“Device-edge-cloud-digital-intelligence” jointly guards wisdom and manages water with the Hainan paradigm

“Device-edge-cloud-digital-intelligence” jointly guards wisdom and manages water with the Hainan paradigm

Water is the source of life, the key to production, and the foundation of ecology. The 5,000-year Chinese civilization is also a history of water control, from Dayu’s water control “turning blockage into dredging”, Li Bing and his son’s construction of the Dujiangyan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Shushui sand flushing method, the construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir… in the long history In the long river, water control strategies are constantly sublated and sublimated along with social changes, economic development, technological progress, and adjustments in the relationship between man and nature.

Today, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are being integrated into modern water management. The “Hainan Smart Water Network” that Inspur participated in the construction is the first provincial-level water network to upgrade the national water network system. From engineering water control to digital water management, it provides a reference for the smart water conservancy that is being vigorously promoted nationwide. It is also an active practitioner of “building a green and smart digital ecological civilization” under the “Overall Layout Plan for Digital China Construction”.

Songtao Reservoir

Hainan takes the lead in weaving a smart water network to manage water digitally with one map of the whole island

Hainan Island is located on the northern edge of the tropics, with abundant rainfall and numerous rivers. The island’s terrain of “high in the middle and low around” makes the rivers very short and the natural water storage capacity is weak. For a long time, Hainan Island has been facing the dilemma of “keeping water but also lacking water”: it is difficult to preserve fresh water resources, uneven distribution of rainfall in time and space, easy to flood in rainy season and easy to dry in dry season, etc., which are also problems that generations of Hainan water workers are committed to solving .

With the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan Water Conservancy has entered a stage of high-speed and high-quality development. The Hainan Provincial Water Affairs Department has comprehensively promoted the integration of Hainan’s water governance system and Modernize water control capabilities.

The smart water network in Hainan Province connects business flows, data flows, and water flows, and has achieved significant and quantifiable practical effects in “supervision, management, and use” by using digital twins, data models, and mobile apps, providing a solid foundation for preventing extreme weather and early warning disasters Digital support. Taking flood control in river basins as an example, 80% of the province’s rainfall situation in the next hour can be grasped, and it can be accurate to within 1 square kilometer. Risks can be fully controlled by linking risk points and waterlogging points; by loading gridded rainfall forecasts , typhoon path, risk points and other multivariate data can effectively control the disaster situation caused by typhoon transit and so on.

In terms of water resource dispatching, realize the digitalization of water resource allocation. By digitizing physical rivers, a big data platform for water affairs in Hainan Province will be built to comprehensively gather data on river reservoirs, reservoirs, urban water use, and flood control dispatching. According to the grid range of one kilometer Analyze the domestic precipitation situation. Through data modeling and algorithm platform, it can predict the evolution process of water volume of rivers and reservoirs, the allocation capacity of water resources of rivers and reservoirs, and provide intelligent scheduling options on the system. By adjusting production, life, agriculture, Ecological water makes social and economic development more dynamic.

By the end of 2022, more than 3,000 basic-level water affairs personnel in Hainan Province have used the “Hainan Smart Water Network” APP to work, and have used reservoir stewards to inspect more than 218,200 times, and the inspection mileage has exceeded 100,000 kilometers. Query service more than 90 million times.

Inspur’s “Duanbian Cloud Digital Intelligence” assists smart water conservancy

Water conservancy has always been an industry with strong perception. In traditional water conservancy construction, there are insufficient thorough perception capabilities, incomplete perception coverage and elements, and information infrastructure."computing power"Lack of other shortcomings. Inspur provided important technical support in the process of “weaving” Hainan’s smart water network.

By building a big data platform for water affairs, the basic foundation of “one map of the whole island” is built to meet the needs of intelligent water governance in the province. Based on the principle of “one number, one source”, on the basis of cleaning and reorganizing existing water affairs data, a comprehensive and standardized catalog of water affairs information resources will be built, and a standard, complete, authoritative, and shared water network big data center will be built to achieve One map for unified decision-making, using the map of Hainan Province as the base board, integrating Hainan Province surveying and mapping and imagery, vector, terrain, 3D, and other resource data from the Ministry of Water Resources, and finally forming a map of Hainan that serves the whole province.

Dayu needle deployed with EIS200 edge intelligent server

Arrange video monitoring, “Dayu Needle” and other sensory equipment in key locations such as reservoirs and rivers in the province, replacing traditional Internet of Things equipment, and using artificial intelligence technology to play the role of “reservoir steward”. Through the Dayu needle, all-weather real-time image data collection is realized. The edge end deploys the edge intelligent server EIS200 on the Dayu needle and deploys a high-precision AI recognition model, which can accurately identify the real-time returned video stream and provide real-time early warning. For example, automatic reading of important rivers, reservoirs, and water gauges, identification of floating objects on the river surface, intelligent identification and forecasting and early warning of scenes such as areas where activities are prohibited, can be realized, and distributed to law enforcement officers through the “Hainan Smart Water Network APP”. At the same time, the cleaned data of the edge test will be synchronized to the cloud center for AI recognition model training, optimization, data collection, data mining, etc.

Water governance and water management are related to the livelihood and well-being of hundreds of millions of people. Drawing a blueprint for “smart water governance” can make water management visible, accurate, comprehensive, and far-sighted, making water management and maintenance more secure, and technology more advanced. Efficiently serve human society. With the power of computing, Inspur helps the Hainan Water Affairs Department to build a smart water network to achieve more accurate information, more scientific decision-making, and more convenient services, so as to protect the people living and working in peace and harmony, and create a happy Hainan Island. This is the answer sheet for smart water management handed over by Hainan and Inspur, and it is also the best answer sheet for practicing the idea of ​​ecological civilization and building a community of human and natural life with science and technology for good.

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