WiFi master key entered the list of “TOP50 track user scale NO.1 App”


Recently, the “2022 China Mobile Internet Annual Report” released by QuestMobile, a well-known domestic data service provider, shows that after three years of accumulation, the scale of China’s mobile Internet users has exceeded the 1.2 billion mark. In the “2022 China Mobile Internet Strength and Value List” released simultaneously, WiFi Master Key and WeChat, Taobao, Douyin, Alipay and other apps once again entered the list of “TOP50 Track User Scale No. 1 App”, the connection of WiFi Master Key The value continues to increase.

The report shows that in the past 2022, the average monthly duration and usage times of Chinese mobile Internet users exceeded 177.3 hours and 2,633 times respectively. . As Internet users continue to spend more time online, the stickiness of mobile Internet users has further increased, and the user structure and application level have also continued to change. The WiFi master key solves connection problems for users and lowers the first threshold for entering the Internet. In QuestMobile’s Internet TOP50 track list, relying on multiple indicators such as user scale, user activity, and user stickiness, it is on the mobile Internet connection segmentation track. Become TOP1 App.

The report pointed out that China’s real economy and digitalization are more closely integrated, and ecological collaboration has become an important trend in the development of the industry. In the field of connection, for many years, WiFi Master Key has started from the actual needs of users, and has implemented service goals in all scenarios. Through self-construction, investment, public welfare, hot merchant alliances, and industrial cooperation, it has carried out multiple deployments of connected hotspots.

Partners of WiFi master key, including China Telecom, 100 meters life, i-Chengdu, Baiyun Airport, etc., the app’s “one-click connection” service covers more than 200 cities across the country, running through urban business districts, hotels, restaurants, scenic spots, and hospitals , public service areas, railway stations, airports and other high-quality urban hotspots.

With the gradual expansion of the hotspot layout, the WiFi master key has accumulated rich panoramic traffic, and has also introduced support plans for offline merchants to help merchants digitally transform, actively explore diversified marketing and closed-loop models, and practice the combination of real economy and digitalization.

Recently, the WiFi master key has reached a cooperation with Changan Automobile, transitioning the innovation mode of the mobile phone terminal to the large screen of the car machine, which can realize network connection through the “one-key connection” full-matrix hotspot of the WiFi master key on the large screen of the car machine, and solve the problem for users of new energy vehicles. Provides new ideas for vehicle-to-machine mobile traffic issues.

The WiFi master key starts from the connection, goes deep into the connection, and provides users with related services such as network access and Internet content. In the future, WiFi master key will further take user needs as the starting point to strengthen the exploration of the integration of mobile Internet, intelligence and traditional industries, so that users can more conveniently touch the beautiful life online.


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