of the 100W dual-port charger with green pine color is 269 yuan, and the limited-time discount price is 259 yuan.

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